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Flip Clock v1.3

By Rasylver
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Here's a version of this Rainmeter skin with a calendar added as well as inverted colours for the systems stats, clock and calendar elements. The calendar comes with the version shown and another version where the month name is shown instead of a numerical representation.

Wallpaper used and fonts are included in the download.

EDIT 01/08/10 :
- Added seconds option for the clock (times and timesinv)
- Converted to rmskin format

Unzip the file, extract the .rmskin file and run this to install the skin.

VS/Theme used: [link]
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how to display temp?

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Hi i just wanna know:
How do you change the time cuz i just downloaded it and i'm new to rainmeter skins and stuff.
Help ;w;
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Good job mean but, i am disappointed, i expected has one truths "flip" clock
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Does anybody have that wallpaper as 1920x1080 or 1920x1200 or larger? I can't find this image in that size anywhere
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Can I change it to 12 hours format?
Furyatech's avatar
Where can i get the VS/Theme? link doesn't work. Please someone help me.
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Awesome, thanks for sharing and its on my desktop and is going to stay for some-while............ or may be for a longgggggg time.
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wheres the link to download?
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what task bar is that!?
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Hi, i absolutely love this, but the problem i'm having right now is the recycling bin for the system bar. At the side where it measures the # of items and the bytes, for some reason mines doesn't work, regardless of how many things i put into it, is there a fix?
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Nope, sorry. It might be an issue with the latest versions of Rainmeter since I didn't develop this recently.
I'm not working on Rainmeter skins anymore, so there won't be any updates to this in the foreseeable future.
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can some one give me the link to this wallpaper in the preview ??
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i cant see the temperature, i could before but now its a little floating o instead of an 8 or 9.
Can some help?
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i can't get the weather to work i've added the url and it's just displaying the degree sign :( this is the rss code [link] i entered this in place of url and i just keep getting a degree sign . could you tell me what i've done wrong ? thanks in advance
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You should be able to use all the original code from the skin and just replace UKXX1314 in the MeasureWeatherRSS section with PKXX0011.
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i got it working thank you so much :D
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Was just browsing for some inspiration (only discovered Rainmeter last week.)

This made my jaw drop. I need not look further!

Thx for sharing.
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Very cool, thanks!
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for some reason I am unable to get the weather to read correctly, where would i got to get the right URL information for the code??
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For some reason I am unable to get the weather to work, where would I go to get the right URL to inset to the code??
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Thats a nice skin bro! :-)
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why is it in 24 hour format?
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