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Princess Bigmac

Hey ponyfolk,
since Im done with all the GalaCon stuff I have more time for some "I do what I want" stuff.
I rlly love the fan animation to Princess BigMac. It was so genius.
And I love his colorssheet and his character in the IDW comics.
So here a little quick tribute to him.
Hope you like the result.

Your RarieDash

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Princess Bigmac Wallpaper by Rariedash 
Princess Bigmac Clean by Rariedash 
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The princess of McDonald's.
MLPegasis4898's avatar
Haha! He's so majestic! :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:
Rariedash's avatar
hehe thanks for all your nice comments ^^"
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Aww thank you :3
ArtmadebyRed's avatar
I love his sassy expression XD
RandomAnimeGamerARTI's avatar
Big Mac is best princess. Eeyup. :)
FluffiiHeart's avatar
It's happening...AGAIN!!! *runs into wall*
ColonelYeo's avatar
That hair flip~ X3
Kyoshyu's avatar
Best princess! ;p
Rariedash's avatar
Praise the big apple!

Well what ^^"
MysterMisterious's avatar
Oh yes!
He is the most fab stallion.
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Lol this is so funny XD
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CANON!!!!  Sort of.....
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Sure its already been done but made me think of this again…
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He's so majestic! :heart:
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