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Sure, I'll be a deer...

By Rariedash
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Sorry I couldn't resist :D

Lot of work for that bad joke... but well.. its Rarity <3

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I hope to sometime reach this level of smartassery.
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just drink some cider :3
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HWAHAHAHA! XD! Silly Spiky!
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It's a good setup, since "dear" is not a noun. It would at least have to be "a dear one".
P.S.: Reminded me of this:…
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Its just whats spike said ^^
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LOL! Made the same joke too!I also made a picture the moment I saw the episode. However, I cannot draw so uh.....yeah, it was just MS Paint with Spike's head on Bambi's body and Rarity's looking like >:( on Thumper's body........I can't draw :(
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Corny puns, gotta love 'em =)
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Rarity learned transfiguration/polymorph! :D
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Is it odd that this is actually what I expected to happen?
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lmao are you serious I was like "what" until I read the title xD

Yes, do be a deer.
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Oh my god, the literal... :iconpinkiegaspplz::iconexplodeplz:
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super cute!!
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Deer spike....  Get me some coffee!!!  hehehe  giggles   Really cool art style!  :D     Also, have to say.. I loved the 'carrot-dogs'  and I do hope I see at least one of those incorporated into a cosplay next pony con I go to. :D 
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yeah, I love the scene with the carrot-dogs and spikes face after all started into the song and leave him behind.
Poor little Dragon. Im sure we will see a lot of carrot-Dogs for a while. Right after Pommel and Flutterbats x.x
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Heh  spike is humdrum.. sorry spike, humdrum.. And when the bird steals his carrot dog!! I was watching the stream on Saturday, I swore that was PeeWee, but then saw the HD version, just a bird.. PeeWee would have been such a funny turn of event to steal the 'dog from him though. hehe  Oh hopefully :D   Noo kidding, Coco Pommel is such a cute character!! :D
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I think he took that expression the prong way.
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And thus, Spike the dragon became a deer. :iconmotherofcelestiaplz:
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I'm happy I wasn't the only one who heard exactly this and pointed it out.
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yeah bad jokes are the best XD
very much detail at the bags. they look very awesome x3

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Sometimes we all need some bad jokes ;)
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