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There is something that has been pestering me about the whole AI debacle.

We have Nightshade and Glaze, which theoretically should give artists a chance to ''poison'' the AI datasets and possibly even speed up the downfall of the whole damnable trend.

Instead, artists simply leave and move to other websites that have made it clear (or at least claim) that they won't accept AI-generated images or AI-data scraping programs on their site.

Does it not cross the minds of the quitting artists at all that by leaving they're effectively leaving a vacuum behind – which the opportunistic AI image creators will be more than happy to fill?

My concern is that the NO AI -movement will get nowhere, if the artists go about this the wrong way.

I see your point, but I understand artists who leave. They don't want to contribute to the traffic for a site that stabbed them in the back. And AI users will never fill the space of real artist on account of people knowing how it works now. They know about the data sets and the industrial theft. I see signs of people getting fed up with it every were. Even simple porn subs on reddit that allow pretty much everything have started banning Ai. It is losing it's momentum. Ai is the same shit every time deal and people are tired of it. Simply put, the audience stopped being impressed when they discovered they could do this as well. No practice or effort required. And when regulation are in place (hopefully), I suspect people will move on to the next new thing. AI image generators may be reduced to a niche thing for the permanently talentless.

Heya, not sure if you've seen this but can you activate my DigitalEro account? Username is Bluticus.

Hello, do you do requests?

Not now. Don't have the time. But I can hear what it is.