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kashmir project : redesign

By rasice
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redesign of kashmir project you can see the previous version here

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What is the font you have used in this?
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Very nice.

you have too many comments to look though them all, but what is the font called that you used for this?
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Love the orange flower design
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I like it :) +fav
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Awesome design, i would like to know which font did u use for "Home"/"Sign in", etc.. :D compliments again!!!
mistx-photografie's avatar
not bad, not bad...I really like it
obsilion's avatar
the flower do all the job. :P

Very nice.
ryano292's avatar
nice work mate
mavs-x's avatar
great one...simple...great flower picture...
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I like it very much, keep it up.
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I think it is very fancy, and clean.. it looks nice :)
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I love the fonts you have used here. What are those? Mine anti-aliasing ones suck :/
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very good work
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Great design :) I like the way you got it working by using the grayscale and then adding colour with the photo, and smaller elements ;)
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Hey, it says "Seach" instead of "Search" in the top right. But nice work. =D
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this is really great .. i love the simplicity of this and the great colors :D
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i like these great colors :D
orPhots's avatar
wow!!! The most beautiful web design I've ever seen!!!
Looks very nice! But just wondering where you got the layout, i'm currently doing webdesign at school, and remember that Dreamweaver from Macromedia had the same sort of layout in their templates. Did you use the basic template and completely recoded it? Also the body text is very much similiar to the dreamweaver design. Just wondering. For the rest great work! Keep it up!
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very nice, aesthetically pleaseing design nice work :)
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