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ATN: Bloody Night - Part 4

Taste my lighting bitches! Ninja Lightning Plz

Drawn by  Terminus Image by Rated-R-PonyStar…

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Yeah I’m sure those two are gonna be just fine

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WHen I type Rated-R-PonyStar in yt i found....ok just never do it guys !
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Damn mature blocker
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those ponies that she crushed the bones of- they're vampires, right? That means they'll eventually heal, right?
mirtar34's avatar
those heads don't look squished..... 
They say you shouldn't fight a cornered rat. I've no doubt that Vinyl intends to take you down even if she kills herself in the process. Be careful that you don't underestimate her motivation.
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Don't fight a cornered rat? Then, what? Let it go? Feck no! Smoke the chump and snuff it! Go all out on it. :-)
ILM126's avatar
You can say, he was lighting fast with his attack ;)
TheThunder-Clash's avatar
I can't wait for more AS ALWAYS :)
Blood-Phoenix78's avatar
This is getting better and better!
AJR001's avatar
Ride the Lightning! :XD:
uncommentator's avatar
Huh, I was seriously expecting the others to look back and see the first panel.
crazymanjj's avatar
If that is a dhampir there should be an overwhelming difference of power between her and Vinyl.
MintyJoy's avatar
The vampire behind the colt leader looks a awful lot like vinyl before vampirism or even a family member. I noticed them in a previous panel as well. Do you think he/she could be of importance?
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And begin the fight scene. ...One page at a time.

sigh. As much as I love frequent one-page updates to look forward to, some times it doesn't work with what's going on in the story. I said the same thing about another story a few days ago when it started an epic fight scene. (Then I was too busy to read the updates for a few days and got to read it all at once anyway!)
RoboRed's avatar
Zappity zap zap.
Sturmlion1's avatar
I have a feeling that this won't even be a fight for Vinyl.
CeeDeePlayer's avatar
Destroy them with lazors!
*random noises*
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Aw shit motherfucka!
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Vinyl is a cold blooded killer...nice 
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