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ATN: Confrontation at Ponyville - Part 4

AND IT IS ON! Also, if people are curious why that pony, who is a vampire, can be in the sun it's because she is a half-breed otherwise known as a dhampir.

Dhampir are those who contain the traits, powers, and characteristics of vampires, but are also part mundane. They do not have the weaknesses, the need to drink blood, or the immortality. Dhampir may look like a vampire, but they are slightly less powerful than full blooded ones with only half the strength, speed, and magical prowess. However, they do not weaken from the light of the sun, smell of garlic, or touch of wolfsbane. They even contain all their powers during the daytime, giving them the nicknames “Day Walkers”. Dhampirs can drink blood, but they do not have the monthly craving as their full blooded brethren do.

Here we are folks! The newest Adapting To Night!

Drawn by  Terminus Image by Rated-R-PonyStar…

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Panel 1 Background Ponyville Road Side View by BonesWolbach

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This is a very fast moving plot...and a very poorly thought-out plan...
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Eh ! He is a vampire too, why not wears he sunglasses ?
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"Okay, now I might want to finally clear some confusion. If you see a red eyed pony in the sunlight without screaming in pain or bleedng in the eyes, they are a dhampir aka a half-breed vampire. They are the child of a mundane and a vampire. That center pony? She is one of them. More information will be given when the World Guide comes out."

you didn't read that you xD
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Yes oh no ill get nothing again cause matureness again right?
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Vinyl. Never attack until you've first gathered enough intelligence from reconnaissance.
Then, don't attack in broad daylight. Use strategy and stealth.
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Dude vampires don't have a weakness to Wolfvain werewolves have the weakness to wolfvain and silver, but not vampires.
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Wait! Doesn't the sun hurt the other vampony's eyes?
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Pretty sure the other pony is a "half" vampire, like a half-breed. A...what's the term? Oh, right, dhampir. Sun light less effective.
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Special Sun-glasses contacts?
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Could be. Those opticians make wonders. :-P
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Awesome comic page and facts about Dhampir! :D :D :D
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Go get them Vinyl!
"However, they do not weaken from the light of the sun, smell of garlic, or touch of wolfsbane." 

They do however, weaken when they INGEST garlic, or their eyes come in contact with the light of the sun.

u better check urself b4 u shrek urself m8
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Vinyl is not a dhampir. The other one is
How is her skin surviving then?
Rated-R-PonyStar's avatar
It's the eyes that are the ones that can't be hit by sunlight. Skin is okay, but she's limited by what power she can use
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If she has no weaknesses of vampires, why did her eyes burn ?
Rated-R-PonyStar's avatar
Vinyl is not the half-breed, the other pony is
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