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"Father?  Didn't you say that you didn't like Courtney Gears the other night?"
Gadget stood by his creator, Dr. Nefarious, waiting patiently for the evil scientist to finish setting up yet another contraption to rid (and fail) of Ratchet and Clank and take over the whole universe...again.  It was a rather hot day on planet Veldin, and the only reason they were even in the Solana Galaxy and not Polaris was that Captain Qwark was to supposedly speak at a traditional event on the planet, meaning Ratchet and Clank will be there.  Nefarious looked up at his creation.
"Yes!  I did!  I DESPISE THAT ANNOYING SINGER!!"  Nefarious screamed.
"Then why did you hire her again for this mission?" Gadget cocked his head.
"Because she hates squishies as much as I offense."  Nefarious stated and then realized something, "Have you gotten in contact with Klunk to see if he was on his way?"
Before the yellow lombax could reply, a door behind the two slammed open
:iconraspberrythebat55:Raspberrythebat55 9 6
"Wha-DAAAHH!!  OW!!"
The yellow lombax named Gadget (no, not Ratchet) fell out of a hammock during what was a lovely dream.  As to what that dream was, well, that's for another time and place where it's more appropriate to discuss.  Gadget hit the cool, steel floor hard and immediately sat up from the icy temperature that the floor gave off.
"Oww...!" Gadget shook his head to try and rid of the dull pain.  He cursed to himself, wondering why the floors couldn't be made out of carpet.
Gadget's ears twitched at the sound of someone clearing their throat and looked up to see his 'master'.  He was a grey lombax named Klunk (again, no, this isn't Clank).  Klunk had a more, shall we say, slightly built physique as oppose to the other grey lombax that is with the intergalactic superhero, and stunningly beautiful crimson red eyes.  While Clank looked gentle and sweet, Klunk looked more cynical and mean.  For those of you wondering, yes, like Klu
:iconraspberrythebat55:Raspberrythebat55 6 4
December.  One of the most unforgettable months in history.  It's that month where everyone is filled with joy and cheer.  Singing carols, anxiously waiting for Santa to give out gifts, drinking all the eggnog that's possibly been spiked, and kissing under the mistletoe that could lead into the bed-
The self-proclaimed super hero turned around from the window to see a rather unamused Ratchet who was wearing a Santa hat.
"Who are you talking to?" Ratchet tapped his foot and looked at the idiot with annoyance.
"What?" Quark shrugged, "Can't a guy narrate what's happening in the great outdoors?  The great outdoors where the snow is falling as if the snowflakes were glittery tears from the angels above.  The same angels that watch over ever organic life form to guide in the path of goodness and purity, or the path filled with struggles to make one as strong and perfect as yours truly.  They could be crying over the awesomeness that I have broug
:iconraspberrythebat55:Raspberrythebat55 7 6
Wanna See You Dance (Fire Emblem) by Raspberrythebat55
Mature content
Wanna See You Dance (Fire Emblem) :iconraspberrythebat55:Raspberrythebat55 6 11
Mature content
RxC: One Way to Celebrate Valentine's Day :iconraspberrythebat55:Raspberrythebat55 7 18
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Mature content
CHALLENGE 36: Wait for it.... :iconraspberrythebat55:Raspberrythebat55 6 10


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Sly 5 Idea: Line of thieves
Sly finds himself in Ancient Egypt after the events of ‘Thieves in Time’, where he meets his ancestor, Slytunkhamen Cooper, the latter still working on the Cooper Vault and Thievius Raccoonus. After explaining and convincing him who he is, Sly has Slytunkhamen put a message in the Thievius Raccoonus, which Bentley picks up and uses it to travel back in time with Murray and Carmelita.
However, Paradox’s time machine is still active and in the hands of a local warlord named Kaluk Warek, who surprisingly manages to get it to work for him, which threatens Sly’s family history once more. So Sly and his friends travel back through time once more to save history.
SLY COOPER (Kevin Miller)
You know him: he’s charming, he’s cunning and he’s world’s greatest thief. Though honorable in nature, refusing to steal from ordinary people, only from master criminals. With his lifelong frien
:iconkivathedcwizard:KivaTheDCWizard 71 58
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    So i haven't posted a journal since three Augusts or Septembers ago, and I thought I should start this off by saying I am grateful I wasn't the only one who fell for that rumor about DA deleting accounts in May.  But I still feel stupid....then again, that's my everyday feels so that's nothing new to me.  Thank you to the person who informed me of this, I appreciate it sir!

So....yea!  Its been a while.  How's it going guys?  Kinda been dead for awhile there due to college and being a junior is like the song in Mulan about getting down to business to defeat the Huns and becoming a man.  I'm going to assume finals and dipfuck professors here are the Huns in this scenarios.  Hopefully, my last year of college won't be as bad as this one, homework and project wise.  Now that I mention it, I can't believe a girl that has a mind of a young child like myself has made it this far in her school career. lol  
My promises are that I will try and post some more stuff before mid May.  If you haven't noticed, I have written a one-shot yaoi of RatchetxClank(Lombax OC) a little while ago as a request.  And I would like someone to explain to me why it has been declined by a club for ratchet and Clank, when I HAVE a mature content warning on the damn thing, and even submitted to the proper Mature Content folder.  Horse poop!

Moral of this journal is that education comes before art related things, even if it may suck at times....87% of the time for me.  lol  


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Favourite style of art: does it matter? Isn’t art delightful in any way?
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