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ATN: The Hunted - Part 3

yugioh yugi moto draw icon  You activated my trap card! Chain Lighting Trap Spell!

This comic is posted early because I thought it would be a nice Halloween Treat.
Be sure to enjoy my Halloween Comic this year to. Enjoy the holiday. Dancing Pumkin head 5 

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Do I like Vampires, or Werewolves better?
SlimixTheNTF's avatar
PIKATCHU USE THUNDER !!!! *Its super effective* >:-D
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Uh-oh. That had to hurt.
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Guessing Bon Bon isn't a changeling here?
"I think they're ponies. You?"
"I agree. They appear to be ponies."
"Hey, wait, let's not jump to any conclusions."
"Dammit, man, again? You always keep us out all night staring intently at unconscious forms because you don't think they're ponies. And guess what? They're ponies. They're always ponies. We live in bucking Equestria. Everypony is a pony! So please, just for once, can we reach a consensus quickly so we can move on with our lives?"
"If we weren't supposed to be careful, it wouldn't take three of us to stare intently. So sue me for wanting to do my job right."
"I swear I will murder you one of these nights."
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gah so intrrsting
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Can u give me a link of the beginning of the story pls.
Is the green one not a vampire?
Thanks for clarifying that :) I would think he would realize that eventually he's going to be killed if he hangs out with them. Maybe he thinks that he has a chance to be turned, but there's no guarantee they would deem him worthy, and in the mean time, he is probably as expendable to them as any other mortal pony. Not very bright of him if you ask me. lol
I like how BonBon is slightly stronger than Lyra (as an earth pony) and can stand up for longer when hit with this. 
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how dare you vaporize their eyeballs! now what are we going to use as meatballs in the spaghetti for Halloween???
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All. too. easy. *evil grin*
CrucifyTheWolf's avatar
Are they now corrupted?!?
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Those no eyes. Dam that's creepy
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I called it. We all knew separating would mean getting boned one by one. In this case two... ^^;
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