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Umbreon TF

Commission by UmbreVEVO
Umbreon TF

“You should always be careful when chasing a Pokemon that is fleeing into a mysterious and foggy forest.but don't worry Now your are ready to be They friend"(◡ ω ◡)

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This person was looking for an eevee in an unwelcome place, they find one and it flees from them,

They try to keep up with it but due to the fog they lose sight of the eevee, they stop and wonder where

it might be, unbeknownst to them the eevee lies in wait in a nearby bush

The eevee comes out and crunches down on their arm, they yell in pain then proceed to grab the eevee by

their neck fluff, they realize as they look back to their arm that something is happening to them

they drop the eevee and watch as their hands become paws, they don't know whether they should be

excited or worried, noticeable are new ears, black fur, a tail, and green markings along their body.

They are now an umbreon, they sit there uncertain of what to do as the eevee lies next to them

looking quite happy, despite what has occurred they are nervous yet are blushing slightly

they contemplate whether they should have done this.

it's a short yet good comic, your drawing style looks very nice, well done

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