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United States
I am a writer who also happens to be a game designer.

I also like writing scripts for comics, mostly MLP related ones.

Check out my fanfiction at…

Please also support my patreon for comics:…

Planning to do another short mult-page comic story. Pick the one you want to see (Voting Ends 30th) 

85 deviants said Nightmare Moon’s Attack: A mini cute Nightmare Moon, tries to kill her big sister, Celestia, through various means but always seems to fail in comedic fashion.
52 deviants said Nature’s Chosen One: A goddess of nature watches over Fluttershy, favoring her greatly, being here in spirit for her both in life and in death
46 deviants said Feeling Nothing: Lyra gets invited to her sister’s funeral with Bon Bon, but she finds out that Lyra’s family life was not the best and she faces a family that all but didn’t want her and still doesn’t.
37 deviants said The Apple Of My Heart: Marble Pie believes she’s found the love of her life in Big Macintosh, but upon seeing him with another mare a twisted sense of desire overcomes her leading to the obsession of taking him no matter what mare is in her way.
29 deviants said Silver Bells: Silverstream gets informed that her Aunt Novo has arranged for her to be married which she doesn’t want to do. She instead lies saying that she’s engaged to Sandbar who now has to fake being her boyfriend. Something Gallus and Oc
23 deviants said 24 Hours To Go: After a school health check, Silverstream overhears a conversation that makes her and the others think that Gallus only has 24 hours left to live so they try to give him the best day ever before he passes away. Only one problem, he’s

Comic Script Commissions Rules and Prices (Open)

So you may be wondering why I am now accepting commissions when I already have a job and a patreon. Well, that job will be ending this December due it being a contract job and I have no idea when I'll be getting hired again. So to play it safe, and save a bit of money, I am hearby starting to accept Comic Script Commissions.

Now these are not commissions for me to do artwork. Remember, I can't draw. All my comics are written by me instead. This is me writing for you, the commissioner, on a script for any comic you wish to draw by yourself or later commission some other person to draw it for you. There are always those who are great at drawing, but need help with storytelling. I can provide that be it helping you get the idea in your head and helping you tell the comic with story boarding and dialogue.

I am not limited to MLP. I am willing to do any particular media and even original created stuff. If its something I haven't got much knowledge of then I will research it to make sure I can write it well.

Now here are the Rules:

1. All comic script commission payments must be paid in advance. The reason for this is that I risk someone just copying the script if I present it without payment and they just use it claiming they made it without me being paid.

2. It's $3 per panel for a single page comic. Doesn't matter how many panels. If it's just a single page then it's $3 dollars per panel.

3. If it's a multi-page, it's $5 dollars per page. This can range from 2 to 100 pages or so forth. The price won't change. However, if its past 10 pages, I'll only request the payment of the first five pages and write that script first before continuing on after those five. That way you don't empty all your money at once, and I don't get stuck focusing on a 100 pages in one go.

4. No refunds, but you can request the script to be changed if you do not like what I present to you and I'll improve it.

5. Yes, I will do NSFW, but I have a right to deny it if certain sexual scenarios are requested that I do not wish to do such as Rape, Pedophilia, Under Age Sex, Incest, Guro, Scat, Necrophilia, Zoophilia (Anthros are okay), Vore, and any others that make me feel uncomfortable doing.

6. I have the right to deny a comic script commission if I wish.

7. You must pay in Paypal. No points.

8. Commissions through Deviant Art will not count for rewards on my Patreon if you are a member of it. Those are separate.

9. If you wish a recommendation for an artist to draw the script I have written for you I am more then happy to suggest one, but you have to initiate contact with each other. Nor will I ask that you be given a discount.

10. It's first come, first serve. If you are commissioning something that will be reaching over past 10 pages, then I will work yours alongside with others at the same time.

11. If a repeated commissioner ends up giving me a total of $100 worth of commission work, then they get one free one shot comic script from me. This can be repeated every $100 worth of work total.

12. You must message me if you want a commission. Not in the comments.

NOTE: These rules are subject to change, close, or adjust as time goes on. But any commissions I've already agreed to before any changes will still follow the old rules.


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