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Adapting To Night: A Revelation - Part 3

People like Berry Punch are easy prey for cults. It's a sad truth.

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CocoCandy2007's avatar

Yeah because Berry Pinch is very happy. Look at her! She could beat Pinkie Pie, she’s so happy!!seriously

PapyJr13's avatar
I feel bad now
Alphalionleader's avatar
I feel bad for Berry Pinch, so young.
Samgreen90's avatar
It looks like Berry Pinch is "still" suffering.
Eevee-Trainer1's avatar
The daughter doesn't look too happy about this whole thing though.
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Bastard husband? *sigh* Ever doubted we males were thrown in bad roles?
Kattriella's avatar
I somehow feel Berry Pinch is about to speak up, and whatever she has to say will have an effect on her mother.
Mlp-shadow-prints's avatar
Berry Punch open your fucking eyes or I will rip them out of your skull because you can't see worth a damn!:angry: Anger One of the scariest zelda moments... EVER. Wrath 
LadyNevande's avatar
Yes, because Berry Pinch looks absolutely ecstatic. She's bouncing off the walls!FnaF Icon [46] - Safra Is Not Amused 
mirtar34's avatar
how is the child handling it I wonder....
Ethan-Avail's avatar
I see Berry is continuing her streak of being a not-so-good mother...
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Berry, They didn't end your drinking problem. You did, Now open your eyes and see that or you will lose not only your friends but your daughter as well.
alexwarlorn's avatar
She made friends. 
AJR001's avatar
Inb4 that cult drains your blood and turns you into a vampire... :XD:
Man, didn't take them long to get you drinking the Kool-aid, did it Berry?

Remember kids, cults are bad, m'kay? Even the ones not lead by blood thirsty creatures of the night.
bauerle's avatar
"daugher" s/b "daughter" in the last panel.
the-wild-geese's avatar
the bastard of berry pinch ??? he is related to the bastard of bolton ??
Sturmlion1's avatar
Berry Pinch doesn't look happy though. Just you.
MoppyPuppy's avatar
So is Berry Pinch just a corpse?
nope it looks more like she about to shout angrily at something.
MoppyPuppy's avatar
Disappointment is coming to the both of us.
Istarian's avatar
Ah, fools. One born every minute. Of course they're nice to you, some of them bought into the same crap you did. The rest, however, know you for the fool you are and are patiently waiting to take advantage of it.

For the record, she's also wrong. Vinyl Scratch has suffered far more than Berry Punch's minor life difficulties. Nothing like being turned into a vampire (i.e. dying) and not being able to interact with your family for obvious reasons. Then you get to sit around for hundreds of years, since you're basically immortal. You also can't interact with any of your family's descendants assuming there are any left. I'm sure that's just the tip of the iceberg of suffering involved...
silverbolt9999's avatar
there going to drink your blood you dumb mare and turn you into a vampony or just kill you and turn berry pinch into one of them or just kill you both  lesson to them 
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