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ATN : The Hunted - Part 1

Let's split up! Octavia, you go to the cemetery! Bon Bon, hide out in the creepy haunted house! Lyra, head for the factory that was built on the ancient Indian burial grounds!

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Alphalionleader's avatar
That's the worst decision you can make, splitting up.
It's in every horror movie.
CocoCandy2007's avatar

It’s good and it’s bad:|

not quite a bad idea, actully, because its easyer to catch 3 togeter than apart
also, horror movie usully have supernateral thems
Leoandlove's avatar
xD your description
Cyberdonian's avatar
yes, because as we all know, splitting up in a horror type situation with multiple pursuers who are faster and stronger than you, is the most logical solution... i can see nothing wrong happening from this decision...
LoneWolfIcy's avatar
I love this comic!! Vampire Vinyl is best Vinyl. Oh, and Vinyl vampire is best vampire. Yeah, I hot nothing more to say.

or shall we keep the trend going? "Octavia, you dumbass! Splitting up never works!"
AJR001's avatar
You might as well say "Let's split up and get boned one at a time" Octavia. :XD: 
uncommentator's avatar
Octy's eyes make her look extremly bored with the situation.
TheLostWriter's avatar
Don't you know to never split the party?!
Sturmlion1's avatar
Because splitting up always works...
RoboRed's avatar
I don't know why, but I like how Bon Bon's mane looks in this comic.
Hey, look! Even though Scratch can't be bothered to fight the vampires who are direct and immediate threats to her friends, they're not dead yet! Isn't that nice for them.
neoaustin's avatar
dude, vinyl killed the first two that he sent after them, then he launched a lazer blast at her so she'd be to occupied with defense.
*facepalm* Why do they solit up? You don't split up in a creepy dark forest while beeing chased by vampires 
Animatorsnake's avatar
But that it's a good think to split up because, their not stupid teenage girls like in some stereotypical monster chase scenes in movies & tv shows
oh god now i just dont want her friends to die
Pandas795's avatar
Ah, nice to see the focus on the others now
sigel4ever's avatar
that is a bad idea!
AspiePie's avatar
And then OCTavia becomes a WereWolf!
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