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ATN: The Hunted - Part 4

The fate of Lyra and Bon Bon shall be decided... another time cause we need to check up on Octavia next.

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Red--Pandaz's avatar
Why do villians always seem to have an IQ of 3?
CocoCandy2007's avatar

I have no idea XD

SlimixTheNTF's avatar
Guys vampires sucks Humans are better xD
SuperSonicHeroes2's avatar
The one thing I've been wondering since this part is what happened to Lyra and Bon Bon?  So far there have been no signs of them being saved or showing up again.
Ismalith's avatar
If the kill that reclessly, I kind of wonder how they still are a thing, I mean after a view murders there would be a giant mass slaughter of everyone that would be the least suspicious to be a vampire.
Rated-R-PonyStar's avatar
vampires are though to be myths
Ismalith's avatar
maybe but we talk about a world where magic is a thing, you know how insane the dark ages got simply because people thought there might be vampires, witches and such stuff.
They are good at hiding if they could get around that and still have functioning structures.
Pokebreeder25's avatar
ritual? interesting
littleshadowsong14's avatar
Oh no. This bad. That feeling when you're weak and the enemy takes advantage. Brr.
MrFloom's avatar
What happened to part 5?
MrFloom's avatar
Sturmlion1's avatar
No! Not Bon Bon! Oh and Lyra too...
Such loyalty.

You know he wouldn't do the same for you, right?
Dragon101k's avatar
AspiePie's avatar
Poor Lyra and Bon Bon!
Kartoffelkamm's avatar
yeah, but imagine this vampire´s face when he drinks their blood and finds out they had onion salad or something before they met with Vinyl a few pages ago :)
Fireblast133's avatar
nothing would come of it.  It's Garlic that traditionally affects vampires.
Kartoffelkamm's avatar
yeah, i meant garlic. i sometimes dont know which one is what. :)

also, Octavia seems a bit oblivious or something if u ask me. i mean, her closest friend cant look into the sunlight, or even go out without shades, works mostly during the night, isnt even tired after that and is allergic to garlic. honestly, i wouldnt be surprised if she knew all along but acted as if she didnt, so Vinyl feels safer or something.
Fireblast133's avatar
if she didn't, and the subject comes about about Vinyl's real name and age, i would not be surprised if Octavia recognizes it as an up and coming classical pianist who died young 400 some years ago.
FCtheHalfDragon's avatar
Again, reply option not working.  The cacodemon pic i posted is from Lycanite's Mobs Mod, and the cacodemon is from the Doom games.  This is a beholder from the same mod:
FCtheHalfDragon's avatar
For some reason I can't reply to comments right now, so here is a link to what a cacodemon is:
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