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Alright everypony, it's time for another fabulous contest! This time we have a huge pool of prizes! This promises to be the best contest yet! We even added a 4th place to give more people a chance to win! How exciting!!

Anyhoof, onto the theme. Starting today we will be holding a RariPie "Hearth's Warming Eve Contest"!! So basically, anything Christmas-y will be allowed. You can have Rarity and Pinkie kissing under the mistletoe, drinking egg nog, singing carols, giving each other presents, etc. And since it's Hearth's Warming Eve this means you can draw Princess Platinum and Chancellor Puddinghead as well! Plus, we accept both NSFW and SFW entries. And finally,  this contest will be going on until December 28th so this gives you all a great amount of time to either prepare your entries or spread the word about this awesome contest!!


:star: PRIZES :star:

NOTE: Please remember that all prizes are given out by artist's who have volunteered their time and efforts for this group. They deserve your respect and gratitude. Prizes cannot be changed unless the artist in charge of giving the prize agrees to it.

:trophy:1st Place::trophy:
:bulletpurple: 1st 1500  dA points from :icontailsic:
:bulletpurple: Free commission from :iconladypixelheart:
:bulletpurple: Fully colored picture and pixel art  from :iconmonochromewasteland:
:bulletpurple: Feature in the gallery

:trophy:2nd Place::trophy:
:bulletpurple: 1000 dA points from :icontailsic:
:bulletpurple: Free Character Reference sheet from :iconladypixelheart:

:trophy:3rd Place::trophy:
:bulletpurple: 500 dA points from :icontailsic:
:bulletpurple: Free Chibi pony commission from :iconladypixelheart:

:trophy:4th Place:trophy:
:bulletpurple: Digital Lineart from :iconladypixelheart:

:star: JUDGES :star:

:star: CONTESTANTS :star:
:iconstorypony: :iconcelestialcriminal: :icondonnys-boy: :icontwibubblegum:
:icondeihiru: :iconjulianime: :iconfiregoddess2148: :iconkeyoshistorm:

:star: RULES :star:
1. All entries must be entered into the "Contest" folder
2. Must include Pinkie Pie and Rarity (other ponies maybe included but Rarity and Pinkie should be the focus of the piece)
3. Entries can be done in any kind of media! Crayons, paint, digital, whatever! Please be creative!
4. Take your time! Points will be taken off for sloppy work! Remember we want quality pieces in the featured gallery. If you don't take your time we won't take our time judging your piece!
6. Have fun!

Remember we are doing this contest to get the group noticed! Please spread the word to anypony and everypony!
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TwiBubblegum's avatar
if its is not to late to join in i would like to try to do the contest besides i would like to try it
ladypixelheart's avatar
Sure. I'll add you to the list. The deadline is December 28th.
TwiBubblegum's avatar
thank you i will do the best i can
ladypixelheart's avatar
Why are you posting this link here? o.O
firegoddess2148's avatar
omg, my son must have nabbed my pc when I wasn't looking! ^^; sorry about that!
JuliAnime's avatar
I'll see if I can find the time. I would love to participate~
ladypixelheart's avatar
And we would love to have you! I will add you to our list!
JuliAnime's avatar
I'll be busy then ^^
Deihiru's avatar
I will try to participate
ladypixelheart's avatar
Great! I will add you to the list!
donnys-boy's avatar
Quick question! Am I correct in assuming that the contest is restricted to visual art only? I ask because I can't draw worth beans but I do write fan fiction.

Either way, sounds like a really great contest. Should be lots of fun. :)
~Donny's Boy
TheDragonWarlock's avatar
You can do a fan fic! I'll adjust that in the rules. :D
donnys-boy's avatar
Oh, cool. Will definitely submit something, then. :)

TheDragonWarlock's avatar
Contest folder has been set up.
firegoddess2148's avatar
I'm in! I shall prepare a piece of supreme super-awesome-amazing-ness! xD (AKA: I'll do my best lmao!) Can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with! So many ideas and possibilities!
ladypixelheart's avatar
Alright! I've added you to the list. I can't wait to see what you come up with!
StoryPony's avatar
I am DEFINITELY entering :la:
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