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And I really don't care! Yeah topic title is a bit misleading, but it's suppose to be sarcasm. Anyway, I saw the Smash Direct, and you know what, I honestly don't care much about the next Smash game. Nintendo games usually don't interest me, but I feel like their games for the Switch look so lackluster, even Smash doesn't hype me.

And lol to anyone who thinks Smash is gonna compete against RDR2. Yeah that's not gonna happen, I'm sure Smash will sell fine, but Red Dead Redemption 2 is in another league of it's own. Plus there's God of War which trounces any Nintendo game I played for the Switch.
Just got the Mega Man X legacy collection for my Switch. Man is MMX still one of the best 2D action games. If you love Mega Man or like 2D games, get the MMX legacy collection! It's freakin amazing
Another controversial opinion getting it's own journal post, this time it's kickstarter, or basically the concept of crowdfunding a product. Now I believe I made a topic about this before, but I think it's time to revisit the issue and explain why I do not like kickstarter or just crowdfunding a product in general. And please note I am solely discussing products being crowfunded that is mean't to be sold to consumers, not the subject of general crowdfunding, thank you.

Just incase I need to explain what crowdfunding means, it means that basically a large group of people donate money for a certain cause, rather it be a charity, a project, or a product mean't to be sold on the market. 

And just to fucking make it obvious, I'm not telling you or other people how you use your own money, it's a free planet, you can donate to whatever cause you want, even if it's stupid like....donating to a millionaire so they can become the world's youngest billionaire, yes that's actually happening.

Yes I have to make it clear or some stupid moron will take me out of context, and I hate that. And no this isn't me giving you my special permission to donate to someone like some dumb troll will claim I am >.>.

No I'm just criticising the idea that people who are making a product think they can get away from the hard financial burden of making a game by asking for corporate welfare.

Basically when you use Kickstarter, if you back a product, you're actually donating in good faith. You won't be profiting from the product if it succeeds. Your donations are just that, donations.However, you are entitled to backer rewards if you donate a certain amount of money to the person or corporation.

The fact that anyone can use a kickstarter and ask a very generous public, funds to help make their product and profit off of it is just corporate welfare plain and simple. It's no different giving the oil companies tax payer dollars for "Research and Development" when they rake in billions of dollars each year.

Kickstarter is a corporate welfare site and it has attracted alot of scam artists.

Remember Keiji Inafune? The guy who was supposed to save Mega Man, I don't need to repeat his sad story, but he is a clear example of a bad kickstarter gone awry. Funny how he now works for Level-5, so much for going indie.

Or the fact that Shenmue 3 is being partially backed by Sony? Yeah I was surprisingly criticized by two dumb fan boys for that on a forum, I still stand back by my criticism of Yu Suzuki for pulling that stupid stunt because it's true.…

It's a shame that shenmue fan boys are too blind to see that, but whatever.

Or Unsung Story, a game that was suppose to be a revival of FF Tactics. It turns out the developer of that project took the funds and used it for another project.…

Or Tim Schafer ending development of a game he kickstarted.…

These are just well known examples. However, it clearly doesn't mean that every kickstarter project is being run by scammers. Sometimes things don't go according to plan, and backing a project is always a risk. The project itself may or may not succeed.

The main point here that, with crowd funding becoming popular, these people think they can get away with free money and not take some risks of their own to secure funding for it. And this practice has caught the attention of people who easily fund their own projects but will use kickstarter or other crowd funding sites anyway.

William Shatner, Captain Kirk himself, fucking used kickstarter to make a book. I'm serious about this.

Spike Lee, a famous movie director, used kickstarter to raise funds for a movie. Fucking shit, he has money, his movies made him wealthy, why does he need to use kickstarter?

Then the most laughable one. Shaquille O'Neal, asking people on Indiegogo to help fund a sequel to Shaq Fu, one of the worst video games of all time. Lol what?! Are you kidding me? You can't fund this yourself mister MVP?

And before some says "But they use Kickstarter to spread awareness." And I counter with, "They're famous, they don't need kickstarter to gauge interest in their project, this is just a way to fund their project without sacrificing their own money."

Yes I know I sound like a whiny bitch with my ranting, but my point still stands. Crowd funding a product is corporate welfare, you'll get nothing in return, and it has enabled those who do have money to use it and sucker you into their schemes.

And please not every indie studio out there has relied on Kickstarter to make quality products. I shall point to a few developers who made some pretty great games and didn't need to resort to kickstarter or crowd funding.

Studio MDHR, the people behind Cuphead. They didn't rely on Kickstarter to make a good game like Cuphead. Although they had to mortgage their house in order to fund it, at least they took a risk.

Joakim Sandberg, the guy who made Iconoclasts. He took 7 years to make it, all without Kickstarter or crowdfunding. And he put such hardwork into an excellent game.

Cave Story, another 2D indie game was made by one guy, and the quality shows.

Stardew Valley, another Indie game that wasn't made by Crowdfunding and it was all made by one guy.

I think I made the point. Rather you agree or disagree, thats fine. I don't like the idea of corporate welfare, I think those who are making a product they wanna sell should take some risks of their own like Studio MDHR did for Cuphead instead of asking other people's money as "donations" to make a product that they don't have to give back the profit unless its a backer reward.
Do yourself a huge favor and buy Iconoclasts for that system. It's only twenty bucks, but I believe it's worth more than the asking price. Iconoclasts is such a great game packed with a funny ten hour story, interesting gameplay, and neat puzzles. If you're a fan of 2D games and you're into story, check this game out.

Heck fuck it, if you own a pc, ps4, or vita buy it. It's amazing how this game isn't getting the attention I think it deserves. You got indie games like Celeste and Shovel Knight hogging all the attention (And I don't say it in a bad way) but a gem like Iconoclasts get's overlooked? I think it needs more love in my opinion. 
Continuing from my last journal, I thought I make a post about SJWs. You know "Social Justice Warriors."

I often tried to refrain from discussing these miserable god awful pieces of shit. I thought they were not worth the discussion. But boy oh boy, I was fucking wrong. SJWs are radical extremists that need to be called out. They never cared about diversity they never cared for equality. All they care about is ruining people's lives whose opinions they disagree with. 

These people are ironically racists. They'll hate on any minority or LGBT person who may hold conservative views.

To them everything is offensive, to them if you don't agree with them, you're a nazi. 

And don't get me wrong, white supremecists and nazis are literally the devil, they suck more than any SJW.

But SJWs are a special kind crap! How I hate them.
Here are some "controversial" opinions that shouldn't be a big deal, but they're guranteed to make people mad. They're mostly video game and movie related, and if this pisses you off or triggers you then you live a sad life if a person's opinions really gets under your skin.

1.  Western games are better than Japanese games though I do like alot of Japanese games, I just prefer western ones.
2. I actually enjoy and like Dragon Age II, I think the hate for that game was pretty overblown.
3. FF VII is overrated, yeah I said this alot, but it's still considered controversial by the fanbase. It' just an alright game whose quality is greatly exagerrated by the fans.
4. Hideo Kojima isn't that great of a video game developer. I mean yeah he isn't terrible, but like FF7 he is greatly overrated by his fans. His stories are convuluted none sense, and borders on fanfiction. MGS V wasn't really all that good to me and I feel no excitement for Death Stranding.
5.Trump is an idiot, yeah not really controversial, but this is the god damn internet.
6.Obama was a corrupt president and he isn't that great, still better than Trump.
7. SJWS are fucking crazy period.
8. Xenoblade 2 is an awful game.
9. I honestly think the hate for the Xbox One in today's age is overblown, sure it was justifield way back, but people still love to shit on the console after Microsoft made the proper corrections.
10. Rick and Morty is overrated, yes I said it. I see nothing special about this cartoon, I only laugh at a few jokes but it's pretty meh honestly.
11.I enjoyed the transformers movies, I mean sure I don't find them good, but they're not that terrible. They're a guilty pleasure.
12. I don't hate Jar Jar Binks from Stars Wars, in fact I think the fanbase just takes their hatred for him to extreme levels. I do hate the fact that he indirectly caused the downfall of the republic by giving Palpatine unlimited powers in Episode 2.
13. I actually like the prequel trilogy and I don't think they're awful. Revenge of the Sith is my favorite stars wars movie. I found The Phantom Menace pretty good, although Attack of the Clones was my least favorite star wars movie until TLJ.
14. Like Jar Jar, I don't hate Scrappy Doo from Scooby Doo. Infact I enjoyed him back in the 90s when they aired those old scooby doo cartoons on cartoonnetwork. Sure I don't think much of him now, but I'm surprised alot of people hate him. I think the hate for him is totally overblown and I find it sad that warner bros continues to mock him, but whatever.
15. Pokemon (Anime) needs to be canceled.
16. Dragon Age Inquisition is a baaaaaad game and it's bioware's worst game.
17.Bioware sucks these days.
18. Erza is a mary sue. I hate mary sues.
19. Kickstarter is nothing but corporate welfare. It's a scam site.
20. Nintendo IPS aren't that appealing aside from kirby and pokemon.
21. Japan nor America are that great. There's no objective great country on earth. Each nation has their own flaws.

Now let's see how many people will get angry by my opinions, and remember before you type something ridiculous, it's most likely you may have an minority opinion that someone else might get angry at. Also it's just fucking opinions, sheesh.
I have said this, time and time again to people online. But I will say it again, I think it's time for Microsoft to pull out of Japan for a lot of reasons. Mostly due to the fact that no one in Japan is buying a Xbox console. The Xbox brand isn't popular in Japan, it never was. Yet weaboos on gamefaqs and other online sites bash Microsoft for not having Japanese games. Umm maybe it's because Japanese games don't sell well on Xbox you morons?! Also let's not ignore the fact that Japanese consumers play more mobile games then consoles. The console market in Japan is on the decline.  So if I was Microsoft I should leave Japan in terms of gaming, it's a lost cause.
According to this post on resetera… Ratchet and Clank 2016, my personal game of the year for 2016, is Insomniac's most successful game ever.
Holy shit if that's true! I mean, outselling every game by Insomniac is quite fucking impressive!  Which means it sold about 5 million copies since Spyro 3 sold about 4.8 million. 

Greatly deserved, it's one of my favorite games in the series, and my favorite ps4 game. I love Ratchet and Clank 2016!

Here's hoping for more ratchet and clank games! The series is looking bright!
Remember that journal where I said Ubisoft wasn't so bad compared to EA and Activision? Well I take that back. And why? Well Assassin's Creed is now a annual franchise again, apparently they haven't learned their lesson.

Also no new Splinter Cell.

Fuck Ubisoft!
Devil May Cry 5 is real! They just announced it at E3! Finally Capcom! You're doing something right! I can't wait for DMC 5! OH my god! It's one of my favorite game series of all time!
Holy craaaaap! I can't believe this! My favorite japanese rpg of all time is being rereleased for Xbox One! And it's the superior ps3 version! Holy shit! I'm so excited!
The Witcher 3 still remains one of my favorite games of all time. Wow! I can't believe it's been that long! It's such a great game!

It also beats overrated games like FF 7 which was never best game ever in my opinion.
What does it take to sour a person's hype level for a new pokemon game in a span of 24 hours after it was revealed? By finding out that the game won't have wild battles!

Say what? What are you talking about? What do you mean? You might be wondering?

The new pokemon game, Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee! for Switch won't have you battling wild pokemon like in previous games..Instead all you do is just catch them.…

But why is that a bad thing? Well the main reason is you can't rebattle trainers in most pokemon games, in a few you can but even that's a bit restrictive. So imagine not being able to fight any trainer or anything because you already defeated that trainer and you can't fight wild pokemon at all!

What kind of nonsense is that? Way to go gamefreak, you practically found a way to make your game so boring!

And some Nintendo and pokemon fans are defending this! Why?! Because it's tedious trying to capture a pokemon the proper way? You know? Battling and making them weaker, and actually feel the accomplishment of capturing said pokemon? OH but what do I know, I'm just casual gamer whose been playing pokemon games since the 90s.

I'm all for streamlining games and trying to make it accessible for everyone without ruining the core experience for core gamers, but when you go so far and try to casualize a game series that's already been too casualized (Even though I never really had a problem with those before), you're gonna end up alienating some of your fans and you're gonna make your game borderline unplayable because you can't fight anyone.
So looks like the next Call of Duty game, Black Ops 4, won't have a traditional single player component if this report is to be believed.…

 For the record, treat this as a rumor until Activision shows off the game on May 17th. However, in the case that it could be real...

This shows that companies like Activision are truly out of step with the gaming community. Sure, many people buy CoD to play multiplayer, and that single player in CoD is mostly abysmal.

However it's good to have that option, it's to have something for people who may like a single player experience. God of War for ps4 just got rave reviews and I expect it to sell millions (I intend to buy it btw). Activision, by doing this, you'd screwed over Black Ops 4, I mean sure it will still sell, but maybe less then previous CoD games.

And fucking zombies man, I really really hate zombies!
Ubisoft has recently released a new Ghost Recon Wildlands update that crossover with Splinter Cell. Michael Ironside, in all his glory, is back.

However, the update also brings an easter egg that conveys a very sad truth about Metal Gear Solid and the stealth genre at large.…
You only need to watch it for 20 seconds to understand the easter egg, but I'll provide context.

So in this clip, Sam and this woman are talking about another agent with a "bandana" this is a reference to series heroes Solid Snake and Big Boss. The lady states that the agent has retired which catches Sam off guard, he laments "It's only me." 

It's a sad reminder that Metal Gear Solid, as a franchise, is dead. Konami has fucked it up to high heaven. Splinter Cell is the only well known stealth franchise still standing. I just hope Ubisoft has a new Splinter Cell game in the works, this is their time to capture the stealth genre.

And also Fuck Konami!
So recently Ubisoft has announced an update that'll bring in Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell or maybe his costume into Ghost Recon: Wild Lands. They shown a teaser trailer for this update, and it showed non other then Sam Fisher himself, however, the most interesting part of that trailer is the fact that Michael Ironside voiced Sam for that trailer. What makes it interesting is the fact that Michael didn't voice Sam Fisher in the last Splinter Cell game. I don't know if it means that they're making a new Splinter Cell game, but in today's world they should.

Yes even if Blacklist wasn't as successful as Ubisoft wanted to be, I do believe that if they do it again, and do it right. You know, make it an actual stealth game instead of an action type game, I believe Splinter Cell could sell again.

The reason I say that because the stealth genre is currently lacking at the moment. Metal Gear Solid, which is seen by many as the king of stealth games, is dead. Konami just made sure that the series is dead in the water. Metal Gear Survive was just a lazy cash in on the Metal Gear name, and Konami themselves aren't interested in making good games again. Plus with Kojima gone from Konami, do you really expect them to do a proper Metal Gear game justice?

If Ubisoft played their cards right, and make a new great non action Splinter Cell game, I do believe they have a good shot at reclaiming the Stealth genre. I mean believe it or not Splinter Cell was Metal Gear Solid's main rival back in the day. If it wasn't Metal Gear Solid you heard about when it came to stealth games, it was Splinter Cell. So yeah Ubisoft really needs to make a new Splinter Cell game, the opportunity is right there!
Square Enix has revealed the next slate of Final Fantasy XV DLC, and as speculated among them is the confirmation that Arydn will get his own episode. Interestingly the dlcs won't be released this year, they'll be released in 2019.…

Among confirming the dlcs, they revealed you'll be able to bring in your customizable avatar into the single player portion of the game from Comrades. Also mod tools for the pc version will be released this fall.

As someone whose been kinda critical of FF XV lately, due to it's mostly lackluster story, open world, and combat system. i gotta say I'm looking forward to the DLC believe it or not.

Yeah I know that sounds hypocritical, but honestly some of the dlcs turned out pretty good, even better then the main game. So I look forward to them next year.
Sexy? (Continued from Journal title).

OK so Riot Games, the developer behind League of Legends, have admitted that they have sexualized one of their own champions Kai'Sha.…

Am I missing something here? Or do they not notice that some of their champions already look sexualized? I mean Katarina and Nidalee are already sexualized, what makes Kai'Sha any special?

And no I'm not complaining about sexualizing characters, I'm just missing the point about this when they already have sexualized champions.

But whatever.
I have no words to describe how I'm feeling right now....Oh my god..…
Disclaimer: Sony paid me to post this journal...maybe...I'm still waiting for that check from them. I mean, if I say something positive about the ps4 or any other console I have to be paid off right?

Anyway the point of this journal is that God of War, Sony's next smash hit exclusive is right around the corner, and I'm already excited. Sony, love them or hate them or you're just in between (Like most people), has been releasing a lot of great games this generation. Sure there have been several misfires like Knack, The Order 1886, Killzone and No Man's Sky (Although that game is now coming to Xbox One, but it was touted as the next big Sony exclusive). But overall Sony has been mostly delivering great games this generation. I mean hell two of their games have been my game of the years for the past two years, Ratchet and Clank and Horizon Zero Dawn. And shit I didn't even mention Spider-Man, which is also looking like the next big thing! Fuck if RDR 2 wasn't being released this year God of War PS4 could be my front runner for game of the year!

Now if only Microsoft actually cared about making good exclusives, you can't let Sony hog all the glory Microsoft! XD

Lol sorry I hate to turn this into a console war, but the truth is Microsoft doesn't have anything to show for unlike Sony or Nintendo. I hope they get their act together on Exclusives, but I don't see that happening for some time. Maybe if ever.