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Death Note: False Negative
How to Use: IX
- The Death Note will be rendered useless if the victim's name is misspelled four times.
It all seemed obvious to Light at that moment. He needed to test the so-called Death Note; needed to prove to himself whether it was real or not. To be honest, most of him believed that it couldn't be real.
He was a good person, not a common murderer. Still, if he absolutely had to kill someone, then there surely couldn't be a better candidate right now than the frankly despicable creature currently tormenting a woman in front of him. Standing only metres away, Light had seen and made his judgement. Light even knew his name now, and with the man right there he could test the Death Note immediately.
After pulling it out quickly and concealing it with a magazine, Light paused. A though surfaced, one that was both unwanted and worrying.
The biker deserved to die, but if the Death Note was real, was he willingly lowering himself to the level of a murderer? Was that
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Ghost Trick: A Fresh Start
It's been a long decade in prison.
Ten years have passed since his not-death, five years since his first murder never happened, and today dates the second chance that erased it all.
The world has been changed, and his life with it, all thanks to that old friend of his. From now on, Yomiel is a free man, his future a blank slate.
His torture, that endless fall into madness and despair, is behind him forever. The meteorite can only fall once, and he never intends to set foot in Temsik Park again, let alone die there. He's safe from the radiation; safe and completely human. There is a life waiting for him outside of these bars, an existence to spend with the woman he has never stopped loving through the repeated years.
Even though he can never completely pay for his crimes, Yomiel can't help but feel at peace. The old story ended with this day, and what happens next is completely up to him. This time, he won't mess it up.
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Assassin's Creed: Overthinking
Once in a while, when Lucy lets you take a break, you take a moment to wonder where Ezio and Altaïr were buried. Was there some secluded place, some tomb similar to those you keep stumbling across?
You would be lying if you pretended that you hadn't expected to find Altair at the centre of one, but those corpses were all strangers. Maybe they were cremated, except you have trouble picturing either of them locked in a pot or scattered to the wind.
None of these are particularly pleasant thoughts, and they take on an unwanted and macabre air when you enter the Animus. Everything makes it worse, no matter who you are at the time.
Malik, whose snarl sends you cringing with Altaïr's furious guilt, is dead.
Claudia, who you've only just made amends with, is dead.
That informer, his voice full of awe at your deeds, that dottore who fixed you up after the sacking of Monteriggioni, that young thief challenging you to a race: they're all long gone and forgotten.
Everywhere you t
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DW: Recurring Sentiments
Living in the TARDIS is like a dream, and who hasn't wanted a good dream to last forever?
When we travel with the Doctor, everything changes. All the worries, the cares and tugs of the reality we left behind are neatly packed away to make room for the wonder.
Those hidden parts of ourselves know that the dream must end someday, but we can never let ourselves listen. It would break our hearts to listen.
And so, to ourselves and to him, we lie: "I'll never leave you."
But he knows better. He's lived too long, met too many of us. There are dozens upon dozens of empty rooms in the TARDIS – lived in, slept in, abandoned. Where did all those people go?
It hardly bears thinking about, so we don't. There's always too much going on, so much excitement. Time can pass surprisingly swift when you live in a time machine.
Sooner or later, we begin pick our own rooms in the network of corridors, ignoring the deserted ones.
We stay, secure in the knowledge that he is our mysterious man,
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Spoke too soon.
"Relax, the poor thing's harmless-"
:iconrataplani:rataplani 9 15
"Quick - hide the bodies!"
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Confessional Pride
I'm an ordinary kind of guy; always have been. Pass me in the street and you'd probably take me for just another loser: just reached adulthood and with nothing productive to do. And you'd be right, of course. Except for the part about noticing me. No one ever notices me these days if I don't want them to.
I just wander through life, taking in the sights and sounds. I'm particularly attracted to interesting people – strange people. Those with no recognition and a head full of ideas. I guess they remind me of myself, a long time ago. I have a talent as well, only mine is for seeking those people out. I find them, and catalogue them, and then report them to my friends. For a generic twenty-something, I sure have a lot of them – associates if I'm being honest. A few quick phone calls and my newest find is suddenly the biggest thing in town.
Everyone's happy this way. The Kid (always a Kid, regardless of age – old habits break hard) gets their fame and my friends get their mo
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Kingdom Hearts BBS: Banishment
The land was quiet.
A sphere in the sky, neither sun nor moon, illuminated the world but failed to reveal anything much of the dark shapes on the beach. He sat on one idly, whiling away eternity.
Apart from himself, the rocks, the water and the sand, there was nothing. Part of his mind twinged angrily at the familiar word, an old memory struggling to reach him. It didn't succeed; it simply couldn't. His past self was locked away from his conscious mind.
Oh? How unusual; someone was approaching. Maybe there was something alive in this mournful place after all.
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SH2: Beginnings of Delusion
"I didn't do it."
The curtains of the apartment were drawn tightly, blocking out all but the faintest amount of sunlight. James sat on the bed, an open bottle sloshing by his side. His bowed head shook slowly as he muttered.
"I didn't do it; it wasn't me. She was sick, wasn't she? Sick – dying. No wonder she died. Nobody's fault. Not mine at least. Those doctors, not taking care of Mary; if anything, they're the reason she's dead, not me. Never me."
Without looking up, James took another swig from the bottle. Mary was dead. She was dead. But she couldn't be. Mary was everything; she was the most important person to him. And for him to have –
"No!" His thoughts burst uncontrollably into speech. His hands clenched desperately as the muttering resurged. "Nothing happened. She was angry, and I was angry and then, and then – I left. I left and they told me she was dead. Yes, that's what happened. She died and I miss her. She's been gone so long; I can't help but miss h
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FIST meets face.
At last: silence.
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Portal 2: Survival Instincts
It went without saying that GLaDOS hated it.
She hated being trapped in the potato.
Not only for the obvious reasons, what with an utter moron doing god-knows-what to her facility and a bird deciding that she made a tasty snack.
No, the worst part was that it was … humbling.
GLaDOS had been –and still was– the greatest and most powerful computer Aperture had ever built. Nothing had ever given her cause to fear, for either herself or others (especially others). Apart from a certain test subject, naturally, but GLaDOS had long determined that Chell was an outlier; a lunatic far removed from any normal circumstances and therefore disregarded from results.
Her body's near-invulnerability had led to the easy and casual disposal of all but the most obnoxious opponents (both Chell and that schizophrenic scientist fit in that distinguished category.)
That, of course, was part of the problem. She was so used to being in complete control that becoming a small starch-based p
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Sportsman's Fate
Professional runner: broke legs while walking.
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Mature content
Bioshock: Quick Fix :iconrataplani:rataplani 4 8
FMA: Oxymoron
People who met Greed and thought of him as selfish were missing the whole point.
Of course he was selfish; the trait literally embodied him. However, the pure volume of it that he possessed had long ago reached a kind of critical mass.
Without even noticing it, he had become a much different kind of being to the one Father had created all those years ago.
He had passed through the extremes of selfishness, arriving by a roundabout route at a sort of selflessness instead.
Everything belonged to him (or should, in his mind) so in turn everything had a value. Everything and everyone mattered to him, even though his behaviour didn't change much from the days when he had seen other creatures as nothing compared to his needs.
To Greed, the entire world revolved around his desires, his goals. In turn, the world itself gained importance.
Although of course he told himself that all the effort he took was merely to ensure his own well-being, it became harder and harder to regain faith in h
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My schedule is a little hectic right now, so I don't have as much time to write as I would like.
However, I do have several things either planned or in progress.

  • A Silent Hill 4 and Doctor Who crossover - didn't like it much; I'm in the process of re-writing it.

  • A prompt fill for the Portal kinkmeme on livejournal. It's nothing explicitly sexual, but does involve Wheatley and his Testing so will probably be T when I finish it. At the moment it's about half-way finished.

  • Complete my two Death Note stories (related to Wet Paper)

  • Various partially completed fills for previous challenges in 31 Days, as well as fills for any future prompts that catch my attention

  • A whole back-log of story ideas that I have yet to finish

I will try to update this if anything changes.
  • Reading: Fanfiction
  • Watching: Bioshock Infinite Literal Trailer
  • Drinking: Milk


Firstly, hi to all who stumble onto my profile.

I have been on here in the past, when my username was Kaiqua. I lost interest though, and decided to make a new start on this account.

Mostly, this will be used for faving those pictures and stories that catch my interest, but I will post something of my own occasionally.
My subject matter will probably vary widely, as I will write for almost any fandom I can get my teeth into.

EDIT: I also have tendency to stray onto other sites for a few weeks at a time, and if you're lookjng for me you can find me on at Kaiqua, since that account is linked to an email address that I check up on now and again.


Current Residence: A reality of my own creation
Favourite genre of music: Almost all of them
Favourite style of art: Anything that catches my eye, really.
MP3 player of choice: Gen 4 iPod Nano
Wallpaper of choice: Scriabin {(c) Zarla}
Favourite cartoon character: Too many to list
Personal Quote: Holmes versus Moriarty. Aristotle versus Mashy-spike-plate!


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