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May your dreams come true



Its Christmas Time.. wait. A shiny picture on Christmas? What da fuck RarieDash.
Well let me explain (for those who wanna images it yourself skip that ^^). 

Whats important on Christmas? Its the birth of someone who is important for some sort of religion? Maybe. But not for me
and not for the most people out there. Its more a time for taking time. Time for Family, friends and most importantly for yourself. 
Yes, be a bit selfishly and think about you. Whats up with you and your dreams. Have you success something? Do you still have dreams?
You better have some, dude! Cause dreams are why we are exists. For me its the reason I wake up every morning. Some of my dreams
never come trues, thats for sure. But to have them and think about it give me strength. So hopefully to you too.
So X-mas isnt a only time for gifts and family trouble (oh dear), just think about it.
Scootaloo for me is best example for have a big dream that no pony else have. Thats why I made this picture. There may more hidden reasons.
So everpony I ask you, whats your dreams (not only for new year)? Tell me in Comments, if you like. Im curious about it :3
To be fair I make the start, my biggest hope or dream is to find a very special somepony. Silly me Im to often sitting on pc working on ponystuff and forget
to go outside ^^""
So Whats yours? Tell me :3

Oh and happy Christmas to all (non)Bronies, Friends, Family <3

Your RarieDash
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The thing that captures the viewer's attention first is the centre area. The way the lighting has been made does this very well, but it does not put the focus directly onto the main objects of the artwork, the two pegasi. It seems to rather put the focus on the end of the rainbow tail, as that is where the light originates from. The technique used is one familiar with the artist (it is the main style of the artist), therefore I cannot score it higher than 3/5.

Focussing on Scootaloo in the bottom right corner, her facial expression makes it that it doesn't look like she is actually sleeping. It may also have something to do with the position of the ear.

Lastly, the colours on the edges are (I think) supposed to give a feeling of night, but they are, in my opinion, too bright. This also affects the 'sleeping' Scootaloo, as it seems too bright around that area of the artwork.

I find the expression on Rainbow Dash very fitting and it makes her look caring and proud. Luna's expression is also very well made as it makes her look content and peaceful. The usage of contrast with light and dark works really well and puts more focus to the centre area.

All-in-all I find it a very enjoyable artwork, and I added it to my favourites.
Try to play more with light and how you can make a viewers eyes focus on certain areas with the lines they can create.