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Hi! I have heard its good to make a Wishlist for Christmas, as fellow DA members make art for each other. I kinda feel greedy and guilt tagging some of my fav artists in the hope that they will have time, but I understand everyone is busy at this time of the year. 
I think everyone should make an effort (THAT INCLUDES YOU) to make/give a Christmas gift for other Deviants. You can give them some artwork, points, or even a core membership! Or you could act out to others with more subtle gifts such as giving them a badge, favouriting their art, or watching their profile. So please help me spread the Christmas love and joy by gifting other DeviantArt users!
So, here goes nothing!

Much appreciated if anyone, especially the following could re-create some of my OC's. 

Lol are the dragon artists i watch. I admire all of you and your artwork, and it would be a dream come true if you could draw one of my dragons!
7f5c146d-4ee7-410e-be40-2cf5ae00db1f by RaspberryxDragon
Fairy dragon is pastel blues, pinks and purples.

C5d268c0-2d06-4955-8e4a-eca3d835e518 by RaspberryxDragon
Is idk shiny white with pink/blue shiny gems?
D47c58fb-3dbf-4191-86c8-6424e3b6114f by RaspberryxDragon
Clock dragon grey with blue/red or green/gold markings.
D463b5b5-ef82-4e30-910f-e240f58425a0 by RaspberryxDragon

Open for interpretation? 
I strongly encourage everyone makes some artwork for their watchers, the people they watch, loved ones, random DA users, etc. The more love we spread in the DA community, the safer, happier it is!
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