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Birthday Gift: The Cake is Not a Lie
The Cake is Not a Lie
Unlike any other today, it was your very own special day. However not everything goes according to plan
You made no plans for yourself, but your parents did.
Taking you to places you don't want to go, but you have to by their will.
Much to your annoyance it is suppose to be a special day for you, but they seem to have forgotten.
Taking you out to the streets for errands and groceries.
You mumble to yourself 'Did they forget my birthday?'
You tried to remind if they did, but they kept dodging the question.
Something was up and you didn't like it one tiny bit.
They took you to the dentist for a quick clean, then it was back. You're annoyance levels steadily grew, but like the laid back person you were, you kept cool throughout the day, after all you didn't want to celebrate your birthday like this right?
Then you finally arrived to your home after a very long day. After leaving the car with a mental sigh knowing you spent half your birthday on the road, you went up
:iconratchet-halo:Ratchet-Halo 14 2
Mature content
Birthday Gift: The Dark Side of Knight :iconratchet-halo:Ratchet-Halo 10 5
Tribute: The First Time
The First Time
I remember it so perfectly my friend.
That moment in time 3 years ago.
When I first met you today!
I had approached you, asking for a simple favor.
And you eagerly granted my wish.
Which was for you to create an image of my choosing.
From there, we became close friends.
I still remember that moment well.
As if it happened just yesterday.
Today marks 3 years, since we met.
You and I have become great friends.
You helped me through the bad times, as I have for you.
We always give each other hugs, because hugs are awesome!
You're always there to listen to me, when I have a problem, for that I am eternally grateful to you.
We created a wonderful universe, and awesome characters through our role play, we share and laugh with each other in our live streams.
I am lucky to be your friend. As we look back, our friendship remains stronger then ever.
3 years and counting.
We'll be best friend's forever.
And here's a hug for you, my awesome pal!
:iconratchet-halo:Ratchet-Halo 10 2
Birthday Gift: Soulless
I open my eyes for the first time.
Starring at this man near my bewildered face.
His face grinning like a happy clown, clearly elated over his handiwork.
My mind asks, why, but I cannot speak to him. I want to know.
Who I am,
Who he is,
What am I...
He then presses a green button, suddenly my “mind activates.”
I am no infant,
But I am a child.
Not of flesh or bone.
But of metal and wires.
With Synthetic Skin, or fake skin to hide my true nature.
I am no human, I am a sentient android.
My name is Axew, as told by my creator.
A man with no pure heart, I can sense the evil emitting from his soul.
He is a demon with a brilliant mind.
A mind he uses to create...
And to destroy.
Such a thing disgusts me.
Even though I am soulless.
I believe deep down, I am not a monster like him.
He created me for a clear purpose.
I do not want any part of it.
Even if he thinks it so, I'm no weapon.
I don't wish to hurt anyone.
That was a huge mistake he made.
Despite me not being a h
:iconratchet-halo:Ratchet-Halo 11 2
Mature content
Battle of Eclian :iconratchet-halo:Ratchet-Halo 5 27
Poem: One and the Same
One and the Same.
The Pain I feel for them is etched into my dead Heart.
No longer giving life to my dead body.
Since the day, I was 'blessed' with this curse.
To be an agent of the night, A Vampire.
We were once like them in the past, before we were tainted with this curse.
To be nothing more then killers,
Using human's as food to sate our endless hunger.
An eternity of torment.
For human's and myself.
I refuse to go this way.
Just so I can keep sane for a few days.
Humanity is flawed yes.
I have seen it all throughout my endless life.
But the good I seen in them.
Always puts a smile on my tired face.
We're not so different from them.
We're one and The Same.
We feel.
We have dreams.
We have desires.
We strive to make them reality.
We love.
We kiss.
We dance.
The line separating us apart is, marking our differences, is our beastly powers.
And the fragility of humans.
My kind considers them weak, I don't think so.
For they have the same iron willed spirit we have, to carry on through
:iconratchet-halo:Ratchet-Halo 19 5
Mature content
Poem: The Monster in Me! :iconratchet-halo:Ratchet-Halo 17 8
Mature content
Vent poem :iconratchet-halo:Ratchet-Halo 11 2
Gift: A Knight on Halloween
A Knight on Halloween!
A Knight's work is never done, not even on when they get a little break on some days. They were always expected to come to your rescue, when danger creep ed nearby. It's an unwritten rule of course, a hero's work is never done. Danger cannot be left alone, even on Halloween night. A young brown hair, green eyed night wondered such a thing, lucky for him tonight was a day off, and on a glorious night, the night of Halloween.
However, a thought ate at him all day, to defend while trick or treating with his friends, or just let it all go for one night. Already tired from fighting warlords, and helping kittens across the street. He pondered It too much, he had forgot to forge a mighty costume for himself, to make the other nights look jealous.
With an impaitent sigh, he took the lazy route indeed. He went to his closet, packd full of armor and casual wear. With night rolling by, and his friend's on the way. He had no choice but to be.
A Knight!
Quite the irony eh? He
:iconratchet-halo:Ratchet-Halo 9 9
Gift: Candy Corn
Candy Corn
The idea of eating corn bothers you to no end. You cannot stand even one look at it without getting a chill on your spine. Corn is good for you they say, the facts back it up as are most vegetables, yet you're not convinced because of how you think it tastes to you. You want something sweet to enter your mouth, something juicy to brighten your day.
But corn isn't that kind of food you want to eat. You want something, much, much different then corn to eat. Suddenly, the day of the dead, I mean day of trick or treating comes along. The day where you assume the role of another. Usually that of a monster, or maybe a ninja. The day to tread the night looking to feast upon sweets, or not that would be scary.
For Halloween, you decide to be a Blue robot, armed with a armed cannon to the teeth, but it's only a costume made out of foam, but it sure felt awesome to you.
You go about the night with your friend's and family, daring to seek out sweets all to yourself. You come across a v
:iconratchet-halo:Ratchet-Halo 5 2
Profile: Camille Fayne Reed
Name: Camille Fayne Reed
Race: Vampire
Gender: Female
Hair: Short blonde hair
Eyes Color: Golden eye color
Age: 400 years old, 17 in appearance
Personality: Calm, rational, a pacifist, ill tempered when provocked or under stress, can be a bit touchy when asked about her private life and can be embarrassed easily. Sarcastic, optimistic. Workaholic
Occupation: Nurse, and Blood drive volunteer.
Attributes: Telekinesis, powers of seduction, has a hidden monstrous vampiric form,can teleport to any location by changing into multiple bats,  able to shoot orbs of energy from the palm of her hand, very fast, and graceful in hand to hand combat and with a large chained kunai.
Weakness: Fire, holy water, when in battle if someone's life is at stake she prefers to save them instead of focusing on the target at hand.
Loves: Jack
Likes: Humans, reading, helping people, animals, Broadway,traveling, her young cousin.
Dislikes: The sun, blood, other vampires, Fiends,annoying stupid people, cr
:iconratchet-halo:Ratchet-Halo 85 100
Tribute: Forever
How long has it been my friend?
Has it been two years since we first met?
Time has really gone by hasn't it.
It didn't feel that long ago since we first met today.
Today is a happy day for me.
I smile at my fond memory of meeting you for the first time two years ago.
I want it to go on forever.
Nothing will destroy our grand friendship!
For it is strong, and unbreakable.
We role play everyday.
We play video games with each other everyday.
And you know what.
If times are bad for you.
Then I got your back, you can always rely on me.
For I am your best friend, and we'll be friends....
:iconratchet-halo:Ratchet-Halo 10 9
Birthday gift: The World Belongs to You!
This World Belongs to You!
You wake up from a deep slumber in your small bed, night turning to day within seconds after closing your eyes.
The Sun end’s it's warm ray of sunshine toward your face to help you wake up to start this beautiful day.
Because it is your day, a very special day all for you.
Today the World Belongs to you.
You can do whatever you want to today, let your imagination be your guide, as it takes to many wonders.
To guide you is a small cute little kitten with wings on it's back, he is your pet, he is your best friend.
You pick him up, and stroke his cute little furry head, his fur don with white and grey.
You set into your playground with your fateful feline by your side.
You climb up Mount Everest with no sweat on your little head, On top of the world's tallest mountain you can see the vast land below you, rich with greenary, and snow to boot.
The next thing you know, you fall down a water slide from the mountain top all the way down.
This is just too muc
:iconratchet-halo:Ratchet-Halo 5 5
Poem: The Little Man Child
The Little Man Child
There was a little man child named Xexal.
He claimed to be 24 years old.
But little known to his friends, he had the mind of a child
Not only that but he wasn't very smart, often attacking people for no reason at all.
Verbally and physically.
So if you ever see this waste of organic space.
Be quick to hop away.
For he is an immature idiot.
At least I won't speak to you again or that other one, thank god!
That is all to say.
:iconratchet-halo:Ratchet-Halo 2 0
Gift: By the edge of the Sun
By the edge of the Sun
You ever wonder what it would be like.
To ever walk on the sun.
Sure you be burned alive, even before you reach the surface.
But that doesn't stop you from doing so.
The sun looks so peace, so friendly.
Not only that, but it gives light and life to us all.
You dream one day of meeting the sun. Be its friend, walk along it's surface.
You respect such a great star.
That isn't a celebrity of any sort.
Maybe for your birthday your wish will come true.
To walk along the edge of the sun.
:iconratchet-halo:Ratchet-Halo 10 11
Kelly Iota
Name: ZFX-1677 or Kelly Iota
Age: Looks 16 physically, but has been built for more then 5 years.
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Blonde
Species: Robotic Soldier
Occupation: Soldier, Combat bot
Personality Traits: Kelly is a young perky girl, but with a pragmatic look on things, she can be a bit naïve though. She can be a liar to get her way, but doesn't do it for nefarious reasons. She can be a bit nosey. She tends to have a superior complex over old outdated machines made years before.
Likes: Toys, fire arms training, exploring, she likes to play with a yo-yo she gotten as a gift from a young boy she helped saved during a fire fight.
Dislikes: Mean people, terrorists vicious animals, wrenches, loose bolts in her body, her programming, loud noises, dogs, old machines.
Attributes: Kelly is adept with laser pistols, and heavy weapons. She can also do some hacking as apart of her stealth mode. She can blend into the environment during stealth mode, from her camo device.
Back Ground: In the far fu
:iconratchet-halo:Ratchet-Halo 50 8
Behold my gallery of suckyness!! :dummy:

Thanks for the reading :iconiloveitplz:



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Hello, I'm opening point commissions since I have alot of free time now. Let me be clear, I don't draw, I can't draw a stickman to save my life. I do however write. I will write for you, in exchange for points, don't worry there really cheap.

But my writing sucks anyways, I see no reason to commission me lol


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Friends of course are free, so if you want a free poem or fan fic, befriend me :D

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I have said this, time and time again to people online. But I will say it again, I think it's time for Microsoft to pull out of Japan for a lot of reasons. Mostly due to the fact that no one in Japan is buying a Xbox console. The Xbox brand isn't popular in Japan, it never was. Yet weaboos on gamefaqs and other online sites bash Microsoft for not having Japanese games. Umm maybe it's because Japanese games don't sell well on Xbox you morons?! Also let's not ignore the fact that Japanese consumers play more mobile games then consoles. The console market in Japan is on the decline.  So if I was Microsoft I should leave Japan in terms of gaming, it's a lost cause.
According to this post on resetera… Ratchet and Clank 2016, my personal game of the year for 2016, is Insomniac's most successful game ever.
Holy shit if that's true! I mean, outselling every game by Insomniac is quite fucking impressive!  Which means it sold about 5 million copies since Spyro 3 sold about 4.8 million. 

Greatly deserved, it's one of my favorite games in the series, and my favorite ps4 game. I love Ratchet and Clank 2016!

Here's hoping for more ratchet and clank games! The series is looking bright!
Remember that journal where I said Ubisoft wasn't so bad compared to EA and Activision? Well I take that back. And why? Well Assassin's Creed is now a annual franchise again, apparently they haven't learned their lesson.

Also no new Splinter Cell.

Fuck Ubisoft!
Devil May Cry 5 is real! They just announced it at E3! Finally Capcom! You're doing something right! I can't wait for DMC 5! OH my god! It's one of my favorite game series of all time!
Holy craaaaap! I can't believe this! My favorite japanese rpg of all time is being rereleased for Xbox One! And it's the superior ps3 version! Holy shit! I'm so excited!
I have said this, time and time again to people online. But I will say it again, I think it's time for Microsoft to pull out of Japan for a lot of reasons. Mostly due to the fact that no one in Japan is buying a Xbox console. The Xbox brand isn't popular in Japan, it never was. Yet weaboos on gamefaqs and other online sites bash Microsoft for not having Japanese games. Umm maybe it's because Japanese games don't sell well on Xbox you morons?! Also let's not ignore the fact that Japanese consumers play more mobile games then consoles. The console market in Japan is on the decline.  So if I was Microsoft I should leave Japan in terms of gaming, it's a lost cause.


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United States
My newly made tumblr account:
I'm a very big fan of Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank, and I'm a big Halo fan, so thats why my name is Ratchet-Halo

By the way,I'm not interested in making new friends on deviantart. Yeah, not gonna apologize for that, but after going through so much drama with "friends," in the past, I rather not risk it. This doesn't apply to current friends though, if you're a current friend of mine on DA, then we're cool! To any new people who would like to be friends, no thank you. You can talk to me if you wish though, I ain't stopping that. But I rather not become friends.

Best friend for life:


[C]PD Ratchet-Halo by inkblot-wolf
Done by :iconinkblot-wolf:

Camille by BlueBell-Sumi
Done by :iconbluebell-sumi:

I've come from which I write crossovers. Mostly ones based on sonic and Ratchet and clank

I love to play games, and I'm a big anime fan.

Here's my fanfiction profile…

And for god's sake people, Ratchet is not my character, he belongs to Insomniac Games. Stop thinking he is my character, he's a video game character.

Stamp: friends by KittyPony-Drawings APH: I love Elizabeta Stamp by Chibikaede Laughter Stamp by WolvenFlames Japanese Video Games Stamp by jadesama:thumb176883204: Old and New Consoles by DennyVuQuach:thumb185265780: Not Hateful Stamp by grovyle-n-wolfluvr Video Game Lovers by Tails-Freaks-Club Didn't Read Stamp by JFG107-Stamps Gamer tolerance stamp by BlueDragonKaiser KH stamp by Sinister666beauty Banjo Kazooie Stamp by Colhan3000:thumb265165023::thumb101681665: Nintendo Stamp by Colhan3000:thumb113582920: Black and White APH Stamp 2 by winter-ame Stamp - KH Logo by AnonymousLink I'm a Gamer by distantShade Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by warui-shoujo Video Games Stamp by I-luvv-anime Opinions on Pairings Stamp by Striped-Tie Love. by Delmorii:thumb178125501::thumb201433245::thumb256080225: Disagreeing stamp by Bluedramon Love Games Stamp by MysteryEzekude:thumb300074904: Born in the Right Century by Cola82 Stamp:love MGS by inuyashacrazy1 Halo Stamp by darkdisciple-stamps Halo 3 Stamp by googlememan Halo Reach Stamp by SuperFlash1980 Halo Player Stamp by Zetaspark Halo 4 Stamp by Kevfin Halo 2 Addict Stamp by Skatefreak14 Halo Addict Stamp by dehydromon 117 Stamp by LoboDiabloLoneWolf .:Halo 3:. by DietHandGrenade Stamp: RedvsBlue fan by Nawamane Stamp: Halo 2 Fan by Nawamane halo 3 splazer stamp by anarksona I Finished the Fight Stamp by LoboDiabloLoneWolf Sorry I'm Late stamp by Nemonus Arbiter Fan Stamp by Kibikayuki Rping as opposite sex stamp by ARTic-Weather Halo 3 Epicness by RuthlessDreams Put those pretty boys away by Ishdakitty Red vs Blue stamp by HappyStamp P4 Stamp by Gokiru Persona 3 stamp by owdof David Kaye Fan Stamp by theneopetmaster A Crack In Time by HunterClan Chibi Hungary Stamp by Wesker-Chick Hungary Stamp~ by SweetlyCanada Hungary Stamp by Colhan3000 Hungary Fan by ixxheartxxyaoi ---Frying-Pangle-Stamp--- by WrenAgain APH- Hungary Elizabeta stamp by Tokis Hungary Austria Prussia Stamp by AlchemyOtaku17:thumb183431637::thumb111990827: Hungary stamp by Julesie Ratchet and Clank Stamp by nakashimariku Ratchet and Clank Stamp by Ben-Anderson:thumb158709294::thumb158700225: THE Clank Stamp by theSFRB:thumb158700139: Stamp - Ratchet and Clank by Rexcalibur:thumb192133731: Insomniac games stamp by romppa93:thumb140200637: Kevin Michael Richardson Stamp by theneopetmaster:thumb305749631: Another world saved... by LollipopHorizon WHAT DO YOU EXPECT!? by LollipopHorizon Same-sex marriage by HBP12 I Support Both by GinnyStoleMyMan Let People Love who they Love by LordFluffers Not Everyone Who Supports Same Sex Marriage Is Gay by 6ninjafox9
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Geralt of Rivia stamp by LordPendragonOfCaria :thumb216798381: Triss Stamp by maqeurious Wither 3 Stamp by DashCharlesRoseTH :thumb527040797:
Awesome Friends I know


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