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Lines 2.0

Here's a rehash of one of my older rainmeter skins, the Lines suite.
All of the pictured lines comes in black and white formats and can be moved around independently.

Note that you'll need to install and have SpeedFan running in order to see CPU/GPU temperatures and you may need to check and edit which gauge checks which temperature (what is correct for my laptop may be different from your system).

If you want to change the HDD meters to show space left in GB/MB, go into the config and comment out the Percentual=1 line under [MeterPercent] section, you'll also change to change the Text= line to reflect GB/MB free instead of %. Refresh when done. ;)
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where can i download this skin? Is there any chance to share the download link again?

How do I install the skin from the zip file or how do i convert the zip file to a rmskin file so that I can install it?

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Extract the zip file and copy paste the extracted folder into Documents >Rainmeter>Skins

please add GPU usage please. I cant open with zip

plz add gpu usage

Wypakowałem wsadziłem do folderu ze skinami i tego nie ma

Is there a way to add Chameleon to this? :D I want the colors to change with my wallpapers :D


best photos of lifetime

Nice skin bro!!

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hello! great skin you have here mate! but what if i want to add another hdd or sdd? like aditionally from the deffault ones

Anyone know how to reverse the way the bar goes?

So instead of it going Left to Right, I want it to go Right to Left.

Flip=1 - while editing at MeterBar

How i configure Wlan? mine appears 0%
how to install it?

If anyone was wondering how to install from the zip file - unzip the download and put the lines 2 folder in the skins folder of Rainmeter. Rainmeter folder should be in your documents folder.

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Hi, how do you change the temperature units to Fahrenheit? I got the speedfan program to display it, but not the skin. Thanks in advance.
Alert alert. You made a mistake with all of the temperatures... in programming 0 = 1, 1 = 2, 2 = 3. You assigned the cpu to the gpu display for example... but you can change it.
How do you reflect the GB/MB? Like what do you replace %1% with?
how do i install this
Is there a way i could see the temps of cores 3 and 4?
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