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DylanCArt Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2018  Student General Artist
 Ratchet And Clank in Star wars

It all started in space. On a First Order ship, storm troopers are ready to conquer a planet, and the one who’s leading them is General Racism.  
“Sir, we’re almost on the target planet,” says one of the storm troopers.
“Good.  The universe chose us to eradicate those who are not worthy,” says General Racism.
Meanwhile, Ratchet is flying his spaceship with his friend Clank.
“Are we almost to our destination?” says Ratchet.
“Yes.  They say that this planet is very peaceful, and quite beautiful,” says Clank.
“Well, I’m sure they’ll be glad to see us,” says Ratchet.
The two go to the planet, but while they are flying, they saw it in ruins and dead bodies.
“Who could have done this?” says Ratchet.
The two landed.
“I see no life…” says Clank.
“What happened here?  This place is supposed to be peaceful,” says Ratchet.
Suddenly, a storm trooper spotted the two.
“I see two life forms,” says the storm trooper to the general with his radio.
“Exterminate them.  There will be no witnesses,” says the general.
The storm trooper tried to shoot Ratchet and Clank, but Ratchet fires back and hits the storm trooper.
“Storm troopers…I’ve heard about them,” says Ratchet.
“If there’s one storm trooper, there’re more of them!” says Clank.
The two go back to the ship, and take off.  But before they can leave the planet, TIE fighters were in their way.
“Well, guess we’re going to have to fight through,” says Ratchet.
And with that, they shoot down the TIE fighters.
“I think that’s the last of them,” says Clank.
Suddenly, a star destroyer appears.
“I think we need to leave,” says Ratchet.
And with that, they go to outer space.  
While inside that star destroyer, General Racism saw the ship leaving.
“Who or what is inside that ship?” says General Racism.
“Our sources say it was a tiny robot, and a Lombax,” says one of the storm troopers.
Meanwhile, in space, Ratchet and Clank are trying to figure out what to do.
“I can’t believe that was actually the First Order…I’ve heard stories about it, but seeing them in person, that’s really not good,” says Ratchet.
“Perhaps we need help from the Resistance.  They also fight the First Order,” says Clank.
“The question is, how are we going to find them?” says Ratchet.
They landed on the planet to get fuel for their ship, and while they were getting fuel, they come across Rey.
“Um, excuse me, do you know where we can find the Resistance around here?” says Ratchet.
“Yes, but it’s not on this planet,” says Rey.
“We want to help the Resistance fight against the First Order,” says Clank.
Suddenly, a civilian is being interrogated by a storm trooper.
“Where’s the location of the Resistance?” says the storm trooper.
“I don’t know!” says the civilian.
“Well, I’ve got ways to make you talk,” says the storm trooper.
“Hey! Leave him alone! He says he doesn’t know about the location!” says Ratchet.
“Well then, perhaps you know where the location is,” says the storm trooper.
“Even if I knew, I wouldn’t tell you,” says Ratchet.
“Then die!” says the storm trooper.
The storm trooper charged at Ratchet, but Ratchet hits him with his blaster.
“The First Order is terrorizing the galaxy.  I want to help the Resistance to end their tyranny,” says Ratchet.
“Alright.  Come with me, you two,” says Rey.
And with that, the group goes inside a cave, and find the Millennium Falcon.  The group boards the ship, and find what is left of the Resistance.
“That’s the Resistance?  I thought it would be bigger, more members,” says Ratchet.
“Those people died,” says General Leia.
“What happened?” says Clank.
“They found our hideout.  We tried to escape, but our resources have almost run out,” says General Leia.
“But, you can’t just give up!” says Ratchet.
“No one says we’re giving up!” say Poe.
“They’re not giving up.  They just need to fight another day,” says Clank.
Meanwhile, on the First Order’s ship, General Racism is calling Kylo Ren.
“What is it that you want?” says Kylo Ren.
“I believe there is a Lombax that will give us so much trouble, and I need your permission to exterminate the Lombax,” says General Racism.
“Fine,” says Kylo Ren.
“Thank you.  It was unfortunate that our supreme leader Snoke has died, and I’m sure you’d be a worthy successor,” says General Racism.
Meanwhile, on the planet, Ratchet is looking outside.  Rey was with Ratchet.
“So, how bad is the First Order?” says Ratchet.
“They kidnapped children to become storm troopers.  They used weapons to destroy planets, and I thought I could save a friend from the Dark Side,” says Rey.
“Who was your friend?” says Ratchet.
“His real name is Ben, but he chose the name Kylo Ren.  I tried to rescue him once; he captured me and took me to Snoke.  Snoke ordered him of execute me, but he killed him instead.  I thought I saved him…but he wants to rule the galaxy.  That’s how I realized he can’t be saved,” says Rey.
“I’m so sorry about that,” says Ratchet.
“I guess he’s already being consumed by the Dark Side,” says Rey.
“The dark side of what?” says Ratchet.
“The Dark Side of the Force,” says Rey.
“What is the Force?” says Ratchet.
“The Force is a power that surrounds the area; the ground, the air, the whole galaxy,” says Rey.
Suddenly, Rey senses something.
“They’re coming!” says Rey.
“The First Order?!” says Ratchet.
“Yes!  We have to leave now!” says Rey.
And with that, the group goes to the Millennium Falcon to warn the others.
“The First Order ships are here!” says Rey.
“Then we need to escape,” says General Leia.
“Me and Clank will buy you guys some time,” says Ratchet.
“Alright.  You be careful,” says General Leia.
The storm troopers are on foot, looking for the Resistance.
“All this walking better be worth it,” says one of the storm troopers.
“The Resistance has to be around here somewhere,” says another storm trooper.
Ratchet goes to the top of a cliff and throws a grenade at them.  It exploded half of the storm troopers.
“It’s the Lombax!  Blast him!” says one of the storm troopers.
They fire at Ratchet, but he takes cover.
“Well, we got their attention!” says Ratchet.
They run down the cliff.  The storm troopers chased after them.  Ratchet shoots at some of them, then he jumped up, grabbing a vine, and leaps away.  The storm troopers are trying to find him in the forest.
“He’s hiding somewhere!  Find him!” says one of the storm troopers.
Ratchet sneaks into the tree, and blasts one of the storm troopers with a sniper.
“Where’d that come from?!” says one of the storm troopers.
Ratchet blasted another storm trooper.
“It’s coming from over there!” says another storm trooper, pointing.
“Looks like they’re on to us again!’ says Ratchet.
He jumped off the tree, and begins to run.  The storm troopers came up to him.
“It’s over!  Now tell us, where’s the Resistance?” says one of the storm troopers.
Little do they now, they are standing on a minefield that Ratchet created.  Ratchet pressed a button and it exploded.  
“Well, that’s the last of them, for now,” says Ratchet.
Suddenly, they were surrounded by AT-ST Walkers.  Ratchet is about to use his missile launchers, but Poe shoots them with his ship.  
“Are the rest of them safe?” says Ratchet.
“Yeah, they all escaped, thanks to you two,” says Poe.
“Ratchet, let’s go back to our ship and regroup the rest of the Resistance,” says Clank.
General Racism saw the dead storm troopers.  One storm trooper is trying to drag himself out.
“Who’s done this?” says General Racism.
“It’s the lombax…” says the storm trooper.
“You let one life-form do this to your forces?  The penalty of failure is death,” says General Racism.
And with that, he points his blaster at the storm trooper, killing him.
Meanwhile, in space, Ratchet and Clank are with the Resistance.  
“Oh, so you guys made it?” says Poe.
“Indeed.  And you made it too,” says Clank.
“We have news that the First Order has formed a blockade,” says General Leia.  
“What kind of blockade?” says Ratchet.
“A shield that blocks the way.  We can’t get through it,” says General Leia.
“And where is this forcefield coming from?” says Clank.
“On that planet.  But be careful, it’s surrounded by storm troopers,” says General Leia.
“Don’t worry.  Clank and I will go to that planet and get rid of that shield forcefield,” says Ratchet.
And with that, Ratchet and Clank go to the planet.  While on the planet, they saw the base guarded by storm troopers.
“It’s really never that easy,” says Ratchet.
“But we have to try, otherwise the Resistance will be stuck,” says Clank.
“I bet the way to shut down the forcefield is inside the base,” says Ratchet.
They sneak inside the base and go upstairs and see two storm troopers.
“Man, this is so boring.  I wish I could just blast something right about now,” says one of the storm troopers.
“Stop your complaining and do your job!” says another storm trooper.
“Just saying, I want to fight our enemies, but instead, we’re guarding this place that protects the forcefield,” says the storm trooper.
Ratchet pulls out his sniper and shoots one of the storm troopers.
“What the Hell?!” says one of the storm troopers.
And Ratchet shoots another storm trooper.
“Ok…this must be the computer that made the forcefield,” says Ratchet.
“Let’s destroy it before more show up,” says Clank.
Suddenly, storm troopers surrounded Ratchet and Clank.  General Racism walks through them.
“So, you must be the lombax,” says General Racism.
“It’s Ratchet,” he says.
“Well then, Ratchet, do you have any idea what you’re up against?” says General Racism.
“Monsters that kidnap children,” says Ratchet.
“Rescuing them, that’s what we are doing,” says General Racism.
“What is going on with your head?” says Ratchet.
“Let me tell you something, the universe us a chaotic place, and what it needs is strong leadership.  All we’re doing is saving it,” says General Racism.
“You mean enslaving innocent creatures?  And destroying their planets?” says Ratchet.
“If it means retaining order, then yes,” says General Racism.
Ratchet blasts the wall, and goes downstairs, raises a rocket launcher up, then fires it.  It hits the computer.  
“The shields are down!  That means the Resistance will escape!” says Clank.
“You may have helped the Resistance to escape, but you won’t be so fortunate!” says General Racism.
He orders his storm troopers to fire at them.  Ratchet ran to the window, and goes outside.  He raises his rocket launcher at the storm troopers, and fires at them, killing some of them.  They grab a branch of a tree, and jump to the ground, then run to the ship.
“This is the third time that lombax escaped!  I want all remaining ships to hunt him down like the animal that he is!” says General Racism.
Meanwhile, in space, Ratchet and Clank meet up with the Resistance.
“You did it, you two!” says Rey.
“Yes, now we can escape!” says Clank.
Suddenly, a star destroyer appears, and General Racism is in it.
“Fire those ships! The rebellion dies today!” says General Racism.
Ratchet goes to the star destroyer and fires at it.
“Get out of here!  It’s too dangerous!” says General Leia.
“No!  We’ll distract them.  You have to survive for the Resistance.  You have to restore it!” says Ratchet.
“Ratchet and Clank, may the Force be with you,” says General Leia.
And with that, the Millennium Falcon goes into hyper-drive.
“Sir, do we go after the Resistance?” says one of the storm troopers.
“Not yet…destroy that lombax, then we’ll go after them,” says General Racism.
The star destroyer shoots at Ratchet’s ship, but they keep dodging the blasts.  There are TIE-fighters coming out of the star destroyer, but Ratchet shoots down the TIE-fighters.  Then they fly inside of the star destroyer, hitting most of the storm troopers as they go.  They ran over a wall.  They both get out of the ship.  Clank was injured.
“I am one with the Force.  I…am one with the Force,” says Ratchet.
Storm troopers surround Ratchet, but he carries a machine gun and fires at the storm troopers.
“How is it that one creature can destroy an elite force?!” says General Racism.
“Sir!  Our forces say he’s going for the fuel supply!” says one of the storm troopers.
“Well don’t just stand there!  I want all remaining troops to end that vermin’s life!” says General Racism.
Storm troopers are trying to find Ratchet.  But Ratchet sneaks to the fuel supply.  He puts a bomb on the fuel supply; it explodes causing it to catch fire.  The storm troopers find him.  Ratchet blasts most of them, then he grabs one of them and throws him to the ground, shooting him in the eye.  
“That takes care of the fuel supply, now for the engines,” says Ratchet.
He goes to the engines, attaches a rocket launcher, blasts it and destroys it.
“Sir!  Our engines are being destroyed!  We have to evacuate the ship!” says one of the storm troopers.
“No one’s leaving until that lombax is dead!” says General Racism.
Suddenly, Ratchet appears to finally face General Racism.
“So…for a vermin, you are really persistent,” says General Racism.
“This is the end of you.  I’m going to stop you!” says Ratchet.
“You know, you remind me of a blue hedgehog.  He was kind of troublesome to deal with,” says General Racism.
“Well, hope I meet him someday so that we might stop the First Order once and for all,” says Ratchet.
“You won’t live to see that day,” says General Racism.
“It’s over.  Your engines are destroyed, and your fuel tanks are on fire, and it’s going to burn this ship to ash!” says Ratchet.
“With you in it, that is, since we’re both going to die, we’re going to have a duel to the death!” says General Racism, holding two light sabers.  He tossed it to Ratchet, and both light sabers are glowing red.
“Red?  Seriously?” says Ratchet.
“That’s the only color we’ve got, take it or leave it!” says General Racism.
“I’ll take it, and take you out!” says Ratchet.  
And with that, they begin to charge at each other and fight.  While fighting, the ship was burning inside.  Ratchet destroyed General Racism’s light saber, and stabbed him in the throat.  
“You…won’t…escape here…even though you…destroyed me!  The First Order…will…rise!  And you…will burn!” says General Racism.
“Even though I won’t make it, at least the Resistance will escape to fight another day,” says Ratchet.
And with that, Ratchet turned off his light saber, and General Racism dies.  Ratchet walks to Clank.  
“We did it.  We helped them escape, but, I don’t think we’re going to get out of this one.”
Suddenly, a ship appears.  It was Poe and Rey inside the ship.  
“This time, we’re not leaving you behind!” says Rey
Ratchet grabs Clank and brings him onto the ship, and they escape from the burning Death Star.  It’s falling into a planet, crashing into a First Order’s base.  It collides with the base, exploding on impact.
The next day, the Resistance is repairing Clank.
“How’re you doing?” says Ratchet.
“I feel better, thank you,” says Clank.
“You risked your life to save the Resistance,” says General Leia.
“Yes, but the First Order is still around,” says Ratchet.
“We will keep on fighting, and one day, we will free the galaxy from the First Order,” says Rey.
“We wish you luck,” says Clank.
And with that, Ratchet and Clank were about to go back to their ship.
“May the Force be with you,” says Ratchet.
And with that, they go off into space.
SuperSEGAFan Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2011  Student General Artist
hmm... mayhap 'twould be best for both if this group be merged with the newer :iconrac-fans:.

they have many of your contributors (including teh sooper aweshome :iconkazifasari: ), and being based on the same fandom, they might as well be merged.

this group can benefit from the number of deviations in the newer group, as well as its organised-ness.

please don't get the wrong idea or take it the wrong way; I am only making a small, insignificant suggestion.
RatchetandClankFans Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2011
That idea is great. This is the new admin, :iconninjagirly:. Just tell me what I need to do. Do I just have to talk with them or what?
SuperSEGAFan Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2011  Student General Artist
yup. Just like I said to the other admin who replied earlier.

Now you kids have fun!
RatchetandClankFans Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2011
Oh my, yes, that would probably work out really well. How about this, I'll hand the club over to the new admin and let them decide what to do? Since I've already posted this journal and gotten some feedback from deviants interested, I wouldn't want to dangle a carrot in front of them, then whip it out of their grasp if you know what I mean. ;)
But yes, a very good idea!
SuperSEGAFan Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2011  Student General Artist
excellent :iconmrburnsplz:

well, I suggested the merging to the other group as well, and they think its a good idea too. I think it would be best, though, if I stop acting as the middleman messenger guy. I'll leave you kids to enjoy your conversation. :iconbyeplz:
IDragonchiefI Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
RatchetandClankFans Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2011
If you are still willing to join, you can go here; :iconrac-fans:. We're merging this club to that group so it's easier and more efficient. Thank you. :D
Br0kenD0ll0fr0ses Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2011  Professional Artist
May I join! :3
RatchetandClankFans Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2011
If you are still willing to join, you can go here; :iconrac-fans:. We're merging this club to that group so it's easier and more efficient. Thank you. :D
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