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5 Things You Didn't Know About: Vinyl Scratch

Drawn by :iconbloodatius:

So like I said in my journal entry, I've decided to take the 5 Things Series and go to various artists to do different characters. I know in the Pinkie Pie on that I said Fluttershy was next, but that was because the artist wanted to do it. Since he dissapeared, I asked Blood which one he wanted to do and this is the result.

If you are an artist who wants to do one, please contact me. If you have a good art style, I'll consider it.

Other 5 Things
Pinkie Pie
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I actually have a theory that Vinyl Scratch is mute and actually uses different sounds on her turntable to communicate! Different sounds have different meanings, like one can mean "Let's go to town!" or "I'm hungry!"
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Actually, according to Hasbro, she doesn't speak because she believes actions speak louder than words.

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Using Octavia's bow as a butt scratcher? Vinyl, what is wrong with you?!

cuttledish's avatar

id believe that.

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According to research conducted, Vinyl's true reason for not speaking is that she believes actions speak louder than words
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I can kind of see the resemblance between Vinyl and Shining Armor, so of all them that one might actually make some sense.
ToastyWhiteBoy's avatar
Wait, she’s speaking on the top panel though.
whitetiger-1's avatar
I think that is more a body language type thing rather than actual speak.
MagerIssue's avatar
WINESS MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! This is why Vinyl is my favorite as much as I don't care about mlp anymore.
ilvbrownies's avatar
I can actually see the second one regarding shining armor, given their similar appearance. I am not going to look too deep into the others.
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Butt scratha? Butt scratcha!
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And this was before or after she was a a vampony ?
mlpiloveme123's avatar
You forgot "She is also a vampire"
DoormattCovers1992's avatar
So that would make her Twilight's half-sister! :O
Wait0wat's avatar
This oddly makes sense.
FralLeman's avatar
This is awesome...especially the bottle and twin thing.
Synthasis8's avatar
 Everything wrong with this pic. (1) Vinyl Scratch's eyes are magenta not purple. (2) Twilight Velvet has very high standers. That's why Twilight Sparkle was born in Canterlot It also explains why Prince Blue Blood hardly ever gets any mares because of his snobby attitude. (3) There is still a hierarchy which is contradictory to freedoms required for homosexual ideals, which means traditions are law, which also explains why Twilight Sparkle and her friends need to end them from time to time in the show. | I know my MLP lore. Deal with it.
WDShadow's avatar
dude, this was a joke, none of this is actually canon.
Synthasis8's avatar
I dont find the Vinyl and Octavia part being sexually intimate funny. Sorry if any ones offended, I just have a crush on Vinyl Scratch and its been difficult dealing with my emotional problems. I love her and I want what is best for her, I suppose that's what love is, I care if shes happy and I know things that would offend the majority of people. There is a reason marriage was even invented in the first place if not straight up conceived by whatever the true religion is. I believe in science and by the nature of the world there is some sort of religion, god or not we live by this worlds rules of physics. If Vinyl was a real person and this is where my emotions think and my logic knows surely that only her personality and not a drawing on a page would be effected, if she being in a homosexual relationship would suffer the mental torture of heart break by statistics and even further more that she would by nature of how the human brain works become depressed over what ever mental condition she has developed. Homosexuality is a mental problem, from a scientific stand point, it was only because of political agenda and a messed up institutionalization system that it was retracted. (A substance we know to be lead would have been declared healthy if a scientist named Cameron Patterson did not step foreword and push for absolute proof that it was harmful.) The institutionalization system especially mental hospitals are definitely not right for every mental patient and for the majority of mental problems it makes them way worse. If someone is a homosexual let them be that but the truth shouldn't be kept from people to further some political agenda and neither should they be killed, go to prison or be institutionalized for being a sexuality other then straight. They need help and if they want it they should be able to have the help they need and not be locked in a padded room. Its because I care about Vinyl Scratch, who would actually not be effected at all and that's exactly where my logic sees my flaw. I am struggling with my mental problems and I am seeing help and trust me when I say this I am way more happier now then if I got no help in the first place. We dont need this whole Neoliberal nonsense, your free to say think and talk like a Neoliberal in America but you should not take away any ones rights straight, white, black, homosexual or whatever. In fact what we need is Libertarian insight not Democratic. Libertarians encourage liberty and America was built on the liberation from financial slavery. Ironic isn't it? The government should be less involved we need less government. If the world suddenly became perfect last election Garry Johnson most likely would have been elected. Any ways I am trying to thoroughly explain here that It is my actual love for Vinyl Scratch that makes me type these texts and I do mean them from my heart. I get desperate, love can make someone desperate, that's why its a problem to have a full crush and love a character that was just made by an OC having traits added and subtracted by artists in a room. I mean this sincerely please forgive me, its because I care to much. 
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