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Name: Camille Fayne Reed
Race: Vampire
Gender: Female
Hair: Short blonde hair
Eyes Color: Golden eye color
Age: 400 years old, 17 in appearance
Personality: Calm, rational, a pacifist, ill tempered when provocked or under stress, can be a bit touchy when asked about her private life and can be embarrassed easily. Sarcastic, optimistic. Workaholic
Occupation: Nurse, and Blood drive volunteer.
Attributes: Telekinesis, powers of seduction, has a hidden monstrous vampiric form,can teleport to any location by changing into multiple bats,  able to shoot orbs of energy from the palm of her hand, very fast, and graceful in hand to hand combat and with a large chained kunai.
Weakness: Fire, holy water, when in battle if someone's life is at stake she prefers to save them instead of focusing on the target at hand.
Loves: Jack
Likes: Humans, reading, helping people, animals, Broadway,traveling, her young cousin.
Dislikes: The sun, blood, other vampires, Fiends,annoying stupid people, crooks, jerks, the cold, and cleaning up after peoples mistakes. Her cousin Rebbecca.
Background: Before she was born, Camille's mother, who wasapart of a royal Greek family that ruled several islands in the Mediterranean sea, was abducted by a member of the Fayne Clan, a line of vampires that secretly controlled all of old Europe. She was pregnant with Camille, and was turned into a vampire thus resulting Camille's birth as a vampire. After her birth, Camille was separated from her mother by the order of Calvius Fayne, the leader of the Fayne clan and Rebbecca's father. She was separated from her because he thought it would weaken Camille to have a bond with her mother. Camille was given her own room far away from her mother, and her only the person she could rely on was the servant Lex, who always send letters to Camille from her mom. One day when Camille was six, Calvius took her out into a nearby human city in Italy to begin her training a vampire.  He had her set off on her own, to find a human prey and feast on their blood as a test. Camille however didn't intend to follow his orders, and took the chance to interact with the populace. The human's in the city all treated Camille warmly, and were nice to her. Their kindness made Camille question her family’s scorn toward humans, and made her like the human race. Camille then sees a human boy named Judas being bullied by some bigger kids. Not wanting to let this happened, Camille manages to make them stop using reverse psychology on them. The bullies left, and Camille and Judas became good friends.  The two would spend a lot of time together whenever Camille snuck back into the city without Calvius knowing. The two got close, and Camille formed a crush on Judas, and vice versa, but they were too shy to reveal their feelings to each other, nor did Camille reveal who she was out of fear of hurting herself and Judas. During her childhood she rescued her small cousin Amelia from a vicious werewolf, like Camille, Amelia was a vampire but they were also related by human blood as well.  Throughout her child hood, Camille barely saw her mother, and was regarded with scorn by the rest of the Fayne's. She decided she had enough of their vicious ways, and plotted her escape. At age 18, Camille secretly contacted Judas to help her leave the city to another country, away from this hell hole. Judas agreed to help her, and began to prepare for her. However unbeknownst to them both, they were found out by a spy of Calvius. The spy revealed to Calvius her plan to escape. Calvius get's infuriated, and decides to kill not only Judas but his family. He does the deed, when at night when Camille is getting ready to go. He enters Judas's home, and kills him and his family. He returns to the Fayne castle, where he confronts Camille. Calvius get's mad at Camille, and threatens to kill her for her weakness and treachery. However Camille's mother intervenes, and stops Calvius from attacking her. Camille has no choice but to leave her mother behind, and escape the Fayne household. Camille flees with her life. Calvius kills her mother, but decides to let her go, branding her as a traitor.  In the next 100 years, Camille travels all around Europe trying to find her purpose in life in that time she had sworn off feeding on humans, relying on  not so fresh blood from people killed to get them. She arrives in a small village in Britain where much to her bad luck, she got captured by Vampire hunters who were tipped off by Calvius himself. The hunters led by a man named Cotton, takes Camille to the town's dungeon where she'll be tried and executed. Camille decided not to fight back, as she hoped to prove them wrong that she isn't a monster. Once in the dungeon, she was paid a visit by the town's pries named Isaac, Isaac questions her on why she is in their town, and she pleads to be let go, promising she won't attack anyone. Much to her surprise, Isaac decides to let her go. He reveals to her, he doesn't believe all non humans are bad, and that there are some good ones out there. He asks Camille to aid them in getting rid of a Fiend Dragon that has been attacking the town recently. He explains to her that Fiends are demon like beings who feast off of souls that reside in another realm. Camille accepts his offer, and decides to hunt down this dragon. Isaac leads Camille out of the dungeon, and tells the citizens that she's been pardoned by god himself. Cotton apologizes to Camille for earlier, and gives her a kunai chain he was given while he visited Japan. Camille forgives him, but then the town get's attacked by the Fiend Dragon. Camille manages to kill it, and is regarded as a hero. Isaac meets up with Camille before she departs to a new town, telling her to be aware of the Fiends as they'll be after her now for killing one of their leaders. She promises that she'll be careful. Isaac then tells her that one day they'll meet again in the future. After her adventure in Britain, Camille decides to put a stop to her vampire family, after hearing how much of a stranglehold they have on Europe. Camille visits there old estate, and spies on them. However she learns that Calvius, and his wife Elizabeth are not at home, instead only their daughters Martha, and Rebbecca are at home. Camille is discovered by Martha, the youngest of the Faynes, and asks her if she wants to play. Camille accepts, and they play in Martha's room. Camille figures that she can help influence Martha to be a good person as she is too young to understand how vampires work. She decides to take Martha with her to give her a better life. However she is stopped by Rebbecca. The two fight each other, and are evenly matched. Rebbecca warns Camille to never ever come near them again, while Camille vows to her she'll stop them for good.  Years later, Camille secretly followed her family to the new world, where they quickly gained power in the colonial town of York, and took control of it. Camille planned on wiping out the Faynes, and save Martha from them. However she couldn't do it alone. To do this, she needed to tap into the anger of the populace. One day Camille approached a young man, by the name of Alvin, who lost his son to the Faynes. Alvin wanted revenge, but he had no idea on who killed his son. Camille told him who was responsible for his son's death, and told him to recruit the townsfolk, so they can defeat the vampiric family. Alvin, filled with lust for revenge obliged to Camille's request. Camille tells him to go to York, and she'll meet him there to help him. He agrees, and heads out to York. Camille however, on the way to York, sensed another town being attacke by the Fiends. Having no choice but to help them out, she went in to rescue the townsfolk. The battle had dragged on into the next day as more Fiends laid waste to the village. Camille was able to save most of the inhabitants, but the circumstances costed her time. Alvin had already arrived in York by that time, and already was recruiting people for his cause. Camille flew to York as fast as she can to get Martha, but it was too late. The people of York already laid waste to the Faynes, killing all but one of their daughters, Rebbecca Fayne. Camille arrived to witness the Fayne manor in ruins. Her vampiric family burned alive. Stricken with guilt over not saving her cousin Martha, Camille entered into a state of depression. However she couldn't find Rebbecca anywhere, as she wasn't burned alive. Hoping to use her to bring back Martha, Camille looked for Rebbecca, but her evil cousin had been buried under rubble, so it was hard for her to find her. Camille decided to hide the ashes of the Faynes, and hide them in places no one dared to look. In modern times, Camille has taken a job as a nurse, and volunteers for a Blood drive in New York City. Camille one day was reunited with her vampire cousin Amelia, who she met as a kid, and protected her from a werewolf. Camille allowed Amelia to live with her, but it would become a problem. Amelia tended to cause mischief, and often hosts partie's at Camille's home, often without letting Camille know. Camille one day received a mysterious letter from someone who didn't wish to reveal themselves. The letter asked her to go to an abandon Church, Camille is hesitant to go, but believes she must attend to it. Camille goes there, and much to her surprise she meets the ghost of the old Priest Isaac. Isaac greets her warmly, Camille is very much happy to see him, remembering his promise that they'll meet again in time. Isaac tells her, he sent her that letter because he has a big mission for her. He senses that the FIENDS are getting stronger, and they need to be stopped at all costs or else they plunge the world into hell and Chaos, not only that but he also states he also wants to help non humans who have no place in the human world, as well as stop rogue non humans as well. Camille accepts Isaac's proposal, and forms a team dedicated to stopping the Fiends, as well as evil non humans, and to help the discriminated non humans. The group's names are the Seekers, with Camille as  their leader, and Isaac being the adviser, and guide. Sometime later on, Camille was paid a visit by a volunteer at her blood drive. The volunteer was a young girl named Zara Johnson, while she was waiting for Camille to finish filing papers Zara noticed the things Camille had that made her very nervous of her, things that looked like what vampires had. Zara got cautious of Camille, and bolted before she could draw her blood. Later on Zara was followed to her home by the FIENDS who had marked her for death. The FIEND's attacked her home, they were trying to get her soul. Zara stood no chance until Camille arrived in time to save her from them. Zara suspicions about Camille were true, and immediately distrusted her. However Camille was having none of it, and told her they had to leave or else the FIENDS will have her soul. With no choice left Zara complied and left with Camille to her mansion. However the two were outnumbered by the FIENDS and were forced to fight them off. Camille gave Zara a weapon to defend herself, the young Russian-American girl was able to fend them off but one of them sliced her arm off. Camille grabbed Zara, and rushed to Alan Hunter's workshop to help her get a new arm. The Hunter's decided to help Zara, and gave her a new bionic arm made of pure metal. After that, the two left to Camille's mansion as the FIEND's were still after her. To keep a close eye on her Camille gave her own blood to her so that the two would be linked spiritually, as Camille can easily track her down if she was missing. Camille takes Zara to her mansion where she now lives in safety. Later on Camille discovers that Zara is in fact a descendant of Isaac, and has special abilities due to this lineage.
Oh boy I went a bit overboard with the backstory ^^; hehehe.

Ahem, anyways. This is my vampire character Camille. I actually had her for sometime, but I waited for her bio pic to be finished, which took  some months. However the wait for my commission was worth it!

Credit for the drawing belongs to :iconokamimusume: Seriously go check out her artwork she's awesome!

Camille Fayne Reed(C) Me.

Amelia, Zara, and Jack belong to my good friend :iconaetasrazael134:
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