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Adapting To Night A Deadly Feast - Part 5

You know, I have always wondered what the makers of MLP think of the fandoms ideas of a relationship (Friendship or lovers) of Octavia and Vinyl.

Drawn by  Terminus Image by Rated-R-PonyStar…

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Dude, I love ur art style, it's so adorable ^^
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I don’t draw this gray does
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I'm really liking this so far, but the arcs feel way too short.
you know, I'm one of those folks that, especially in light of episode 100, believe that their relationship is synoptic with that of siblings
=P (Razz) if that's true here, then I guess you could say they're as close Sunglasses are good as flesh and blood…
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Does somepony at the hospital know about her ‘condition’, or are there just no obvious signs of being undead?
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how ironic that none of the surgeons or doctors picked up her vampire physic 
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well at least she wasn't a bad cook
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Hey whats in here? Garlic? OH GAWD!

(Ends up in hospital.)
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I think my toast is a little burnt.
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ironic, isn't it?
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ep 100 or bust for them ever having true speaking rolls - though if they do make vinyl speak i hope they listen to the fandom and ask nowaking if she wants the roll 
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