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Adapting To Night: A Revelation - Part 4

It's never a good sign when some stranger adult takes a special interest in your child.

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micmax123's avatar
i thought Berry Pinch hated being with that group,
ah, i'm sure you know what's going on
Kattriella's avatar
Welp, I was wrong . ..  The kid has been indoctrinated. (Or, she's just going along for her mother's sake.)
Leoandlove's avatar
Shes going along for her mothers sake.
Mlp-shadow-prints's avatar
OK what religion does this cult believe in because for all I know they can be worshiping Cthulhu Agatha or Dagon or some other Eldridge abomination.
BrutalityInc's avatar
Totalist cults; never like those kind of abhorrent louts, whether fictional or in real life. One doesn't need to be a secret renegade vampire to be rotten bastards or demogogic psychopaths who lure vulnerable and unsuspecting innocents into vacant beliefs, twist them into unthinking, obedient shadows of their former selves to control them, and then exploit them and sacrifice them for the fanatical/hypocritical cult leaders' own benefit.

Vinyl needs to call in a professional exit counselor if there's any hope of deprogramming her and re-integrate her into mainstream society. Given that Equestria have a lot of mad gods or eldritch abominations running around, meaning a lot of cults, exit counselling would probably be a greater industry in Equestria than on Earth, with a lot more support and experience in dealing with cultists.

Given how deeply rooted Berry's faith to the cult appears to be by this point, though, she'll probably resist all attempts to make her leave, even if the cult ends up destroying her and her family. For any effective exit and re-adjustments back to mainstream society to occur, you'll need to make her WANT to quit, or at least stop resisting.

The strategy for exiting her from the cult would be simple in theory, but difficult in practice: Make it apparent to her that her faith is weak and empty, by portraying that it hasn't help her change a bit from the drunkard she is, that it is not an escape she hoped it was, that it is powerless in helping her conquer her drinking problem.

1) Put her in a room on a pretense: say police calling her in as a witness for questioning her and other cult members, concerning accusations of 'illegal activities' being conducted by the cult. Consult your legal expert, use any loophole in the book if you have to; just make sure she's put inside an interrogation room, alone and isolated from any cult members at all times.

2) While she waits for her lawyer, who would either be conveniently delayed/misdirected/forgotten-to-call, to have some-pony, say a police investigator, coming in to have a chat with her, asking her about details, some of which are subtly disguised and carefully constructed armor-piercing questions which would undermine her beliefs, hopefully pushing her into a vulnerable state where she might become overly defensive, anxious and agitated.

3) Deploy the most critical part of her cult-breaking process; in midst of the questioning, have the pony open a bottle of alcohol and drink it, right in front of her. Make sure it is done casually, in the same way police usually have some snacks or drinks in the interrogation room to relax the suspect or witness, so it would not appear as to be a deliberate ploy; feign ignorance to the extent of her drinking problem. The best possible outcome would be if Berry shows signs of freaking out at the appearance of the bottle, which gives the interrogator an excuse to put the drink aside in the room, say under the table, where he could pretend to conveniently forget about.

4) Have the questioner take a break and leave her in the room, with the opened drink (Leave quickly enough to deny Berry any chance to ask him/her to remove it). Make sure the room is not well ventilated so she'll be able to smell of alcohol. Make her believe that all the other officers are out to break and not watching her, while in reality monitoring her from behind the one-way mirror window.

5) By this point, the amount of stress she would be experiencing, and the belief that she is not being watched, would make her fall for the temptation of the bottle. Walk right back in, under pretense of coming back to look for a misplaced item, when she's half-way through drinking. Make some statement or quip, say "Guess you ain't so faithful after all" or something, to help push her over the edge.

If it works, she'll probably suffer a complete emotional breakdown, along with a breakdown of the brainwashing she receives. Once she stops resisting attempts to exit her faith, it would be the opportune time to send her to an exit counselor. It may or may not work, though...
MLPmichael's avatar
fucking creepy
AspiePie's avatar
That poor little filly!
vekarvonkostu's avatar
My friend I have a very urgent news about something, there is a person who said all animals should go extinct, look at this.
By wildlife20 
SilentCarto's avatar
...wait, is that one of Lina Inverse's Demon Blood Talismans on the cover of the book?
DrakeRenar1's avatar
Read page 145 Vinyl it's important!
Flower-Horse's avatar
If only they knew...
Looks like when Celestia will learn about this, father Mobius will be in a "pinch".
Aura-Overlord's avatar
anyone else reminded of that scene in the spongebob episode where the krusty crab went under new manegment?
Soriokink's avatar
:iconmlpberrypinchplz: "Um, Say, why don't you read page 145 of our lovely group manual"
:iconvinylscratchplz: "I don't need to read a book full of that demons work"
:iconmlpberrypinchplz *More strained* "I really think you should look!" *opens it to a page with something posted inside*
:iconvinylscratchplz: ""

... I couldn't figure out how to get an immage for betrry punch, sue me.
Pinchy's eyes look . . . suspicious. I can't figure out if there's actually anything wrong with them, but I swear they look suspicious.
MoppyPuppy's avatar
Woooooooooooooooooooah, Berry Pinch is actually a huge step up above most religious dogmatists, she actually read the text!
Or maybe like most religious nut jobs she's just cherry picking, "just ignore the part about the Arsenic laced Kool-Aid! Read pg 145 instead."
AspiePie's avatar
Typical Atheist Post... 
JetPowerFIE's avatar
Just slip a little (okay ALOT) of garlic into Mobius's cloak...Then add a wooden stake for good measure....and then 5 more....I don't like people who  are dangerous to kids. :)
FralLeman's avatar
Chibi Vinyl Scratch Icon "If I read this, then you should read my book!  Cults for Dummies!"
Nova225's avatar
I think the metaphorical eye winking isn't obvious enough, Ruby !

Also, you know when a cult is especially dumb, when you have to wear silly robes and stuff.
As long as she doesn't end up like debbie from manos . i'm ok with whatever happens next.
ChaosDX1's avatar
I wonder if Pinchy hid something on page 145? 
page 145
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