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[RAINMETER]Purity Notes Skin

By Rasvob
I've had a little free time this weekend so I've been trying to develop my own Rainmeter skin for Notes. Hope you like it and ZOOM for better quality  :)

Color variants:
*Emerald green
*Heavenly blue
*Crismon red
*Tangelo orange

*Big variant for higher resolutions (works great on FullHD)
*Smaller variant for lower resolutions (1366x768 etc.)

Top bar variants:
*Wide, great for Flat setups
*Slim, great for MNML setups 

09. 11. 2014 -- Version 1.1

1. You need Rainmeter (3.2+ optionally) installed
2. Download the file
3. Run installer and follow instruction
4. Click on Rainmeter icon in task bar and select Skins > Putiry > Notes > Prefered version
5. Optional: Select color in settings (click on circle button at the top) 

You can also check this shot at Dribbble

Newly you can buy me a coffee if you like work :)

Have a nice day !
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Purity Rainmeter Notes Skin

I share the best Rainmeter Skins on my website. Can I publish this skin at my deviantart profile and ?

How I can do a multnote.

I try, but don't works

would love a transparent variant, without a header as an option.

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This notes is cool 😉

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great work, dude, thanks for share! :peace:
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would be perfect if it had linebreaks implemented
Doesnt do much for you, if when ever you click out of the window the note disappears :\
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There is a way to use line breaks and multiple notes by linking the input to the Windows Notepad app. SchnuffelKuschel uses this method here: However, his is a bit ugly and could do with a better background or at least some colour options. I'm sure you'll be able to implement it in a much better way.
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Hey, great skin! I just wanted to add a suggestion. For an even more minimalistic feel you could maybe add a skin version where the "Notes" header isn't there. It's not like I don't know what this big white square is supposed to be used for anyways, if you know what I mean :)
Rasvob's avatar
Yeah it's a great idea, I'll look into it :)
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Maybe it's late but you have some fucking text on the background who was pissing me off ( and a little code edit before it showed "Color theme".( Delete the line 97 on all the .ini files please xD (
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Love this skin! BTW... Is the text you use in the notes from Thursday Next?
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You mean… or anything else ? :D Lorem Ipsum is common 'dummy' text used in design previews :)
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As everyone else, this isn't very good if it doesn't have any line breaks (without excessive spaces) but as far as the look of it, great job.
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Hi the line breaks bother me too, but I can do nothing about it 'cuz it's Input.dll default behaviour
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Is there any way to do bullet points or line breaks? Or is there only support for just a block set of notes?
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Unfortunately only the  block set is supported.
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Alright, thanks for responding.
When I imput text on multiple lines, the text disappears after I'm done with it
Any ideas on what to do?
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Do you mean the problem when you input plain text (without enter) which is longer than a single line ?
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I think he means the fact that you can input line breaks if you press Ctrl+Enter but the extra lines disappear...
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I see, unfortunately this a problem caused by InputText plugin and I think nothing can be done about it due to the fact that Rainmeter plugin is a *.dll file in fact
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Good job here! But too big for my screen size :(
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