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I saw this wallpaper earlier today and thought it'd be perfect for a Rainmeter skin background, so here's a new skin. System stats, launcher bar, volume control, uptime, weather, wireless and winamp control all included.

Wallpaper, icons and fonts are also included in the download.

Icons used (on the skin, not the taskbar) are from Devine - [link] and a recycle bin from the Token set.

You will need to install NirCmd for the volume control to work.

I looked at the artist's site for the wallpaper and couldn't find a download for it there, but there is a ton of cool stuff to be seen there - [link] :)

EDIT: Arggh, I knew I'd forgotten to include something. I've just added date + time configs.
By default, the time config is set to 24hr. To change that, place semi-colons in front of the lines for the [MeterTime24] section and remove the semi-colons in front of the [MeterTime12] and [MeterAMPM] sections.
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How can i make up and down button like you ?