Happy new Year
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Hey everyone.

I wish you all a great 2016!!!
My Girlfriend and me was on a great little Party by my very good friend :iconstainless33: and we had a good time. 

So next Day's I will work on the Raffle Pictures for sure and on some new 3D Prints :3
Image by Rariedash
like previews? ^^

And well of course there is a bad thing around.
Talking again about thiefs.
I make it quick...
<da:thumb id="499611567"/> Princess Luna - with some sparkles by Rariedash

Dude, copy me, selling stuff on 2 plattform AND BLOCKING me?
Thats hard. I wrote to redbubble and hope he will set down.
Why people must act like this. Make your own ideas and arts and sell it. I have no problem with using my stuff for free Artworks or presents for friends (ask my please). But this?!!! Its a big joke and it have to stop!

Well what ever,
have a nice 2016

Your RarieDashLove 

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NachtanaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, a happy new year to you and all close to your heart.
And what a start into the new year. Are you printing guns now? The thing on the left looks quite like a magazine to me, also some pipes that could be barrels. But no grips. Interesting black pice of work.

A more famous artist here on Deviantart told me once: "You lost control about your art in the moment after it's uploaded here or anywhere else in the internet." Bad thing she's right often enough.
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RariedashProfessional Digital Artist
maybe just a little. But RB just took it down. And also the DevArt.
So also like always I will take time to looking for such idiots. 

The final product of ma "gun" you can see now in ma gallery ^^
Its just for cosplay.
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kuren247Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hate thief's to -_-  .sometimes they steal my work to. sorry to have that happen to ya.
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Alright, there's gonna be a LOT of mentions and he most probably will block me from his site, but I've done my duty o 3o
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RariedashProfessional Digital Artist
wow I see... thanks o.o
thats a lot of groups ^^"
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so sorry bout that xD
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