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The Cake is Not a Lie

Unlike any other today, it was your very own special day. However not everything goes according to plan

You made no plans for yourself, but your parents did.

Taking you to places you don't want to go, but you have to by their will.

Much to your annoyance it is suppose to be a special day for you, but they seem to have forgotten.

Taking you out to the streets for errands and groceries.

You mumble to yourself 'Did they forget my birthday?'

You tried to remind if they did, but they kept dodging the question.

Something was up and you didn't like it one tiny bit.

They took you to the dentist for a quick clean, then it was back. You're annoyance levels steadily grew, but like the laid back person you were, you kept cool throughout the day, after all you didn't want to celebrate your birthday like this right?

Then you finally arrived to your home after a very long day. After leaving the car with a mental sigh knowing you spent half your birthday on the road, you went up to your door.

With a twist of the knob you suddenly entered another world.

Your entire house was filled with delight, everyone you know and love sprang from their hiding spots, shouting “Happy Birthday,” to you.

You were flabbergasted, awe struck, it was all a plot.

To keep you away from home, while your friends and family prepared just for you.

You can see balloons of various colors floating through the air.

Tables filled with yummy unhealthy food for you and all the party guests.

Your favorite was played by a DJ.

And the most important thing...

The Cake was Not a Lie!

Happy Birthday!
Well lookie here, I actually uploaded something! XD Anyway today is :iconaetasrazael134: birthday! She's pretty freakin amazing so check out her gallery.

This is to you my friend! The most awesomness friend I ever had! Happy Birthday!
gorillazforlife23 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ya I can take a request
AetasRazael134 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awww, brooo! This is so cool, I love this! And that little portal reference too is cute~ XD Luckily the dentist went okay even though I didn't wanna go, and we had pizza and a chocolate cake! So you're right, the cake was definitely not a lie! :dummy: 
Thank you so much for this lovely gift, I really enjoyed reading it~ :tighthug: :heart: 
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