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So I'm bad at updating this site. It usually gets only select finished pieces when I remember to post them here.

If any watchers want to see me post stuff on a slightly more regular basis, see a bunch of sketches, see the jewelry I make before I finally remember to collect them and post them over here, or just, idk, want to have other ways to see my stuff if i just disappear from here for a while, you can find me on these sites:

- Art blog (where most stuff goes)

- Personal/fandom/whatever Blog (some art but mostly me reblogging random stuff. i post some sketches and stuff i don't post on my art blog)

- Instagram (lotsa jewelry, me attempting to ink/use markers, and some random stuff like my cat)

- Twitter (nothing here can't be seen on the others. a little more actual personal stuff than tumblr)

That's all I'm really on, other than a few scattered sites I don't really frequent.
Whoops let's get that layout reaction off the front.

Late December and January have been very busy for me. I went to TWO cons in a row and wow I am exhausted but it was super fun.

The first weekend of January I went to Newcon PDX! It was in a new location this year, moving to the Double Tree Hotel at the Lloyd Center. Thank god. That old place was much too cramped.
This was my 3rd year going (and it was it's 3rd year period) and I must say that, though last year was... bad... this year was a big step in a better direction. I feel there is potential in this con, and I hope to see it grow, but they need to change a few things.

One of which is they desperately need a different layout designer. Last yeah was HORRENDOUS and cramped in the little hotel, but this year, in the room a little more than twice that size, we were still obnoxiously cramped. That could have been forgiven, as it was less cramped than last year, if it wasn't for my row.

We were FACING a WALL.

A lovely Hilda who stopped by my booth. As you can see, there is the wall. Not a lot of room, either.

It was SO hard to take a picture of my booth.

That was terrible. We were the only ones in the entire hall that were like that and my neighbors and I are certain it effected sales. It was in a bad position to the entrance too, where people would overlook our aisle and head down the next one that was more naturally in front of them, so we ended up pretty hidden compared to everyone else.

Not to mention something weird with the fire marshal happened with the vendors and they had to move twice. They seriously need a new layout coordinator. Like badly.

Other than that it went much much better than previous years! I had a lot of fun and met several cool people. I made my sales goal and will go back next year.

Then just last weekend I went to Wizard World Portland Comic Con! It was the first time I had ever been there and wow it was fun! Seemed to go by in a flash though. :'C

I shared a table with my good friend Nori (Popcrimes!) which is always super fun!

Our booth! (featuring Nori and her brother) It was experimental with the pipes and took a billion years to set up because we were unfamiliar with them but our next set up will look much nicer/less cramped in the head room area next time!

I'll need to make WAY more pokemon valentines next time. I only made a few sheets as an experiment but they sold out the first day. @^@;; Good lord.

The weekend was super fun and I got to talk to people I've only known from tumblr and it was just generally super awesome! I got some cool things for myself too~

Sushi plush from Mel Paradise!!! Bathbombs from Fizzy Fairy Apothecary!!! A bunch of buttons from Button Mashing and adorable stickers from DarkChibiShadow!!

I hope I can go again next year! And maybe actually go and see celebrities. I'm always so nervous to leave my booth but the guy who played Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy was there and I really really wanted to see him.

I'm not even done yet! @^@ I'm heading back up to portland in a week to participate in Riona's Cave of Treasures. It's an artisan craft faire that'll happen on the 7th of Feburary. I need to attempt to replenish some stock before then! It's an all around faire: fantasy, sci-fi, anime, games, other fandom, you name it it's in the description. It should prove pretty interesting!

Riona is a very nice woman, and I hope the Faire goes well. It was supposed to start last year but that was unfortunately when the giant blizzard hit and we were forced to cancel it. I was stuck in my hotel for a few days... but I had my best friend with me so it was fun. We went to the movies and brainstormed about stuff. Riona felt terrible about it and bought me dinner when she found out. @^@;; I told her she didn't have to but she insisted.

I'll be selling both my fandom stuff and my jewelry there! I haven't gone somewhere I felt comfortable selling my jewelry at in at least a year! (i usually have to choose between prints or jewelry. I can't pack both. But this time I have a CAR so I totally can!) So I'm pretty excited.

Once this is over I can relax for several months at least. I don't have anything for months.

... So yeah lmao I've been busy busy busy.
aw jeeze i have a hard time adjusting to things moved to the opposite side of the page.

this is going to take a bit to get used to

In other news I've taken in a cat for a few months while some friends find an apartment that doesn't have a 1 pet limit rule.
It is going to be a bumpy ride for me trying to use my tablet.

Edit: Whoops I just realized I never did a follow up to RCCC!

I had a lot of fun. Lots of people, got to see some friends I hadn't seen in ages. Apparently a good chunk of the people attending were newcomers to the con scene, heard a lot of "Yeah this is my first con!" during the weekend.

I heard from several of the vendors that this year was a weirdly bad year for sales, it was my first time there so I didn't really have anything to compare it to. I swear I have heard this at quite a few of the cons i went to this last year or so, but I don't go to many so it might have just been bad luck on my part. I managed to pay off my half of the table so I was happy about that. My tale partner had a worse time than me which is just an outrage, her stuff is amazing.


Mine's also updated with everything but pendants and pins.

Hey everyone!

I’ll be selling this weekend at Rose City Comic Con with my friend Popcrimes!

We have an inline booth just outside the main Artist Alley area, super close to concessions!

If you’re going please come over to see what we’ve got for sale and say hi! We’ve got a lot of super awesome prints to show and I’m bringing along some nifty fandom related pendants so be sure to come take a look!

computer is no longer dead yay

so yeah I haven't been able to draw a lot and won't be able to for a bit because my computer keeps doing this:

without warning. Though a few times it seemed to happen when i tried to open up a new document in photoshop.

So until I get this thing in a shop i'm going to be very cautious.

(i hate having the last 3-4 submissions here be my comic ugh ugh)
Cherry City Comic Con went pretty well for a 1st year con and was quite fun. I've never seen so many small children dressed up and attending a con before it was very cute.

I want to just... thank those who bought my dumb little monster girl comic. I really don't know what to say and I doubt this will reach any of you but it really meant a lot to me. I got a lot of compliments throughout the con which always warms my heart but I nearly felt like crying whenever someone took a comic. I have never printed something like that out before and I was legitimately expecting no one to give them a second glance. Thank you. I'm really glad those of you who got one liked it.

Heading into a couple months of nothing... I'm going to apply to Kumoricon but I might have to back out even if I do get in this year. The hotels have been booked since they opened and there's no guarantee that I'll have my license by then.

Seems everyone who went to this con is planning to go to Rose City Comic Con as well... I'm not sure I have the money though I would love to go too.

I dunno... might open up some quick commissions. Like headshots or icons... I can't do anything bigger because I still have 3 huge commissions I'm working on and it wouldn't feel right.

i dunno
I'll be selling at CCCC in Salem, Oregon on May 10-11th.

I'll have... uh... several things. This one kind of sprung up on me so my inventory's an utter mess still. I'll have several new prints and just a stupid amount of charms/keychains at least.

If you're in the neighborhood come and say hi! I'll be the small terrified person with frizzy hair next to some really amazing artists (table 15).…


Online shops and things
I realized I never compiled a list of where you can buy my products of various kinds. Here we go.

Visit my store on Storenvy - Prints, keychains, buttons, and more!

- Handmade jewelry galore!

- Shirts, phone cases, bags, mugs, and more!

- Shirts and stickers!

New products added often!
So the con I went to was a while ago, sorry for the lack of an update. It was fun but I didn't make much money, so I lost a lot overall for the trip. Oh well. Happens. It was an odd year for the con anyway there wasn't a lot of people in the dealer's room.

I managed to organize all of the prints I took and put them up on my Storenvy.

So if anyone's interested, check them out over here --->

I need to get good pictures of my jewelry so I can post them up too. :T
Full Color w/Background: *+$8 for each additional character
    ~ Soft Shade - $30
    ~ Cell Shade - $25
    ~ Flats - $20

Full Color: *+$5 for each additional character
    ~ Soft Shade - $15
    ~ Cell Shade - $10
    ~ Flats - $7

Lineart/B&W: *+$2 for each additional character
    ~ $5

Chibi:*+$2 for each additional character



— Full Color w/Background

— Full Color


— Lineart/B&W



  1. -open-
  2. -open-
  3. -open-
  4. -open-
"Dream of Stars is the tale of a hikikomori with a great gift who, after falling to rock bottom, reclaims his life and his identity and ventures farther into the galaxy than any human ever before.

A neurotic, fearful, and intensely shy boy, Tomohiro Ishikawa, now 19, refused to enter high school years ago. Fed up with his refusal to change or even just leave his room, Tomohiro's parents eventually abandoned him, forcing the young man to try to scrape by in illegal ways. On the brink of starvation one day, a perilous scuffle and chance encounter change his life and he becomes a part of the secret government organization Hoshi. Through a tumultuous training process and dangerous expedition on a far-off planet with his teammates, Tomohiro learns about friendship, love, and the value of life."

Hey everyone! I wanted to mention that I am one of the artists for an upcoming Visual Novel called Dream of Stars (tumblr It's still in the beginnings of production but it has a great crew working on it that are all much more amazing than me~

So my own personal art will be sparse, though I suppose it has been already. I'll post some doodles here and there, most likely nothing big.


Prints for sale:

Ball Jointed Doll jewelry for sale:…
Over here! -->

Took me longer than I meant to make this. u-u  I'm still not sure if everything is clear or well put so if anyone finds any problems or things I should change, please tell me!
I should have typed this up a week ago, but right after the con I went to my parents' house and relaxed for several days.

Kumoricon went really well! I made enough to cover my expenses like my hotel and table! That is INSANELY more than I thought I would make. I thought I'd barely make enough to cover the table, if that.

I really had a blast! u-u I am a really shy person when it comes to meeting new people and I really didn't know how I'd react to that environment, but I had a lot of fun talking to customers and fellow Artist Alley sellers!

Now that it's over, I still have quite a bit of product left over. Mostly prints. I had a feeling I wouldn't sell too many prints due to me not being able to make a lot of Fanart right before it. Those who did buy some of my originals, or even just complimented my art, you all really made my weekend!

Anyway, I'll be organizing what I have left soon. I'll be making some sort of sales post in the near future, once I figure out what I'm doing.


Prints will be offered in a journal here, as well as on my personal tumblr (

Necklaces and Earrings will be sold in my Zibbet store ( currently empty due to reorganizing stock

BJD Necklaces will be offered on Den of Angels (I'll put the thread link here when I make it) My username is Rastea

I'll make an announcement when any of these are finished.
I!!! Got in!!!

I'm a bit late on this, but I got into the Artist Alley! So if anyone's going I hope to see you there.

Right now I'm working on TOO MANY charms.
Lovers of obscure indie horror games will enjoy the EVERSION, Yume Nikki, Ao Oni, Yume 2kki, .Flow, and Irisu Syndrom sets.
Lovers of Zelda games will enjoy the Ocarina of Time, Minish Cap(+ a 4 sword Vaati), and Skyward Sword sets.
I will also have a set of Panty and Stocking charms, Avengers (+ Loki) charms, and a random Slenderman charm because... because...
All of the sets have at least two charm designs to them, usually more.

I've only got the Panty and Stocking charms to ink and color and the Avengers charms to draw + all of that. Then comes ASSEMBLY (whenever the hell I get my phone charm straps...). I am going to DIE.
My trial printouts are SUPER CUTE AND TINY. I hope they look good!

I guess I could try selling the leftover charms and prints (and jewelry) after the con, but I won't sweat that now.

Anyway... yaaaaaaaaay~ I'm going to go make me some food.

EDIT: oh yes, I'm also doing this 30 day Monstergirl challenge. Why? Because I love killing myself when I have actual work to do. I might not actually finish it do to anxiety of getting everything done before K-con, but we'll see how far I get.
I'm waiting on getting a response from Kumoricon on whether or not I got an Artist Alley booth. Should get it within the next week as long as nothing causes further delays. Getting a little worried only because this is really cutting into possible production time.

I'm apparently really bad at getting a job. That's what I get for being an Art major and not doing any summer jobs as a teenager.

Let's see... I moved into a new apartment a month ago. It's really nice. I need to clean it up more, I am the worst at unpacking.

Been really down on myself for my many failings, but at least I'm drawing again?
It may not seem like I'm really on here, but I'm lurking.

I would be drawing more, but I have a lot of stuff on my plate right now.

First off is I'm working at trying to get a job. My efforts will most likely not come close to fruition until Spring officially comes, when most of the places I'm throwing my resumes at finally actually start looking for people to hire. Right now I'm just trying to get all of my resumes out to the places on my list before that time comes. Then the waiting and praying game will happen.

The job thing is my biggest stress right now. I will be moving in three months, which is another stress, and this will be the year I finally try to stand up on my feet enough so my parents don't have to pay my rent. I've been too much of a burden on them, no matter how much they tell me to stop saying that.

My oldest and longest running friend just recently got married, and I am long behind on making them a wedding present. This is turning out to be a long and stressful process because I will be making her a Japanese woodblock print and I want it to be perfect. She seems to be understanding, though.

I'm sure all of the handful of people who follow me have seen the Ball Jointed Doll jewelry I posted a little while ago. I plan to sell jewelry like that online. I already have many designs I'm willing to reproduce, but I am absolutely terrified of pricing and there is much to set up before that gets off the ground. I am very lucky that my parents are willing to help me with this.

And lastly, what is actually probably my most ongoing stress, is that I am going to really, REALLY try to get an Artist Alley booth at Kumoricon this year. I already have Japanese Woodblock prints (currently there is a Silent Hill set in progress, and I have some Zelda themed ones in the designing stage and some misc. things), digital prints (the EVERSION set of eight, the dresses I've done, and basically anything I feel worthy of printing as I do them), and bookmarks (the god set, plus others I want to try to do) planned out, as well as I hope to sell my doll jewelry there and I even have some human jewelry in the works (examples of which I have shown very few people yet. I need to get better pictures. They're pendants, not beaded jewelry.). With all of this I'm basically terrified I won't get a table. I guess I just don't think I'm good enough, hell, that's why I decided to do woodblock for a good chunk of my work. I could never outshine the digital artists there. I doubt I'll sell well regardless, because I hate pandering to the things that are popular and will sell if I don't like them. So I'll draw and make art of the things I like. Final Fantasy 9, Silent Hill, Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap, obscure Indie videogames like EVERSION and Yume Nikki, those sorts of things. I guess that's also why I'm making bookmarks and jewelry. I've always been of the opinion that wearable/usable things sell better...

Hm, I could also make phone charms, now that I think about it. We'll see...

Anyway, that's why I'm not posting much stuff...

Oh, I also had to get a new computer for VARIOUS reasons. At least I can finally install the new awesome tablet I got for christmas on it (the disk drive was broken on my old one). I'm breaking it in by working on my EVERSION set some more, to get used to the resolution on my computer and work out all of the little quirks of this thing... It's not going too bad.
Welp, aren't I posting a lot of random deviations. Sorry about that.

It's just a backlog of what I've done in the past couple years. At least the stuff that looks nice.

Printmaking, Fibers, and beaded jewelry are passions of mine. If I ever get anything done that satisfies me I may also but up some book binding stuff. That would be harder to make an upload-able document for, though, due to the nature of books.

I have so many extra prints of these pieces... I don't know what I will do with them yet, but at least for now they are tucked safely into a portfolio, or rolled up in another one.

Maybe I'll take pictures of the painted pottery I've done over the last year and a half... hm...

Back to job hunting, finishing digital art sets, and Japanese woodblock sets.
If any or all of your favorites of mine suddenly disappeared... whoops that's because I didn't like them anymore. Oh noooooo.

A few of the photos still there will be removed later when I stop being indecisive about them.

Hopefully now I'll stop getting favorites and comments for art I hate. :3c

That picture of Acric is safe though. I still love him after all this time. Might be because I love tentacles way too much. And glowy things.

Anyway... still not sure if I'm BACK back, but I'll be around. After all. I took the effort to get rid of all that junk.
Just happened to be around the neighborhood and felt like trying to go through some of the messages I've accumulated in, what? Over a year?

... I'm surprised some of this stuff still gets comments. Not surprised a handful of them do not notice the date. Then again DA's changed their layout since I've been gone so hell if I know how any of this works anymore.

All the art on this account makes me cringe... If I ever come back I'm going to really clean.

I can't respond to my year and a few month backlog, but it's nice to see some people like the art I guess.

-- Rastea