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Battle of Eclian

By Ratchet-Halo

Astrid sighed, she twirled her slender blonde pony tail in sheer boredom, she sat on top of Castle Eclian's tower. The young cowardly knight in an ironic twist, actually wanted to see some sort of action, even if it mean't running away. Astrid's ruby red eye's were glued to the sunny blue sky, she was lost in thought as there was nothing to do. She was apart of the Belvakyian Knights of Belvakya, along with her close friends Nova, and Pepper. The three were very close, and always had each other's back no matter what. The three were sent to Castle Eclian from Belvakya to defend it from any new invaders. The idea of trying to fight any army made Astrid feel sick to the pit of her stomach, however much to her comfort the sound of footsteps greeted her. The footsteps took her out of la la land as she turned her face to the young, green eyed knight Nova.

Hey Astrid, I see you're still on guard duty.” Nova smirked.

Astrid greeted him a warm smile, “Ay Nova! I thought you were attending the princess?” Astrid asked him curiously. Nova shook his head.

I was but, I wanted to see what you were up to.” Nova said.

Astrid waved him off, “Oh you know, just bloody keeping watch, not like that's fun.” She sighed.

Nova chuckled“Ah it can't be all bad, and besides I thought you weren't the type to have “fun.”

Well when you're this bored, you start getting strange thoughts! I will probably regret this though.” Astrid replied with a small gulp. Sweat marks were also visible on her forehead.

Nova chuckled and dismissed her concern “Or not today the Princess is having a feast to celebrate our victory against the Lord Urlock's men who tried to conquer the river a few weeks ago. And you know how Hema is like when she spots food.” He jested.

I wonder if there will enough for everyone, even for just a few people.” Astrid jested, Nova laughed with her.

I'm more concerned about who is going to restrain her,” Said Nova, clenching his sides with both arms, emitting a shudder.

That's like trying to restrain a dragon,” Astrid giggled softly.

There's a dragon nearby?” Came a chirpy voice from behind, the two knights turned there head to see their old friend Pepper.

Hey Pepper!” Astrid said as she got up from her spot and hugged her friend, Nova also joined in and hugged the two female knights as well.

Pepper there's no dragon nearby we were just joking.” Nova explained.

Sure there isn't, the last time someone said that to me, we had a big flying dragon roasting everyone!” Said Pepper while making hand gestures about the whole experience.

No, we promise.” Astrid said with a smile.

Hey aren't you suppose to be posted near Captain Wayland's camp?” Nova explained.

Oh yeah the captain told everyone we had to go back to the castle, he didn't explain why, maybe he was really bored? I know I was.” Said Pepper who shrugged at Nova.

Hmm but that's odd, he wouldn't do that unless...” Astrid pondered.

It's probably nothing Astrid, don't fret it.

Yeah Astrid, you're always worried. That's not good for your health, you need to smile and think happy thoughts.” Pepper offered advice to her friend, Astrid wish it would be that simple.

I'll try Pepper,” She faked a smile,as much as it pained her.

Pepper crossed her arms looking a bit serious. “Don't try! Do it!”

Astrid giggled at her antics, “Fine, I'll do it.”

Man I'm hungry when is the damn feast already?” Nova complained.

Ah tough apples Nova, I wasn't gonna eat anything until we had to move back here!” Said Pepper.

I'm sure Hema will send for us in time, just have a tiny bit of patience.” Astrid advised everyone.

I and paitence do not co-exist Astrid, I need action! I want adventure! I want some food in my belly!” Nova stated firmly.

Astrid sighed and shook her head a bit, she didnt like that idea much. “Yeah, and your wishing for adventures always get's us into bad situations.”

I know we should play until it's time to eat!” Pepper offered.

Oh and pray tell what can we do in the mean time?” Said Nova.

Well the castle has all these hidden passage ways, maybe we can go exploring! I know one route!” Pepper explained to her friends.

Astrid didn't like the idea at her, her fears were kicked into overdrive, “Exploring? Pepper I don't think- Sadly Astrid got interrupted by Nova.

By god! Pepper you're a genius! We can explore the dark creepy tunnels Castle Eclian has to offer!” Nova rambled, loving the idea of a dangerous adventure, he was suicidal like that.

Astrid gulped, she didn't want to go obviously, but she was outmatched by both Pepper and Nova. The blonde Knight tried to think of something to get out of this, but really it was all but too late anyway. Bursting with joy, Nova and Pepper grabbed a hold of Astrid's hands as they exited the roof of the Castle. Taking Pepper's advice to heart, Astrid only thought of happy thoughts to keep herself calm down, in the face of her own fears.

Meanwhile down in the Castle's Throne room, Captain Wayland, commander of the Knights, was meeting with King Ivan. Wayland's meeting with the King was a rather surprising one, as he had just returned with a full garrison from the river down south. This caught King Ivan off guard when he saw his Knights return without one single order. Wayland had a good reason to come back.

In all my years Captain, I never doubted you, for you always been honest with me, and I don't want to doubt you but you're telling me is...” He said trying to keep his cool.

An entire village was cleaned out your majesty, every single person who lived there is gone.” Captain Wayland explained, almost in a nervous like state.

And there was no bodies, no signs of a massacre?” The King asked him curiously.

Wayland shook his head, “No, they were all taken I believe, the homes were empty but all of their belongings were still there my lord.”

What kind of mad men would just kidnap people like that?” The King asked in almost certain disbelief.

Slavers your grace, the village was ransacked by slavers. Who are they, this we cannot answer but we believe the Castle might be next.” Wayland explained, he seemed relieved when he did.

King Ivan sighed, he leaned back against his throne, trying to decide what would be the best course of action next. He trusted Wayland's judgement, afterall the man had saved his life more then once, and protected the Kingdom from foreign threat's before. But what would he do against slavers? Against an enemy he had never seen before? He had no choice.

Today was suppose to celebrate our victory against Lord Ulock, but now it doesn't matter does it.”

With the men we have stationed here we might be able to hold off a direct attack on the castle.” Said Wayland.

I know, but my soldiers are spread too thin as it is, we can't spare more resources fighting on another front without raising taxes. And it's not like our crops have faired better this year.” King Ivan said in a tired voice.

Ay m'lord! I understand, it's never easy being king, but you have to remain strong.” Wayland told him.

Ready your men, I want every able bodied Knight defending my castle to the death!” The King demanded.

Captain Wayland nodded his head and promptly left the throne room, he began shouting order's to the garrison he came back with. His men and women stood ready as they began to set up defensive positions outside and inside the Castle. Every room, floor was crawling with Knights, with the archer's taking up the roof and the upper levels. Wayland stood by the King's side along with Princess Hema, however something was a miss. The Princess never noticed her good friends Nova, Pepper, or Astrid when Wayland began to rally the Knights. She began to grow concerned as they were her friends. She approached the Knight Captain.

Captain Wayland, have you seen Ser Nova, Pepper, and Astrid?” The young princess asked, the Knight Captain immediately turned to her when her voice spoke to him.

Wayland immediately try to think of where they could be, but to no avail.

I know Pepper was with me when we came back but after that, no I haven't seen any of them.” He informed.

This wasn't a good answer, not at all for her, she thought of when she last saw Nova and Astrid herself, “I know Nova went to see Astrid who was on guard duty, but I don't remember where.” Said Astrid.

I'll send a scout to go find them,” Wayland said.

Hema shook her head, “No I will go! I gotta make sure they're ok.” Said Hema as she went to grab her bow.

No we can risk your safety Princess,” Said Captain Wayland as he tried to block her exist.

Hema grabbed her bow, placing it gently on her back, she then grabbed some arrows and putted away. She didn't like being told what to do, escpically when it came to rescuing her friends. She glared angrily at the Knight Captain, while crossing her arms. She was determined to find her friends no matter what, even if it mean't risking her life, and she wasn't gonna take it from the Knight Captain either. Captain Wayland sympathized with her, but he needed her to be with him and the king, it would be too dangerous to go out alone if the enemy launched an attack. The Princess knew the risks.

Captain Wayland, I respect you, I really do, but you're being a dick! I won't let my friends be thrown out to the wolves! I can never live with myself if something happened to them. Now move aside or else?” Hema demanded, she was ready to run out the door at any moment.

And what would you do-” Before he could continue Hema gracefully did a sweeping kick on the Captain, causing him to fall on his butt.

Ooph!” He grunted.

Hema took the opportunity and darted out of the room. She paid no mind to her father's constant screams to come back. She evaded every Knight that dared to stop her, she was just too fast for them. She had to hurry if the enemy really was going to attack soon. The only people on her mind right now was her friends, she was deteremined to get them back no matter what, besides she secretly craved a little danger.

No one ever ventured into the dark tunnels lurking below the Castle, but our three young Knights, Nova, Pepper, and Astrid would be the first to break such a long running streak. After all when boredom takes over, you throw all caution to the window and explore these dark dampy tunnels. Of course Astrid herself never wanted to be apart of this, but she had to come along due to pressure from her friends. The three were trekking down a dark tunnel, Pepper was mindlessly enjoying the ride, Nova led the way, although he looked a bit bored since they never encountered anything exciting, while Astrid did her best to keep herself in control.

Man this tunnel is long, who would make a long tunnel? They must've been very bored.” Pepper jested with her compatriots.

These must be old forgotten escape tunnels incase the castle was ever attacked.” Astrid suggested, while holding close to Pepper.

Uh Astrid, why are you holding onto my back?” Pepper asked her, with a great big question mark forming in her head.

Astrid mumbled, as she let go, she quickly thought of a bad excuse as to why she did it, all the while looking around, sweat consumed the poor girl's face. She was such a wreck. Finally it hit her cold.

I was scratching her back,” She stated with a sheepish grin 'God that's lame,' She thought to herself, giving herself a mental facepalm.

Oooh no wonder why my back feels all better, Thanks Astrid!” Said Pepper, she proceeded to hug her friend as a reward.

Uh no problem,” She sighed in relief, she then patted Pepper's back.

Man no bandits, no rogue mages, no soldiers, no mystical artifacts to mess around with, and no sweet weapons to. So much for adventure, all we seen is nothing but pure darkness, I rather put up with Hema then be this bored.” Nova complained, he really began to regret this.

Well who knows maybe we'll see Big foot!” Said Pepper.

Big who?!” Astrid and Nova looked at her confusingly.

You know a Big Foot, a foot that's big? Do I need to spell it out with a pen?” Said Pepper with an annoyed look.

Um I doubt we'll find any one with a Big Foot Pepper,” Nova told her.

Pepper pouted, “Uh huh! We will, just you wait Nova!” Said Pepper.

Guys can we just go home? Seriously, there's nothing down here.” Said Astrid, she grew tired of the damp murky tunnels, and she was still too scared.

Yeah you're right, this place blows anyway.” Said Nova.

Thank you, now let's go...umm....” Astrid looked around, apparently they gotten themselves too deep into the tunnels. “Does anyone know the way back?” Astrid asked her friends.

I don't know? Nova?” Pepper asked Nova.

It's simple it's this way....ugh.” Nova was at a loss, he didn't know the way either

Oh great now we're lost! Just great!” Astrid said in annoyance, now she more mad then scared.

Oh just think happy thoughts, we'll find a way out.” Said Pepper with a bright smile.

Nova returned said smile with his own and patted Astrid's back, “Yeah Astrid we'll be ok, we just gotta retrace our steps.”

But how? When we went through so many twists and turns along the way.” Astrid whined.

Astrid please for one second, let me think.” Nova whispered as he took a moment to ponder their next course of action.

Suddenly they all heard faint noses, it sounded like tap tap sound.

Did you guys hear that?” Pepper whispered.

Nova nodded, “It came from down there.”

Astrid gulped, she had a bad feeling about it as it usually was, “Maybe we shouldn't go near it.”

Relax how-” Suddenly the sound got louder and louder.

Quick hide!” Pepper said before grabbing Astrid and Nova, she shoved them into a room back down the hall, Pepper promptly entered and closed the door. The sounds got louder as it approached the door they were hiding it, the sounds sounded like marching.

What's going on out there? Are people looking for us?” Astrid whispered,

But no one should know about this place besides us right?” Nova asked.

Well it could be Captain Wayland.” Said Pepper.

Suddenly they can hear a voice talking to someone, it sounded like a young man's voice.

Our men is in well positioned to attack the Castle from above, this little counter attack will merely catch those fools from above.” Said the voice he sounded very sinister.

Good, Ser Burkoff will lead the charge upside, while we take the castle from within.” Said another voice, it sounded deeper then the young man's voice

The slaves we captured recently at the village provided the best resources for our seige! They will never know what hit them. No one knew of these tunnels except for the village elder heheheh how lucky we are.”

Indeed, the Ravager's will reign Supreme once again!” Said the deep voice in deep satisfaction.

Those bastards!” Nova whispered softly!

We gotta do something!” Pepper whispered back, with actual fear in her voice.

We can't they have an army out there! What are we suppose to do?” Said Astrid, even more scared then ever.

Nova growled, then he let out a defeated sigh, “I don't know Astrid, I truly don't know.”

Meanwhile up on the upper levels of the Castle, several Archer's were on routine patrol of the Castle, looking out for anything a miss. There was 4 set of archers, two on one side of the castle, keeping watch from all directions. It's been several hours since the Castle went on high alert, and nothing has happened yet. The long wait has gotten to some of the soldiers, mostly the Archers prowling the roof.

Man you think Captain Wayland misjudged our enemy? We been here for hours?” Said One Archer to the other.

I doubt the Captain would do such a thing, he's man of many battles, he knows it when he sees it.” Said the other Archer.

I know but-” Before the Archer can continue, one of the other archers shouted.

AN ARMY IS APPROACHING! AN ARMY IS APPROACHING!” The archer yelled to the top of his lungs, as he rang one of the Castle's bell towers to alert everyone in the castle.

Much like what he said, an army of soldiers clad in black leather, were marching toward's the Castle. It looked like multiple garrisons made up the bulk of the armed force heading there way. All of the knights stationed got ready for battle, the archers aimed their bows at the incomming invasion force, as several dozen men and women formed a blockade outside the Castle. Captain Wayland heard bell ringing throughout the Castle, it was time.

Men take the king to his quarters and defend him!” He told several of his knights.

Yes captain!” Said A Knight.

But Princess Hema is still somewhere in the castle Ser Wayland!” Said the King.

As long as she doesn't stray into the battlefield, she'll be alright. But don't worry I'll make sure she'll be safe. You have my word.” He said with a bow, he would keep his word to the bitter end if he had to.

Very well, I trust you'll find her in time.” Said King Ivan as he marched out of the throne room with his bodyguards.

Captain Wayland took a deep breath, and shook his head, as much as he hated to admit it, he needed to keep the King's Morale alive, as he can't gurantee if Hema would survive if the battle ever reached inside the Castle, which was likely given how big the armed force was. Captain Wayland wasn't gonna back out now, he would fight to the death if he must.

I'm sorry your majesty...” He whispered, “Please understand no one is safe in war.” Captain Wayland left the Throne room, unsheating his sword. He was ready to face down the beasts that lay outside.

The Invading army had stopped marching by command, they were several yards away from the Castle. A lone soldier started to proceed forward holding a scroll in his hands. The Knight's stood ready just incase.

Knights of Eclian Castle! We are the Ravager's! We are a group of slavers who seek out people to capture and sell to the highest bidder, but we also conquer kingdoms as well! Unlucky for all of you, you're next on our list! We outnumber your pathetic army 3 to 1! Now surrender and you might live the rest of your lives in peace! Or fight on! And die! Your choice! If you choose to surrender! Well I got the terms of your surrender right here!” Said the soldier while holding up the document.

Captain Wayland was there with his men, he had heard the whole thing, the choice was pretty clear to him. He laughed at the idea of surrender, but he now knew they were dealing with slavers all along. He glared at the soldier, he wasn't exactly amused by this. To him it's like if they were mocking his own Knights, his students, his friends. Oh no he'll show them a thing or two.

He spoke up with confidence in his voice, the sound of resistance was made clear to all, “You speak as if we have a choice in the matter Slaver!,” He paused, everyone's heart was pounding as to what the commander would say.

But here's my answer!” He ordered an Archer to light up an arrow, and fire it at the document. The Archer did so, and fired a flame coated arrow at the document. A clear shot! The arrow swept the document away from the soldier's hand's, the flames turning it to ash.

The soldier couldn't help but laugh, he predicted this, and now it was time to strike, He let out an uncontrollable laughter, “Hahahahahahaha!!! You made the biggest mistake of your lives! Men attack!” He shouted as his soldiers marched on.

Keep them away from the Castle at any cost! Archers go!” He ordered, as his Archer's rapidly fired a a stream of arrows at the Invaders. Soon the sky was blanked by arrows, the battle had begun. Wayland shouted more order's to his Knights, “I need more men to back up the blockade, they can't repel a large front without reinforcement.

Yes sir!” Said a Knight as he went to get reinforcements.

The Ravager's marched toward's the castle, but they were getting pounded by the arrow's. Some managed to block them with their shields, other's weren't so lucky and got killed, some were used AS shields by their own compatriots. The arrow's had little effect on the advancing army, but the Archer's kept up the pressure. Soon Wayland ordered more fire arrows be used to roast the Ravager's. The Archers now used the Fire Arrows, the Ravager's now had to deal with getting burned. Using fire arrows seem to do the trick at they halted the Ravager's, some were burned while some arrows were once again blocked by their shields. Thankfully for the Knight's, Wayland's reinforcement's had come just in time to back them up.

Sir, the army has stopped we should take them now!” Said one of Wayland's lieutenants.

The choice was pretty clear wasn't it? Charge in and attack them at once or fall back to the castle, no strategy was sound, there armies out numbered them, and they surely will be consumed if they ran into the fields, but if they were to fight into the Castle, it would endanger the civilians who lived in there, plus it would only slow down the beast they now face, Wayland had made up his mind..

Lieutenant, gather your men, we take the battle to them!” Said Wayland. The Lieutenant nodded his head and went to get his own squad of men, Wayland hoped for a miracle. The Knights on the frontline were ordered to charge without hesitation, with a brave yell, they charged in at frightening speeds, taking the fight to the Ravager's. Wayland grabbed his sword, he to would be joining the fight, his hand glowed with bright yellow energy, he touched the metal tip of his sword, imbuing it with arcane power. The sword glowed with this magical imprint, now filled with power. Wayland went down from his position to join his Knights. The Knight's all did the samething with their Blades, giving them their mana, charging it with magical power. Soon the two armies clashed!

The sounds of clashing swords, and along with men and women grunting can be heard all the way down in the tunnels under the castle. Nova, Pepper, and Astrid along with the stand by Ravager's all heard what was going on. The three Knights all wanted to help their fellow Knights but they were trapped by the Ravager's down here who were all ready to take the Castle from within and trap the benevolent Knights fighting for Eclian's freedom.

Shit! I can't fucking take this!” Nova murmured, he didn't want to act so impusivly and run away when he could get himself killed.

There's has to be something we can do anything?” Pepper asked her friends, looking sad.

Astrid patted her friend's back, “I'm sorry Pepper, but there's nothing we can do now.”

This sucks!” She complained, suddenly they heard a familiar voice.

Let me go you creeps!” Came a female voice.

Princess Hema?!” Said the trio in shock.

Such a lovely young flower!” The young voice chuckled sinisterly, “I think I will make you mu bride once we taken your kingdom!”

Hema snarled at the man, “Over my dead body!”

Ahhh, I can make that a possibility my sweet! But why end the fun? When we just met! After all I am Lord Zander! Ruler of the Ravagers! And soon king of this land!” He proclaimed proudly, while holding Hema close to his face. The young Princess glarred at him , never showing true fear, she was at least grossed out by his pitiful arrogance.

I met better looking bandits then you!” She spit at Zander square in the eye.

Ah! I see you wanna play hard to get! Well you know what I do to whores who resist? I show them no mercy!” He growled as he pulled out a sword with his free hand, the sword started to be engulfed in flames, this took Princess Hema by surprise.

What? What kind of foul magic are you using?” She said nervously, but she kept her cool nontheless.

Impressed? I'm powering with Chaos energy! Much more powerful then your pitiful mana! Now my sweet time to die!” He was about to swing his sword at her until.

'Clank' Zander's blow was quickly interrupted by another blade, Zander gasped, “What?” As he starred down at his challenger!

Nova?” Hema gasped in surprise.

Don't you know it's rude to hurt a lady! Well time to show your ass the door buddy!” Said Nova as he pushed back Zander with force. Zander fell backward as he let go of Princess Hema. Both Astrid and Pepper joined in on the action as they slashed at Zander's men.

Nova! Pepper! Astrid! Where were you three? I was looking all over the bloody Castle looking for you?” Hema sneered at her friends, she was glad to see them safe, but boy was she worried.

Sorry we were so bored, we wanted to explore the tunnels!” Said Nova while deflecting Zander's blows with his twin swords.

Yeah you know us, we can't sit still long enough to keep out of trouble.” Said Astrid while taking on a few Ravager's, she parried their blows and slashed at them. Despite being a coward, she did excel in swordplay.

Trouble is our middle names, along with our actual middle names.” Pepper jested as she kicked a Ravager in the nut's...hard

Oooh! That gotta hurt!” Nova said as he witnessed the whole thing.

Still! At least tell me where you're going!” She pouted with annoyance.

Well excuuu-” Nova was cut off by Astrid.

Nova that joke was so 30 years ago.” Said Astrid while she traded blows with a Ravager.

Geez no one has a sense of humor, oh well.” Nova shrugged before resuming his fight with Lord Zander.

Men show no mercy! Kill these punks! But this guy is mine!” Zander pointed his sword at Nova.

Bring it on you jerk!” Nova said fearcely before raising his swords in a defensive position, his swords grew bright with a white light as they were engulfed with Mana.

No one attacks our home and get's away with it!” Said Astrid while putting her sword into a defensive position also overflowing with Mana energy. She was being brave this time to defend her home, although she still felt a bit nervous, her heart pounding all the same.

Yeah lets end this soon, I'm pretty hungry guys.” Said Pepper.

Don't worry Pepper I'll throw all of us a big feast after we kick his ass.” Said Hema before getting her bow and arrow out.

Yay!” Pepper cheered, already drooling with the thought of food.

Tch, Hollow words from a bunch of losers! Men eradicate them!” Said Zander as he and his men charged at the Knights.

Nova focused his attention on Zander, while Astrid, Pepper, and Hema focused on the grunts. Nova clashed sword's with Zander, each one was a mighty blow, Zander was no slouch, he kept up his attack, always putting Nova on the defense. Nova got a lucky break when he managed to put Zander into a sword lock and managed to break it and slash at him. Zander withstood Nova's attack as he launched a furry of sword jabs at Nova. Nova panically dodged all of them as he couldn't deflect them, but the young Knight was back at it, he delivered three blows to Zander who guarded each attack, he then slashed more at Nova. Astrid blocked several blows from two soldier's, but a third one quickly overwhelmed her, she rolled out of the third Ravager's mighty swing from his ax. Astrid was more agile then she had strength, it was mostly due to her constant fears that always kept her on her toes. She lunged at the Ax wielding Ravager with swift speed, catching him by surprise, Astrid sliced his hand off, causing him to drop his ax.

Pepper gave several Ravager's a run for their gold to say the least, the red head took the battle half seriously, she did put up a good fight, as she was no slouch, she smiled throughout the battle. Often she would hum a tune or two. She was graceful though, she managed to knock out several Ravager's and often she would kick them in the nuts. She used her arms and legs more often then her sword during the fight. Hema fired several arrows at incoming Ravagers that dared to try her marksmanship, She also provided support to her friends when any Ravager tried to ambush them when they weren't looking. One Ravager tried to pounce on her from behind, however with her extraordinary senses she tip toed out of harms way, and kicked the Ravager in the back. The Ravager fell face first into the stone cold floor.

The Knight's almost had the Ravager's down, with only a handful left standing. Zander paid no attention to his losses as he was too busy fighting Nova. The fight was a draw, no one was winning, Zander managed to land several blows on Nova, scorching him in the process, while Nova managed to hurt Zander several times, he even managed to give him a nice scar on his right eye. Zander couldn't believe how long it took to fight Nova, he should've won already in his mind. Astrid and Pepper decided to help Nova out as the two lunged at Zander, however the Ravager Lord quickly blocked their attack, and kicked the two to the wall. Nova took the opportunity to stabbed Zander in the back.

...” Zander fell into silence, as he dropped to the floor. The Remaining Ravagers looked on in fright as they saw their mighty leader fall in battle. They fled for their lives.

Yeah you better run! In yo face!” Pepper mocked them.

We did it?” Astrid panted she could barely believe it, “We won?”

Nova smiled, he looked all torn up from the fight, but he was still standing and proud, “Yeah we did!”

Hema hugged Nova, “Oh my god Nova! You did it! You killed that slime ball!” Said Hema, clearly elated after that horrendous fight.

Aww it was nothing, but you guys also helped out a lot, we couldn't have made it without team work.” Said Nova.

Yay team work!” Pepper celebrated with a cute grin.

I gotta admit, that battle was riveting.” Said Astrid.

Pepper, Nova, and Hema looked at each as if they were in shocked, they gasped at Astrid.

Astrid?” Said Pepper in awe.

Liking a battle? Have we entered another universe or something?” Nova asked his friends.

Pepper went up to Astrid and examined her, “Is this the real Astrid.”

What? I can't feel proud for one minute?” Astrid asked her friends.

Well usually you don't even like the thought of fighting.” Hema explained.

Well I...” Astrid tried to explain her thoughts but then they were interrupted by the sounds of the war above. Captain Wayland's men were still fighting the Ravager's above ground.

Quick we gotta help Captain Wayland!” Said Nova, everyone nodded their heads as they ran out of the tunnels to rejoin their brothers and sisters on top.

However none to their knowledge a lone figure rose up from the dead, it was Zander and he was still alive. Weak, but alive. The Ravager Lord limbed away from the scene, he had to retreat for now.

I'll be back you little fuckers! Count on it!” He silently whispered, cursing the pain inflicted upon him from Nova.

The three Knights, and Princess Hema managed to get out of the tunnels safely, Hema decided to stay behind and let Nova, Astrid, and Pepper take care of the armed invaders, Hema would join up with the other Archers still firing their arrows at the Ravagers. Nova, Astrid, and Pepper ran outside to join their friends who were having a bit of a rough time with the Ravager's. Captain Wayland, who was thankfully still in one piece saw his students come, he couldn't help but smile.

Where the hell have you three been?!” He wanted to be mad at them for their disappearing act, but now it wasn't the time for that.

Sorry Captain we kinda got lost!” Said Nova as he clashed sword's with a dual wielding warrior,

Gee why am I not surprised.” He replied while gutting another Ravager.

Hey at least we made it right?” Said Astrid while slashing at another Ax wielding Ravager.

Yeah we didn't want to miss out on the fun!” Said Pepper before kicking another Ravager in the balls.

We'll talk after we win this battle...if we win this battle.” Said Wayland, still pretty unsure of himself.

I'd say the odds are in our favor Captain.” Said Nova before performing several vicious slashes on a Ravager in heavy armor.

The tide was turning in favor of the Knight's, with Nova, Astrid, and Pepper's aid, the Ravagers began to deal with more losses. Nova took on a group of Ravagers with Astrid's aid, the two Knights traded blows with their foes. They were no match for Nova's and Astrid's might as they fell into the floor, lifeless as a doll. Astrid blocked an incoming attack on Nova from another Ravager at the nick of time, Nova quickly countered by beheading him with one fell swipe of his twin swords. Pepper fought alongside her Captain as they slaughtered many Ravagers that dared to take them on. Captain Wayland was perplexed by Pepper's happy attitude throughout the fight, he didn't even want to know about it, however he was impressed with Pepper's combat skills as she managed to take down two Ravager's at once, and he kinda chuckled when he saw her kick one in the nuts. Nova and Astrid saw several Ravager's running while they took down another group with their combined effort. It looked like the Ravager's were retreating as many saw their own go down swiftly then ever before, prompting them to flee for their lives. The battle was over as all the Belvakya Knights celebrated!

We won?” Astrid gasped as she saw the main army retreat into the hills.

Yes Astrid we won! We did it!” Nova said before hugging his friend.

Astrid couldn't help but blush, she return Nova's hug, “I'm just glad your OK Nova. I'm just glad we all made it through this nightmare.”

Was there any doubt Astrid? You have to have faith in yourself, and your friends.” Said Nova while smiling.

I know, thank you.” Said Astrid while still blushing. The two looked at each other, as if they were in a trance, they put there faces forward as if they were about to kiss until.

Hey! Snap out of it you two!” Said Pepper.

Astrid and Nova quickly let go of each other, and faked a cough, “Sorry,” They both told Pepper with a sweat drop on their fore heads.

Hema watched in amazement as the Ravager's fled the battlefield, she was relieved to know her home was safe and sound. She join in the celebration, chanting and cheering for the Knights below with her fellow archers. The day was there's to celebrate.

Hours later, all of the Knight's who survived in what was known as The Battle of Eclian, partook in a huge feast, the Castle's dinner room was overflowing was hundreds of soldiers. All who risk their lives to protect the Kingdom. Nova, Pepper, and Astrid sat side by side along side Hema, the King and Captain Wayland. They were all dressed up formally, much to Pepper's annoyance.

Ugh did I have to dress up like a doll? I hate it! It's giving me cramps!” Said Pepper.

Ssh the Princess is gonna speak up soon!” Nova shushed her.

As if on cue, Princess Hema stood up from her seat to give her speech, all eyes were upon her now. “Today was a day we will never forget. What started out as a normal day for all of us turned into something else, something more dark and sinister. Our home came under attack by Lord Zander, and his group the Ravagers. They intended to take away our kingdom to expand their sinister slaving empire. Our freedom was at stake. My knights, my soldiers, archers, scouts everyone! I, your Princess, thank you for risking your lives so that we may protect our home from these Invader's. For we have lost so many of our brothers and sisters in this senseless conflict, everyday you risk your lives to protect our people, our kingdom, today is just like any other day for you, and we sometimes neglect our gratitude in complacency. But we will not ignore your service, for everything that you have done and more to protect us! Today is your day my friends! We will never forget the sacrifices you made and the burdens you bear on your shoulders. Once again from the bottom of my heart, and from the Kingdom thank you!”

Everyone in the room clapped and cheered at Hema's speech, Astrid couldn't help but shed a tear as she clapped along with Nova and Pepper.

Hema continued, “But I would like to thank three people for not only saving my life, but to also help turn the tide in our favor, without them we all be lost. Give a hand for Nova, Astrid and Pepper.” She gestured to her friends. The Knights once again cheered, this time at there younger fellow Knights.

Aww stop it you're making me blush.” Said Pepper.

Ahhh it's good to be the hero.” Said Nova while laying back.

It sure does huh?” Astrid smiled.

It does.” Said Nova.

Now my friends let us eat, for I'm sure you're all starving!” Hema giggled as she sat back down.

Meanwhile Wayland spoke with King Ivan on a private matter, he whispered softly to the King.

We sent several men to pick up the bodies from the tunnels, but we didn't find Zander.” Said Wayland.

Wait so that means...” Said King Ivan in shock.

He's still out there, which means he'll likely strike again.” Said Wayland.

Then we'll be ready, if this day taught us anything, it's that we have a new enemy to deal with.” Said King Ivan.

Tomorow I'll begin to look for their camps, they won't jump at us again.”

See that you do Knight Captain.” Said King Ivan.

You have my word your majesty.” Said Wayland.

Everyone began to eat their delicious food. The battle was over, and it was time to relax. Astrid ate a nice lobster meal, while Nova ate several ham burgers, Pepper also gulped down some spicy food that she ordered. However no one could match Hema's insane appetite, already she cleaned out her plate, and was already finished with her seconds. Nova, Astrid, and Pepper couldn't help but sweat drop at the sight of this.

Maybe she should've eaten beforehand?” Said Nova.

I just hope she doesn't eat everyone's meal!” Said Astrid with a concerned look on her face.

If she eats my spicy food I'm gonna go nuts!” Said Pepper with a horrified look on her face.

Hmm, I know what to do Pepper,” Astrid said with a sinister grin on her face

Oh? What is Astrid?” She asked. Astrid whispered into Pepper's ear, Pepper giggled as they both looked at Nova evilly.

Nova just looked at them with a confused look, “Why are you girls giving me that look?”

Excuse us your grace, we got um a dinner date with Nova to catch.” Astrid told Princess Hema, as she and Pepper grabbed onto Nova's arms, the two young Knights left the Dining Hall with Nova.

Soon a loud burp was heard.

Excuse me!” Said Pepper with a giggle.

The end.

Disclaimer: This story has some graphical scenes, and vore at the end, you have been warned.

Ooooh boy, how long has it been since I uploaded anything storywise? Anyway here's my long awaited gift to my great friend :iconnovaheroi: who has always supported me and it was time to give back.

This is about Nova, Astrid, and Pepper fighting Lord Zander and his Ravager's while protecting Castle Eclian from total take over!

Enjoy it my friend, enjoy, and I hope you also enjoy it as well.

Astrid, Wayland, and the story belong to me.

Nova, Pepper, Hema, King Ivan, Zander, and the Ravagers along with the world belong to :iconnovaheroi:
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