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5 Things You Didn't Know About: Lyra Heartstrings

DRawn by :iconruthawesome19:

If you are an artist who wants to do a 5 Things You Didn't Know, please contact me. If you have a good art style, I'll consider it.

Other 5 Things
Pinkie Pie
Vinyl Scratch
Princess Luna
Rainbow Dash
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If you're married to your alcohol collection, does hitting the sauce count as abusing your spouse? Because you're hitting them? *shot*
A lyre is more closely related to a guitar than many people think, after all.
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sweet! this is why I LOVE Lyra Heartstrings! she is always my favorite background pony! :D
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To think that's a relationship based on a lie.
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Totally legit(nope) and totally gay(yep)
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Berry Punch hitting the bottle during a tabletop rpg. Seems to liven things up XD
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What sort of music does Lyra play? Something like this perhaps?
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So that's why she wasn't with the rest of twilight's old friends.
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2: Dungeons and Ponies reference? XD
5: Heartstrings reference? XD
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#2 is actually a reference to the original skit, done by "The Dead Alewives," and is most known as "8-bit D&D," or "8-bit Theatre."

I went ahead and linked you the stuff
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Right, had almost forgotten it was a ponification of an original skit.
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Who did it in picture 4?
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I'm almost afraid to ask, but who did what?
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You know, men privacy spot
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I love these, they make my day ^^ :heart: I just woke up from a nightmare and needed cheering up ;~; I can't tell you how nice it was to see your comic :)
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here:… you were among the ones that gave me the idea of this thing, hope it will become a thing knowing that you already have sheets for Pinkie, Luna and Vinyl
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