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ATN: Bloody Night - Part 2


As you can clearly see, even mortals are in this cult. What kind of a cult has vampires, mortals, and even halfbreeds working together for this one leader? The mystery deepens...

Drawn by  Terminus Image by Rated-R-PonyStar…

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Bloody night.... TERRARIA !!!!
987tails's avatar
Questioning your own story.... NOW THAT'S LITERATURE!!  xD
And are you and the remaining five followers I've seen here just going to stand by this tree and wait for something else interesting to happen? I'm not quite sure of the point of bringing eight ponies, including yourself, and then having only two of them pursue when all the targets run away.
SonicCam04's avatar
and then multiple horrific deaths happened to those ponies
AJR001's avatar
Let's not do a DBZ and have multiple chapters all about them running... :XD:
SDseb's avatar
Everyone moved on to Dragon Ball Super now XD

GOD TRANSFORMATION YEAH!!!!!!!! XD no really .-.
AJR001's avatar
Still couldn't hold a candle to Superman... (don't flame me... ^^;) :XD:
GBscientist's avatar
So, given that Vinyl's most popular fan voice actress also does the voice for Seras Victoria in Helsing Ultimate Abridged, would it be safe to assume that Vampire!Vinyl would agree that 'Bitches love Bass Cannons'?
"What kind of a cult has vampires, mortals, and even halfbreeds working together for this one leader?"

It's obviously a very progressive cult that doesn't discriminate based on race.
FralLeman's avatar
Okay, the next page is totes a fight scene, I can just feel it!
Rational-Explanation's avatar
If this doesn't end with some throats getting ripped out, I'm'a gon' be disappointed.
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Sturmlion1's avatar
Here is hoping Vinyl is a monster at close combat.
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A hypnotized and brainwashed cult, I suppose...
AstralFrankie's avatar
How much you wanna bet that the vampires stop Vinyl before he gets to the mortal henchmen?
mh3umaster's avatar
 Vinyl is a mare ya dumby 
AstralFrankie's avatar
Sometimes I get the genders of certain mares confused.Ashamed 
And what's a 'dumby'?hmm 
mh3umaster's avatar
u can google it but befor u do sorry for saying it i have a bad habit of doing that to people even to my family 
princessEmerlad's avatar
Vinly is a girl and also a vampire, and, so far only the leader is a vampire
AstralFrankie's avatar
Actually, I remember seeing at least two other ponies with glowing red eyes.  I'll double-check.
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