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ATN: The Hunted - Part 2

Okay, who summoned the devil again? Devil fella (Universe) 

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Time for them good ol Satanic Rituals, kids

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You've activated my trap card. LOAF INTENSIFIES 
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Sumoning spell ?cool !
gopnikchav's avatar
Ah Christ, now my religion's been butchered.
metalsonic612's avatar
part 2? where's 1?
Rated-R-PonyStar's avatar
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ok lookin forward to next update i LOVE this series XD seirously, your vamp vinyl aka Melody kinda reminds me of my origonal fannon Vinyl who was a mute and origonally very shy which is why she never took her headphones off XD
mlpiloveme123's avatar
Ok I get the whole stress thing or whatever the message is here but why not show Octavia freaking out and where is Octavia if she's not with bon bon and lyra...
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What to do is PANIC!!!
Yes, Vinyl. She's not helping. It's very sad, but hopefully you can talk to her about it later.
AJR001's avatar
They tripped a magical mine... ^^;
mirtar34's avatar
Dang it, a TBC right at the trap spell scene
mh3umaster's avatar
hurt lyra and i'm gunna throttle ya do as u wish to bonbon 
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OH NOES!!!! Satan's coming out! XD
DJPon-3isthebestpony's avatar
If there will be a pentacle or pentagran (whatever) I'll flip
Rated-R-PonyStar's avatar
Good flip or bad flip?
Kartoffelkamm's avatar
well, i would go with the good flip, since vampires are on my top 3 list of mythological creatures. on third place. second place goes to mermaids and first place is for dragons.
Rated-R-PonyStar's avatar
Well go ahead and flip because that is a pentagram
Kartoffelkamm's avatar
i dont know what to flip. :)
btw, im just looking around in my room and there is this rubber thingy that can be turned inside out or something, then u place it somewhere and it jumps up in the air. do u know these? they r quite fun :)
and yes, im random when i actually just make a short break before returning to an old show i used to watch as kid but then couldnt anymore because of school. this time i watch Sonic X. :)
its on youtube if u wanna watch it, too.
idk why i type so much, so, hmm...
maybe because i got this totly cool idea of Fluttershy finding the Pokémon Ghastly in the Everfree Forest and i wanna write this but i actually should write th scripts for the videos i want to upload. should i ask someone else to write this one script for me?
well, the video has the OC of a team member in the mane focus, so i guess she could write the script...
btw, my 4th favourite mythological creatures are werewolves, and demons take the 5th place.
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If demons show up then I'm out
Rated-R-PonyStar's avatar
Nah, nothing like that. It's just a magic spell. Most people seem to forget that pentagrams are not really the symbol of the devil, at least originally. They were mystical symbols used by pagans for magic and rituals.
Kartoffelkamm's avatar
well, one of my OCs sometimes has situations like Twilight in Its About Time. u see, he doesnt age, so he can time travel as often and long as he wants, but ever 5000 years there is a magical event that puts up a magical time barrier, which blocks every means of time traveling, even Discord´s little trick he used to show Twilight the moment when he told the mane six where to find the elements. once a year my OC travels back one year to give his past self some advices what he has to do, such as certain items he has to obtain, or if he has to move to another town. this also gives my OC the proof that he will make it through the next year, often causing him to be pretty reckless, which is often the mane reason for arguments with his friends. one time, when his future self couldnt come because of this magical event that would occur during this year, he totally freaked out. this caused him to use an infectious sleep spell, making half of Equestria fall asleep. he wanted to find the pony that was going to stop him from time traveling, even though he knew one could not change time. he read a few books about that during his 2 year vacation in the human world.
anyway, what i wanted to tell u: he sometimes gets visits by his future self (as well as phone calls from his human self, but lets not focus on those, shall we?), and one time he learned tht alchemy is a thing. so he practized, tested and played around, and when he was done, he time traveled back to tell his past self about this. he then wrote a book about it and all, makin it common knowledge for a few centuries. funfact: the macigal event i mentiones before is called a Magical Eclipse, and it changes Equestria´s magic every time it happens. the last time, 500 years after the events of mlp, the mane six, as well as every alicorn, fused with what they are connected with. so since ponies needed a lot of energy to perform alchemy, they mostly got it from Celestia or Luna, who were the sun and the moon at that time. they didnt want their subjects to get hurt, so in case they couldnt provide enough energy to do he alchemy thing, Luna or Celestia would help, since they got a nearly limitless power.
however, the whole alchemy thing was way too hard, so it as forgotten and my OC, who still remembered it, did some experiments with it. now he has a bunch of spells, such as
matter -> energy
energy -> matter
matter -> matter
energy -> energy.
he barely uses them, but he is technically capable of turning a magical blast into a stream of bubbles if he has to.
however, despite his above-average ammount of magic (he did not only serve Twilight and swore loyalty to the bearer of the element of magic, no matter who it might be, but also trained with her) and his constant mind-checking spell that instantly tells him if somepony around him wants to harm him (quite usefull if u think about it), he got a bunch of major weaknesses: as mentioned before, if his future self doesnt show up he freaks out. also, since he doesnt age, which was reached through an untested time spell cast by Twilight, its possible that if he uses a spell thats too powerful, like an age spell on 3 ponies at once, or 2 if he changes the ages in opposite directions, he can break through the barriers of time and space and might end up in a parallel universe. he also has some problems with clouds, which is mainly because my Terraria character, who is named after him (and basically is him, but from an different time), got murdered by Wyvern pretty ofen, and they just spawn at a certain height, so one might go to a floating island to fight them. and those are made out of clouds.
anyway, thanks for reading this whole text, sorry it ended up so long. :)
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