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Hunk Williams
About Code Name: H.U.N.K…
Codename: H.U.N.K. is the tactical representation of the Resident Evil Character H.U.N.K. appearing at Pop Culture, Anime, Horror, Comic conventions, Zombie inspired events such as Zombie Walks, and Zombie inspired Haunted Houses. Based in the Gulf Coast, distance is normally not an issue. Have made appearances at the 2010 Onicon, 2010 BanzaiKon, 2010 Austin ComicCon, 2011, 2011 MegaCon, 2011 DragonCon, Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse, 2011 Holiday Matsuri.

This is war; survival is your responsibility...
Executive Officer of the Zombie Survival Expert
Expertise: CQB, Demolitions, Communications
Age: Unknown
P.O.B. Unknown

Reason for report:

HUNK has recently seen heavy action and carried out a number of relatively intense operations yet has shown no signs of stress or any normal emotional response for that matter. Our sessions were to ascertain whether HUNK has sustained any long-term, h idden psychological damage as a result of his participation in these operations.

First impressions:
My first impressions of HUNK were of a man incredibly committed to his work. In fact, in all my conversations with him, he never once suggested that his life contained anything other than his duties as a member of USS. This however was not seen as a negative – HUNK was not complaining – if anything it showed that HUNK was not interested in anything which did not relate to life as a member of USS.

It's hard in fact to imagine HUNK complaining about anything. He is very much a product of his profession in that he is a man who follows orders to the letter – with no regard to his own safety, or to the consequences of his actions.

It's actually quite a task to get HUNK to speak about many things in great detail – and virtually impossible to get him to talk about himself. Even after several sessions, I am still in the dark about most of his background – his family, friends (I'm almost certain HUNK would see the whole concept of 'friends' as laughable) or even relationships (the name Bella seems to have some resonance with him although I'm yet to ascertain what the relationship is exactly) are a closed door.

With any other subject I would suggest that I need more time to break through the resistance, to really get through to the inner HUNK – but it's apparent to me that HUNK is not offering any resistance. It's almost as if he's wiped those parts of his life from his memory. This could well be a method he's developed to protect himself from the horrors he's seen – to separate the human side of HUNK from the soldier side. The problem is, I think the soldier side is now all there is to him. My fear is that the human side of HUNK is now lost forever.

As a psychologist, this is a fascinating study. I should imagine that for a USS commander, HUNK is the ideal soldier – almost the super soldier of legend. He seems to have no morals or reservations, no fear and no apparent desire to get out and return to an individual life at all.

HUNK is at his most animated when talking about action he has seen. But even here, he is not trying to impress, he merely rates the action that took place.

The incident we'll come to in more detail shortly demonstrates that his cold-hearted, detached persona is not an act, but sense that this normal of him. It is this that A further study if required.

Very little is known of Operator H.U.N.K.'s childhood. The first record that is found of him was of his military career which started at 17 years of age. As I member the British Special Air Service. His actions in Desert Storm lead to countless lives being saved. The next record of him can be found at the Hellsing organazation, during his time as a operator working closely with a Seras Victoria and a Allucard he gained vast knowledge on fighting things not of the living. After the Valentine brothers incident in which most of the Hellsing organazation was killed in action defending the Hellsing compound H.U.N.K. resigned as Company commader stating he refused to work with the wild geese for their lack of discipline. From there H.U.N.K. briefly worked with special operations groups, to include FOXHOUND, 1ST Ranger battlion, Special Boat Service, Royal Marine Commandos, Austrailian SAS, and the German GSG-9. In 1995 H.U.N.K. was recruited by Albert Wesker ti head up a new special operations unit for the para military division of the Umbrella Corporation the worlds largest pharmaceutical company. Training at the Rockfort Island facility to counter new bio organic threats H.U.N.K. excelled at not only engageing but countering such threats and often sustaining no injure from encounters. The Designation H.U.N.K. or Human Unit Never Killed was thus created and he was the first to earn this distict title.


Current Residence: Rockfort Island Training Facility
Favourite genre of music: VisualKei, Punk,
Favourite style of art: Cosplay
Operating System: Mac
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Anavel Gato
Personal Quote: "This is war survival is your responibility

Urgent Transmission...

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 6, 2012, 8:41 AM
1037hrs Central
U.S.S. transmission
Alpha Team

          There are an Alarming number of reports coming in from our Denver units. Infection is spreading and they are requesting reinforcements. We will be dispatching HUNK, Lupo, and Four-Eyes to assist them. This mission is of the highest priority and is to be kept under the most secret of security clearances.

Umbrella Security Service Control out.....



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