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:iconrascalwabbit:RascalWabbit posted a status
Heyyo its me again status update
I'm really really sorry to all of you, seriously,
I really apologize for being unable to reply or respond back to people.
I really really hope my behavior hasn't upset or offended any of you
I really don't wanna avoid or ignore or hide from people but iiii dont know what to do
I love this group to death and I dont wanna leave but im not sure what to do with myself
My agoraphobia is 1000x worse than it ever has been and i literally like don't know how to talk to people and it scares the shit out of me.
Occasionally ill swing into a mania phase for a few days and ill have the confidence and energy to respond to people and talk like a human and not be terrified but then i swing back and I cant keep up the progress and

I just feel awful and Im sorry to everyone who i've not responded to, Im too freaked out to stay logged into da any longer than to post a bb birthday art cause then i see my notifications ;;
Im really not sure how I can stay in this group if im so bad at being social ;;
Sorry if this is whiny or weird or annoying and im really sorry for not responding im not trying to be rude ;;

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LadyDeAnn Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2018  Hobbyist
I am not really sure what to say.
'Cause I suck at being human' "How does one emote?!"
Try not to beat yourself up over not socializing.
I know my words probably won't make an impact, but how you're feeling understandable.
You can't control it, and no one should blame you for not responding.
You also shouldn't blame yourself for what you can't control.
I also think it would be amazing if you stayed in the community.
Plenty of us do not socialize, but for some reason its comforting to be apart of a group.
It's a feeling I can't truly explain, but I feel less lonely even if no one is around me.
Aside from this post, I don't really socialize much in the community myself.
Sorry if this post was everywhere.
RascalWabbit Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2018
I read this a while ago and was too shy to respond. I'm in a mania phase it feels so here I am now xD
Honestly , I really appreciated this. And I still do !

I work myself so much over socializing and Im glad to know I'm no alone haha!
I guess I'm just stuck in this silly loop, where I want to have friends but that part where you make them? The talking and the getting to know them , my social anxeity kicks into high gear and I regret ever initiating contact :C

Aaaand then I'm sad going " I wish I had friends !" And I wonder my I don't OTL

No I did appreciate this comment tho , the fact that you took some time out of your day to send me some good vibes means more than the words themselves , thank you so much
LadyDeAnn Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2018  Hobbyist
Then consider us friends!
I am usually on everyday even thought I don't do much besides draw griffians and never post them XD

If you ever feel in the mood to talk send a note flying my way.

It may take me a bit to reply. It always does.
I tend to write a whole book then delete like 90% of it because I tend to think no body is actually going to read this whole thing. I don't even want to read this whole thing.
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