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My favorite holiday is coming!! I think I've decided on Slenderman. Does anyone know how to hook me up with some stilts? Plus if anyone knows where to get skin tight suits (Green-man) It would make a nice underlayer for my larping character.
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Hey guys, I know I complain a lot. I whine, I diss myself, I make you promises and then fail to keep up with them. There are about 30 of you guys watching me, and I just wanted to thank you. A lot of you are friends, and a lot of you are fans. Some are both :D I just appreciate you guys for taking time to look at my art, or read this blog when I post. I am sure I am often annoying but it feels good knowing there is a reason you guys have me on your watch, so
Thank you 30.
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Can all of my friends please give my shirt design a vote. I actually think this belongs in the DevWEAR store.
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If you guys haven't already, go +watch this link:
If you don't, you aren't my friend.
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Economy Comics is now going to be a group, not a dA account. I am deleting the old account, and uploading all of the old strips through RatButcher and posting them in the group. Anyone can join the group, and if you have a good comic, I'll throw it on my favorites for you. Considering most of you are my friends, I can probably let you post your comics through economy comics, but we will see.
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I always want to blab about art with someone, but the few people that I can think of that might care are never online, and my life consists of work + school. When I'm not clocked in I am in my cave on my computer, so other means of communication aren't up for negotiation right now. Most of the time I want to talk to artists, I hop on DeviantART in the hope that there is something in my message box, but there is nothing more than 2,149 deviations that I need to sift through. Honestly, I just get excited about my projects and I want somewhere to talk about them, and be inspired by other people's projects. I've considered simply posting right here, but I'm afraid everything falls on def ears, and either way, my entire fan-base is subscribed to me right here, and the last thing I want to do is spoil my comic for you guys, but I still want to talk about the plot that hasnt happened yet. I also fear that if I post things on an open website, my ideas will be stolen, and to be honest, I'm surprised I was able to come up with some of this stuff. I am normally not very creative, so I dont want to lose any of them. Is there like a forum or something for creative people? Maybe a smaller community so I can get to know everyone, and they can get to know me. What do you guys do on the internet?
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So we can AT LEAST consider it NOT forgotten. I havent been painting any pages lately because *insert usual excuses here* (work, homework, COUGH laziness COUGH); HOWEVER some INTENSE plot development taking place! Not that any of you have seen any plot at all so far... BUT STILL: I am excited. I dont expect to have a lot of followers by now, but at this point I do expect anyone who is paying attention to be 'watching' my comic account. I'm gonna (try to) stop posting about the comic on this account. Anyone who is listening, thank you so much. A lot of the time it feels like I'm texting a brick-wall, which, for those of you who don't know, don't have thumbs (or eyes). So shoot me a comment or something some time; I hope you enjoyed my punctuation, and good day, or night, or what ever the case may tend to be by the time you read this. abedeghtheghbedehthehbedehthat th the that's all folks!!!
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I got around to completing Comic strip three. I know it took a while, but I also know no one is hooked on the series. I hope you will once the plot kicks in. SPOILER ALERT Page four introduces the protagonist, so hopefully we can get going on this soon. SO how have you deviants been? up to some good art I take it? Tell me about your latest project. I am sure I will find it nothing less than interesting. No Willy Wonka intended.

New comic found here:

Can anyone be cool enough to give my comic account an avatar? No? Ok, I thought I'd try.
I know. It's been ...2weeks? Somewhere around there. I promise all of my drawing time got dedicated to homework, but I still feel bad because this is how it starts. You are all obligated to send me threatening letters when I fall behind on these comics. I promise you the long term plot will impress, and a lot of the jokes that we havent reached yet too.
We all saw this coming. This week's comic will be late due to assignments assigned from Ms. Nordquist. Hopefully I can have it drawn Monday night, but we will have to see. In the mean time, please appreciate this loop of a man enjoying chicken:
Yeah, I posted next week's strip of Once uPun a Time early. Go check it out here:
The theme is still being developed, so for now it wont make sense. But in time... your mind will be blown. in time...


...Time Mr. Freeman?
Is it really that time again?
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It's true! It's really true! I know just how excited all of you are about this! (About 7)
But in all actuality, I know that I do still have some followers out there, even though my uploads have been baron for some time. Tune in to Economy Comics and see what I've made so far. Now we all know just how consistent I am, so if this is still a thing in a month, then we are doing well. My first series right now is called Once uPun A Time. It is a story about an unsuspecting medieval hunter who gets sucked in to the world of fantasy we are familiar with today. He has to deal with Dragons, Mimics, and repetitive videogame references. It is a comedy, and Ive got some BIG ideas down the line for it, so I hope you give me a chance. Please forgive the artwork though, I am far from a professional artist, and the only way I can be cracking one of these out a week is if i finger-paint puke all over my tablet, then upload it for all to see. I really wish I could have a better looking comic, but I really do not have the time, nor the skill to be crackin out Mona Lisas like they were toe-nail trimmings. I may or may not have some friends uploading comics as well, or else I would have uploaded mine from this account here, but instead I made a new account just for comics. As I said before, consistency is a maybe. I want to be uploading one of these every sunday night, but IRL comes first, and I have awful habits. If you see me slacking, send me a llama and tell me to get on it. Go bug my Facebook. Anything. Sooooo, I believe that is everything I had to say. Have a good night all.


New comics :
Read it and laugh every Monday...
... maybe.
I play with my own puke.

So you know how I said my artwork sucks? (I did)
If you want to help change that at all, it would be VERY appreciated. I am not going to pay for your art, so heads up. But if these comics start getting good, and you like the story, then maybe you'd like to donate your time and effort to make this world a better place. And by world I mean internet, because I think together, you and I can make this comic great enough to unite the trolls by one factor: They love this comic. So let me know if you wanna help! kthxbai.
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Not as many costume shots this year. Halloween snuck up on me :p But I can promise, I am still doing plenty of zombie make-up. (Preston types with his red stained hands.

New skin is kinda cool

Sat Oct 8, 2011, 10:47 PM
I would like to see more from Ubisoft before I advertise From Dust a bunch.

Got me a new one of these pen and touch bamboo tablets! Now I FINALLY have myself some official photoshop, and get make pro art! I was gonna tell you how much fun the tablet is with its touch and what not, but than I realized I would be bragging and felt like a complete fool, so here I am the fool. Also Still need to upload all the art I got, probably won't happen til August.
I've got a LOT of crap I need to submit, so don't be shocked When you see 30-50 (probably less) messages in your inbox. Or you could be like me, and not be shocked unless it hits 5,000. (true story)
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I haven't been on.. I haven't been doing much art either, but you know what I came back to? There are over 2,000 deviations in my inbox. UGH.
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I probably should have posted a journal like this when it happened...
my inbox hit 1,000. Full of deviations from plenty of great artists. I wish there were more prestons in the world, so I could hire one of them to go through all of my inbox, and fish out the pictures I would like the best for my favorites. But due to laziness/more important things to do, This 1,000 is not shrinking, but in fact growing larger.
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I got tired of that old entry being at the top...

It is a new semester, which means most of my art from here on out will be similar media, probably graphite. I am trying to decide on graphite or make-up (monster make-up like my ID).

Pros: It will be easy to pull projects out of my ass, and it is a media I would like to get much better at.
Cons: It would probably be very stale, the same old thing I have been doing for years.

Pros: It is something I have fun doing, and it would be cool to make a different monster each day, and then have them walk around school all day.
Cons: It will be a bitch for me to get the supplies I want/need and it might be a tad difficult getting people willing to be my dress-up doll to experiment on and what not.
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I finished the puzzle in 4 minutes and got a new badge! and as far as I can tell, the quickest time uploaded was 16 min. YEAH!
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