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As a christmas gift for you all i made this. You can print it and play with your kids or your friends or hang in your home. Merry Christmas fellows, this was an amazing year to me Heart 
(please, you are not allowed to sell it )
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Um, the character you have for X is actually Mosenrath.

Xerxes was his floating eel minion.
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No Winnie The Pooh? Aw.

Oh well. Lack of a silly old bear isn't
gonna ruin this picture. I still like it.
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i left a lot of beautiful movie, but i had make a choice. Anyway thank you
Cloudcuckooman's avatar
You're quite welcome.
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I'm glad to see that you included a villain from the Aladdin TV series
Cloudcuckooman's avatar
Thanks. If only I saw that show.
GrummanF-14's avatar
You're welcome and yeah that's the best thing about being born in the 90's. My generation had amazing shows and cartoons that are better than the garbage that's ruining my childhood channels
Cloudcuckooman's avatar
Well, I was born in the 90's too. And all I have to say
about the last statement is "the writers didn't make these
shows with 90's kids in mind because a new generation is
ripe for target practice". That is all.
GrummanF-14's avatar
Okay then and majority of them were 90's kids but are being told to write what will bring in higher rating and view of the channel that they work for.
Cloudcuckooman's avatar
No wonder Hanna Barbera made a whole lot of Scooby Doo bootlegs.
A few decades before the 90's.
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Wow!!! Absolutely amazing! I really love it :heart:
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You're very welcome :D
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This is awesome!!!
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Thank you all guys, you are incredibily sweet ❤
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amazing!!!! this is truly beautiful!!
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This is amazing!
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How sweet and creativ 😍
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This is simply fabulous!!! Wonderful job!!!
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