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Hey everyponz, Hope u doing fine :3 Happy to announce we made a reprint of Send Love in a small amount and changed the platform to Ko-fi. Cause Etsy is a little greedy devil. So if you have interested in that short but fun little card game check out here. Send LOVE ENGLISH BOOSTER PACK ENGLISH SEND LOVE GERMAN BOOSTER PACK GERMAN So its also a Plush store of my wife Fatalplush aka Pfugs. Where u can find so many cute little plushies like Murlocs, Scampuss and of course Ponz. Give it a try :3 Ko-Fi Store Thanks so much for your time and have a nice week RarieDash 😘
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Hi everyone We finally announce to you that Send Love is rdy to buy on Etsy physical. So what we go here? Check the original post about SendLove ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The story behind the game is very simple. There be 2-4 players around in a battle around the favor of Queen Chrysalis by sending her love from Equestria. Its a quick game where everyone have one card in hand and draws another and must instant play one of these cards. Every card has an action and it could kick other players out,store, changing or draws cards. The last player on the field is the winner of this round. The one who win 3-5 matches (scaled by how many people are in the game) is the winner and earned the true love of Chrysalis. Simple that! Its a very fast but tactical game for 20-30 minutes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Its available in German and English. CHECK OUT HERE!!!! MainGame Boosterpackage
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Hey peeps, that's a honest post I wanna make. I still have a bunch of physical Edition of my Card Game left from conventions. And I moved last year in a very good spot near a delivery service. So I would be fine to put some of them on Etsy to sell them. There some German and also English variants left. Is interested in it? I also order a bunch of the 3 addon booster cards, with AJ Rainbow Dash and Rarity. there will be 6 German and 6 English addons so far. Just write me what do you think. Just take a look at the cards right here and decide. They even come in a box! Stay safe and health, your RarieDash
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You still following your passion makes me happy.

You have with your loved ones a Happy Birthday and many happy years and this year God fill you with blessings and happiness my friend. =P :#1: :airborne::airborne::airborne::cake: 🎂 :party: :party: :party:

Your stuff is impressive!!

I especially liked your cosplays

thanks so much for the kind words :3

Thank you for joining our group

@> https://www.deviantart.com/art4coding-official

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Nice to have you in our community,

Feal free to submit some art or suggest some favourites.

Kind Regards Tao, Norwich, Uk....

Sent you a message

A belated Happy Birthday muh man