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Switches 1.1

Switches -

This is a new minimalistic Rainmeter skin with the components shown in the preview. Clicking on a switch next to one of these will show or hide the information contained within it.

Each of these have a switch either on the left or the right side, so you can open whichever of the two you need depending on where you want to position them on your desktop.

Font used is included.

Update - 12/04/10 ---------------------------------

- Added Master Control Switch (this hides/unhides all other switches)
- Better preview of what's going on included above
- Improved Edit button button for Notes so it matches the rest of the switches a bit better
- General small layout improvements



- Converted to .rmskin format.
- Removed redundant code in Weather skins.
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recycle bin is missing :P
So, stupid question to some, but how do I make it so the music one shows Spotify?
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I love the master switch!
I added most (if not all) of my desktop skins into the master switch code.
My desktop looks so clean and accessible when I use this! Thank you for making something so clean.
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Can you make some kind of animation? like sliding? and also, is it only me or everyone else have this? i have to double click to get it open and close :P
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Yeah, I have to double click to get it to slide across too, I think it's a limitation in Rainmeter somewhere.
It should be possible to do that, if I release a new version of Switches I'll look into animating the switches.
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Love it !


very Comfortable, with a Excellent Design.

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If i still used rain I totally would use this great job once again man!
Zaqheartcore's avatar
No thank you for putting out great skins that make want to get rain again I love your work keep it up! If they were smart they'd have you working for them.
Rasylver's avatar
From your keyboard to whoever hires people to make Rainmeter skins. :P
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Dude I love the way this looks; very good for a minimalistic desktop. Personally though I think the background of the switches need to be a 'bit' more opaque. But not by much. Along with the switches themselves [you know give it a fake transparent look ] it would add to the minimalistic-ness ( is that a word? XD ) of the skin and the desktop itself. I love the fact that you used the Kroger font too, pixel fonts rock my world. Although I do think there should be a alt. font included... perhaps Skia would be a good one or Kazoo [the lowercase stuff ] Also the black around some of the buttons... they should have just a drop shadow perhaps? instead of the black background.
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I did throw in a black transparent background (the same that was in the Unfold III skin), although I haven't actually made use of it in this particular skin yet. It's possible to go into each of the configs and change the TransparentImage line near the top to link to black.png instead of white.png to use that. That might look a bit better than the one I've used in this download.
I was planning to make a darker version of this with black text and possibly an easy way to change between black and white by either variables or a config tool, so I'll also look into that for a future version.

I like the suggestions of the alternate fonts and the drop shadows instead of the black buttons, I'll certainly look into those. Thanks :)
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not a problem. Yes defiantly make a config tool to change them back and forth from dark to light to use with different desktops. That would be a great idea.
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As if I didn't have enough to do, now, thanks to you, I'm going to have to redo my desktop.

(thanks :))
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And now I've updated it, you can download it again and have to redo it again :P
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this excellent
Vk30's avatar
thank you!!!
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