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I saw this wallpaper earlier today and thought it'd be perfect for a Rainmeter skin background, so here's a new skin. System stats, launcher bar, volume control, uptime, weather, wireless and winamp control all included.

Wallpaper, icons and fonts are also included in the download.

Icons used (on the skin, not the taskbar) are from Devine - [link] and a recycle bin from the Token set.

You will need to install NirCmd for the volume control to work.

I looked at the artist's site for the wallpaper and couldn't find a download for it there, but there is a ton of cool stuff to be seen there - [link] :)

EDIT: Arggh, I knew I'd forgotten to include something. I've just added date + time configs.
By default, the time config is set to 24hr. To change that, place semi-colons in front of the lines for the [MeterTime24] section and remove the semi-colons in front of the [MeterTime12] and [MeterAMPM] sections.
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How can i make up and down button like you ?
Tokyo Ravens Wallpapers  
Link for the wallpaper, Enjoy!
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this is my mega favorite theme..thnxx boss, 
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Great job !!! i love it verrry much ...continue :) (Smile) 
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Wow ! Nice! ** I love it !
That is amazing! That is a spectacular picture and that person did really great. They need to keep up the great work. Also, I wonder if there is more work done by this person out there.
Jak Manson |
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walpaper link please
the perfect wallpaper i hav been lukin for..!!   thanks mate....
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a crow left of the murder !!! very nice love it!
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whyyy is the font broken ;_; I installed it and everything, but it refuses to show, and all the sizes are messed up because of it
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You might have to restart Rainmeter/your computer to get it to install and register the new font.

That or the skin's broken with the newest versions of Rainmeter. :P
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k thanks for the help
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i cant seem to change the size of the icons X:
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If you right-click the icons, go into the config and look for the H= and W= lines for the icons, you should be able to change the sizes there, you'll need to change the X positions for each so they don't overlap too.
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ahh i see, thank you very much! ^^
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I don't know how to use it?
After i put "three" folder into "skin", i could make these skins out. But i cannot use your fonts.
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