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Winamp: Amptunes 6.1



Winamp: Amptunes 6.1

INSTALLATION: Extract the .wal file from the zipped archive.
Double-click the .wal file and Winamp will do the rest.

Wow, I haven't upgraded this in quite a while. Regardless, here is the new skin as promised. I will be posting update info on our old web servers for previous versions to see. Includes gateway to our new web server, along with many new features and changes, including the all-new Ampengine Toolbox.

17TH JULY, 2011 - EDIT
Okay, I just ran a quick google of this skin for lols and HOLY SHITAKE MUSHROOMS. Sad thing is most of the websites are using an older version. I am completely refreshing this skin now with the most up-to-date version. Bottom-right is now gone as the cell area proved too buggy.

Also new, you will find 5 loads a whole lot quicker to previous versions. 1/4th of a second on my machine, whereas other versions are ~1-2 seconds :eager:



Engineered for Maximum Awesomeness

Amptunes 6 has been rebuilt from the ground-up for better speeds, durability and response time. You will notice an instant improvement on library load times, media playback times and many more speed improvements. By slim-lining everything and keeping code simple, Winamp is given less orders by the skin, allowing it to be more responsive to user input. While the differences in speed may be unnoticeable in newer systems, older systems will benefit – as well as the user satisfaction that everything backstage is cleaner, the same way you would feel when you have a clear desk.

Cooked in Adobe Photoshop

A frequently asked question is how Amptunes is made. It’s simple – we design everything in Adobe Photoshop, and program with Visual Studio. Believe it or not, no single element in iTunes has been copied – every single element you see has been created to reflect the look, feel and simplicity of iTunes with the modifications and innovation of Hivemind Tech.

Take It Apart!

Tinker with it, edit parts, throw away what you don’t like and replace it with what you do – we encourage you to unleash your creativity here. Everything can be accessed by changing the file extension from .WAL to .ZIP and extracting it. Study the .xml files before you edit it, so you can get an understanding of where everything goes. If you end up wanting to publish your work, do it! Be sure to credit Hivemind Tech, and link back to either this website or my account (as well as link us to your work of art so we can play with it, too!)

And, if you ever mess up, you can always re-download Amptunes at any time and start from scratch. Easy!

The Ampengine Toolbox

One of the cool new features we know you’ll love in Amptunes 6 is the integration of the all-new Amptunes Toolbox. This supplies the user with the more advanced back-end features, such as the following;

  • Add media to the currently-playing playlist.
  • Add Files, Folders and even stream URLs to the currently-playing playlist.
  • Create, Save & Open Playlists with ease.
  • Turn Equaliser Processing on & off.
  • Turn Equaliser Auto-sync on & off.
  • Turn AOT (Always On Top) on & off.

One of the biggest features that we’re proud to introduce inside the Ampengine Toolbox is the Fine Audio Sampling Feature, in which an easily-configurable Equaliser (Complete with Pre-amp controls) is paired with an Audio Wavelength Visualiser – this allows you to configure and optimise your sound output with perfect precision via the EQ, and see (as well as hear) changes to your music immediately via the Wavelength Visualiser.


  • Amptunes uses many elements developed by the Winamp Skinning Community. Special thanks to the members of Skin Consortium, and other Winamp skinning channels who are the original authors for included .maki plugin files and .xml go out – so a round of applause for the original authors of anything in Amptunes we did not develop. Skin Consortium can be found here.
  • Amptunes is also free for everyone and anyone. Don’t ever be tricked into paying for access to it!
  • iTunes is developed by Apple, Inc. This project was not created in the intentions of pirating, reverse engineering or ripping off Apple Software, rather an Apple-inspired Winamp skin designed for a simple, familiar interface platform for Winamp that anyone can edit. Hivemind Tech does not hold responsibility for any copyrights breached, nor is any breach of copyright intended.
  • Hivemind Tech does not take any credit for any additional files and resources it did not create, the files belong to the original respective owners.
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absolutely the magnum opus trophy king of all winamp skins