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(I updated some of the art, and also added in MSPaint works)

I guess I'll draw almost anything I'm comfortable to do. I do have limits and I think most of you know them.
What you want and all that can be discussed in a note, and once that is done I'll give you the email address.
All the prices are negotiable

Currency Converter

Note: all these prices are in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS. I provided a converter to you can convert.

:bulletblue::bulletblue:Backgrounds will cost extra depending on how much detail. The more detail the more it will cost.:bulletblue::bulletblue:

Full colour works done in photoshop I'm going to have around $25
Smiley Shadow by Rasiris TEF - Particular Bubbles by Rasiris
Xmas 2013 - For Ranee by Rasiris Bday 2014 - For Trinket by Rasiris
Xmas 2012 - For Trinket by Rasiris TEF - Vexed by Rasiris
Christian Portraitthing by Rasiris Singin' by Rasiris

Black and white/Monochrome will be $20
Commission for Quad by Rasiris Vain by Rasiris
Bday10 for Dannii by Rasiris Insomnia creeper speedpaint by Rasiris

Unshaded Digital works will be around $10.
TEF - Lurking by Rasiris
Commission for Kitana000 by Rasiris

MSPaint Art will be around $8.50
Price will vary slightly depending on detail. I'm not too comfortable with doing humans yet.

MSPaint Round 3 by Rasiris MSPaint Round 2 by Rasiris
MSPaint Round 4 by Rasiris

Digital linearts/Sketches will be around $8. But it depends on the detail.
Revamped Christian Sketch by Rasiris Sebastian Profile Concept by Rasiris
I can jump n stuff by Rasiris Reaper Dragon Sketch by Rasiris

Page of doodles are around $4
Bunch of timespace deer thingies by Rasiris Bunch of Dreks by Rasiris
Homestuck stuff by Rasiris Random Stuff by Rasiris

Graphics by Rasiris
CSS by moonfreak
© 2009 - 2022 Rasiris
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Aw man I really hope someone commissions your MS Paint stuff... it's so cool looking xDD Have fun with your commishes! 8D