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Candy Corn

The idea of eating corn bothers you to no end. You cannot stand even one look at it without getting a chill on your spine. Corn is good for you they say, the facts back it up as are most vegetables, yet you're not convinced because of how you think it tastes to you. You want something sweet to enter your mouth, something juicy to brighten your day.

But corn isn't that kind of food you want to eat. You want something, much, much different then corn to eat. Suddenly, the day of the dead, I mean day of trick or treating comes along. The day where you assume the role of another. Usually that of a monster, or maybe a ninja. The day to tread the night looking to feast upon sweets, or not that would be scary.

For Halloween, you decide to be a Blue robot, armed with a armed cannon to the teeth, but it's only a costume made out of foam, but it sure felt awesome to you.

You go about the night with your friend's and family, daring to seek out sweets all to yourself. You come across a very nice looking house, it seemed out of place, not scary at all for Halloween.

You decide to show them a lesson in fear! Soon your group go to there house, and with a hefty knock, the door opens.

“Trick or Treat!” You all say.

Then with luck, there would be no lesson in fear for tonight, the kind old soul who owns the house, drops sugary delights into your bags, all for you to enjoy.

You looked happy, until you spot something a miss. You peak into your bag, and saw a bag of corn.

You looked scared, is it truly the end of the world?

Not really, it's not corn at all.

But delicious candy corn for you to eat.

With a sigh of relief you decide to open your bag to eat, but then your reminded.

“Let's wait till we're done trick or treating,” Your dad said.

Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday to you.
A birthday present to my friend, the awesomely :iconfoamyawesomeness9: Happy birthday to you my friend, I hope you enjoy it.

And happy Halloween to all of you.

And just incase so I won't be sued by the dicks at Crapcom.

Mega Man (C) by Crapcom.
foamyawesomeness9 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, thank you so much! It's amazing and I love it!!!
Ratchet-Halo Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
You're welcome! :hug:
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October 31, 2014


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