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Best Use

The best way to use such military equipment. Olga hangs on the cannon tube and Anna lies on it ... Part of the IPC 2017 - scrapyard

More from this: 'IPC 2017' 

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diNorian's avatar
Very nice, beautiful models.
rasmus-art's avatar
:icondinorian: I hope you talk about the human models ;-) - thank you for the comment 
bubblebuttguy's avatar
Tanks you so much for this photo:)
rasmus-art's avatar
:iconbubblebuttguy: thanks for your comment - this is the best use for such awful machines
ANW1's avatar
They need no clothing when using military equipment.
rasmus-art's avatar
:iconanw1: best use of this military stuff - thank you for the comment 
AveragePhotographer's avatar
Lovely ladies, all three of them.
rasmus-art's avatar
:iconaveragephotographer: yes, they are and full of ideas
Junkyardrose's avatar
Cannons to playgrounds -  tanks to toys!
It's a great way of conversion! ;-)
PictureOnProgress's avatar
I find it funny how Anna is just resting on the cannon :giggle:
Surely a casual attitude around military equipment.

Will Olga try to do push-ups after hanging? :B
rasmus-art's avatar
:iconpictureonprogress: thank you for the comment and she 'fight' for water after this ;-)
PictureOnProgress's avatar
They fought for water?
So it was shower time? :3
rasmus-art's avatar
:iconpictureonprogress: thank you for the comment and take a look to the uploads before and after.....
PictureOnProgress's avatar
I'd certainly be interested :D
Kind of a "Make Love, Not War" theme...?
rasmus-art's avatar
That's my youth, but right, "Make Love, not War" is a good headline...
thank you for the comment 
GeorginaN's avatar
ooh love it hunny. girls and big guns second fave subject
rasmus-art's avatar
Georgina, thank you for your words - there is something erotic between weapons and girls....
GeorginaN's avatar
Yes I think it`s the shift in gender power that`s so erotic
GeorginaN's avatar
I really enjoy your work each peice is refreshingly original
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