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Princess Celestia - Royal sunshine



My hand coloration and mostly of my scribbles are not at good as the result you mostly see here at
DeviantART. So talked a little with my girlfriend Fafatacle about and decide to work on a new way for me to fix
this disadvantage. The result is quite good, I think. I like it :3. Its nothing special, nothing you easily can identify,
as my typical style. But sometimes you must take a rest of your knowing way and look around.
The trick for my is they are still vectors, but look like handmade.
Means there no quality loose by scaling. That's a great and satisfied way for me. No worry I don't give up my lineless
works. But I wanna make more than only one style. This here for example is a good picture for some Stickers and
So what you think about? Do you like it? I know there some mistakes in the proportions, but I will Improve my skill.
Promises! Sooooo what do you think about this style? Should I continue

Speaking of scaling here is a wallpaper version :3
Celestia Wallpaper 1080p by Rariedash 

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I don't know why she is upside down, but her pose is great. Sweet yet seductive, she lies with her mane drooping beautifully along the ground. The highlights look fabulous however I think the shading (on her body) could have been improved.
The colour of her mane has a magnificent and soft gradient, really giving her that gentle feel. I would have liked a little more pink in there though, to me, pink represents her younger more friendly side.

Rather than a full black background either a blank canvas or scenery would have been nice to look at. Too much black fills the page and makes Celestia look smaller than she is.

The line art is spot on and no complaints about it will come from me. I especially love the white that outlines Celestia's figure, giving her a somewhat outstanding look from the black background.

I think this was a very sweet, very pretty piece, but more could have been added to make this piece more outstanding from others.

Apologies for the harsh rating, just my opinion.