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Flat designed sidebar skin for Rainmeter

*Fits all common resolutions (1366*768 and more is for full experience highly recommended)
*All colors are customizable
*Weather location is obtainable from WOEID
*Weather info is provided by Yahoo
*C/F temperature option
*Battery or 2nd HDD meter are switchable
*2 sets of icons (dark/light)
*CPU, RAM, HDD info displayed
*Download/Upload speed and Ping displayed
*Indicators of new Gmail messages and Bin items 

For advanced users:
*Disk letters, colors, temperature units, dimensions etc can be set also at Rainmeter\Skins\Juno\settings\

05. 09. 2015 -- Version 1.0
09. 04. 2016 -- Version 1.1
Weather source updated
15. 06. 2016 -- Version 1.2
*Weather, finally, fixed,
Special thanks to Diwersan7 for fixing weather parser !
17. 09. 2017 -- Version 1.3
Round meters updated for RM 4.1 using Shape meters for static content

1. You need Rainmeter (3.2+ optionally) installed
2. Download the file
3. Run installer and follow instruction
4. Click on Rainmeter icon in task bar and select Skins > Juno > Juno
5. Optional: Click on Rainmeter icon in task bar and select Skins > Juno > Juno > Settings and customize the skin as you like it

You can buy me a coffee if you like work :)

Have a nice day !
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i have windows 8.1 and its not working help?


¿Porque no me está registrando la temperatura? me sale "?"

Why isn't the temperature recording me? I get "?"

IDK How to download, help!
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JunoDark .9 by RollzRoyc3 I made some changes and got the weather going again.  I made it customized for me, but if anyone else can use it, please feel free
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I need it bro
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Looks like the yahoo weather API's ended their run today
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I've been really enjoying customizing your skin and wanted to say thank you.
Check out my implementation if you'd like.
Hi, After 2 years of using this Skin.. I've changed and updated it once again. Here is my current work ^_^ still not finish
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Greetings! Really love your work, but what I would like to make the background transparent, is that possible in any way?
Thank you!
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I know this is an old comment, but its not complicated if you're still interested.  In the juno.ini Under the Meters section you'll find background.  The color can be set there and there are several choices you can choose, but I like to use the rgd with transparency method so for example a white background at 50% transparency would be 255,255,255,127  The last number being between 1 and 255 setting the transparency.  At least that's how I think it works  and it been working for me for a long time
Which versions of Windows does the v1.3 run on?  It won't allow me to install it on a Win7 Pro machine. 
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It is meant to run on Win10
There seems to be no way to create multiple lines in the "notes" section of your skin.  If you press ctrl+enter to go to the next line, type in your text, and press enter, it will not save the changes you made.
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I'm afraid that it is not possible due to the dll plugin behaviour :(
How can you change 24h clock to 12h?

nvm, I found the solution.  Really like your setup, just wish it had CPU temps and the like.
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Hey there! Very nice work mate! Is there a way to make the background transparent?
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Yes go to folder: Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Juno_mod\settings
Open and edit variable bgColor as follows: bgColor=27292bAA
The last byte (AA) gives you semi-transparent background, you can experiment with changing value of this byte and make it transparent all the way you want :)
Maybe with Win 10 fall update, it is possibile to show Gpu info without other software. Someone have tried yet?
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can't get weather to work can someone please help 
Would it be possible to get an update to this that will show GPU stats including fps using the MSI Afterburner plugin?
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I'm very sorry but I don't you Afterburner but if you are little familiar with programming you can try to replace on of the HDD meters with Afterburner stats :) 
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