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Nude Liara Improved Rigging For GMod



The mighty Deus ex Nihilo sat down and improved upon Urgarulga's Nude Liara.
Everything is improved. The shoulder joints, the arms, legs, ass and she now has wonderful flexible breasts.

No editing is done here. You get what you see.

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hey Rastifan by any chance.

you know how i can get the Pony_head_sources_ folder.

to appear in add on legacy?

iv'e try.

sending the folder.

as compressed (zippedfolder).

and i Extract all the files in the zipped folder.

and i click on winrar icon.

and i drag the unzipped folder.

in Steam/Garry'sMod/addons

and i loaded up Garry's Mod.

and i bring up the spawn menu.

and i go to add on legacy.

and the pony_head_sources.

is not showing up.

in add on Legacy.

iv'e try everything.

i copy and pasted.

the folders.

that has the files.

of the pony heads.

and bodies.

and ragdolls.

and still the pony_head_sources files.

are still not showing up.

in add on legacy.

and i try.

looking up a how to video.

on YouTube.

and there is no videos.

how to get pony_head_sources folder.

working in Garry's mod.

i don't know what else.

i can do. to get the pony_head_sources folder.

working in Garry's mod.

however the pony bodies.


i can get the files.

of Pony bikini models.

to appear in Garry's Mod

add on Legacy.


i can't remember.

what the titles.

of the pony bodies are.

the only thing i can kind of remember.


1 of them.

was in a gm_bar.

the second 1.

was at a waterfall.

and the third 1.

was in a gm_house.

reading a book.


i can't find the ragdolls.

of the bikini models.

of the my little pony.

models on DeviantArt.

and i can't remember.

the creator that made.

the bikini model


of my little pony.

do you have links.

to the bikini models.

of my little pony?

or at least.

the creator of the bikini models.

his DeviantArt page?