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2015 improvement meme by RasTear 2015 improvement meme by RasTear
Thought I'd throw this up here too. Some of the art on here isn't up on this site yet whoops but here it is, an overview of art I did this past year.

Did I improve? Idk probably somewhere I'm not really seeing it though. Whatever look at how colorful it is yet again lmao.

Honestly I'm most impressed by the fact that I managed to have at least one finished thing a month. This year has been... very bad for my mental health. Like... really bad. But I made it to 2016 despite that and managed to draw regularly at the same time!

October and November are a little weird due to me opening up a big ole' Undertale ask blog that I've dedicated 90% of my time to since I didn't have anything else to do with my life this last fall. It's been fun and goddamn I've drawn a lot for it. I had a couple of pieces from there that was in the running for December's piece but I decided on that teacup object-head piece instead. I'll post that here soon. It's for a zine.
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January 2, 2016
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