GalaCon 2019
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Naaa I must say Im not at the Gala. But MadplushParty took some stuff with her from fatalePlush and me. Two very cute treehuggers and 40 games of ma Cardgame Send Love. 20 german and 20 english versions.

But there is one thing you have to know. Last Weekend fatalplush and I sitting together with MadPlushParty. And she told us about a good friend of her.

Her name is Carmen and she is the mother of three children. Due a fire in her house they lost almost everything and on the top she having a hard time with thyroid cancer while organising everything so that her family is still able to live somehow happily.
It's been kinda rough and she is so strong to keep on managing somehow with a lot of help of family.


So MadPlush try to collect some extra money at the GalaCon for Carmen.
And I thought that I could ask for a little attention to this situation for support from Anypony who will arrive GalaCon on July 27th + 28th.

Sooo if you at the Gala. Visit her on booth 007 ;)

And have a great GalaCon 2019
Your RarieDash.

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